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Journaling Cheat Sheet

Here is a form if you not used to journaling but what to start, here is a sheet to help you with just

You may want to get a separate notepad as once you get started you can find yourself writing away.

1. What are you feeling today?

2. What is the one thing you want to get done today?

3. What is my dream?

4. What am I anxious about?

5. What can do to control these feelings? How will overcome these feelings?

6. What do want to achieve this week?

7. My targets for the month?

8. Where would I like to travel?

9. Who would I like to meet and where?

10. Name 3 ways I can practice being calm?

11. My life what am I happy about?

12. My life what am I sad about?

13. Who can help me to achieve my dream?

14. Music that gives me peace?

15. Who inspires me?

16. What am I thankful for?

17. What can I learn from this week that will take me through to the next week?

18. How can I practice self care?

19. What do I want to watch on TV this week?

20. What am I passionate about?