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Arid Bronze Azure Butterfly Project: Section Three

Online Interactive Poster (ThingLink)

Achieved Developing Beginning

25 Points 19 Points 13 Points

Paragraph on ABA Paragraph explains what is Paragraph explains what is Paragraph does not explain aim
included in the poster, the flow included in poster and the aim of poster clearly.
Butterfly facts and
of the poster and the purpose of the poster (to inspire Paragraph includes basic facts
conservation needs of the poster to a very high awareness and conservation about the ABA butterfly.
quality. efforts from the public).
Paragraph includes high detail Paragraph includes correct and
of impacting, correct and relevant facts about the ABA
relevant facts about the ABA butterfly,

Anotation of anatomy High quality annotation of ABA Annotation of ABA butterfly Annotation of ABA butterfly
butterfly anatomy (all anatomy (most of researched anatomy (basic parts only)
of ABA Butterfly on
researched parts). parts). Parts correctly labelled
picture Parts clearly and correctly Parts correctly and clearly
labelled. labelled.

Attachment of stop Stop motion video and emoji Stop motion video and emoji Stop motion video and emoji
attached to poster with high attached to picture with attached to picture, no
motion video and emoji
quality descriptions explanatory descriptions descriptions present.
(informative and emotive
language used)

Overall layout of poster Poster flow is high quality. Clear Poster flow is clear. Direction Poster flow is somewhat
direction and explanation for and explanation for each disjointed. Direction and
and academic writing
each section is well thought out. section is included. explanation is not present for
literacy Spelling and word choice is of Spelling and word choice are some sections
very high quality. correct and appropriate. Spelling is incorrect in a few
Utilises background and font Utilises background and font instances, and word choice not
choices well. choices well for some sections always appropriate.
Does not utilise background
and font choices well for most
of sections

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