Unisys Open Payments Platform

Breaking the barriers to a profitable payment business

Payments have been a cornerstone business for banks, representing as much as 40% of their revenue and profits. But payments revenue and profit is under unprecedented pressure. New regulations such as Check21 in the United States and the Single European Payments Area (SEPA) in Europe are changing the rules for handling payments. Compliance with stringent privacy and security requirements, such as the Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP), has increased costs. Non-traditional competitors such as PayPal and Walmart pose new market challenges. Above all, changes in consumer behavior—for instance, preference for electronic payment to replace paper and cash payment— are shifting the payment volumes and negatively affecting the cost and revenue models. Banks need flexible Enterprise Payment solutions that manage payments transactions from any source to any destination, adapt to the new market, and accommodate the regulatory and competitive pressures. The new solutions need to transform the legacy payment systems in a progressive, non-disruptive, and cost-effective manner. The new payment solutions must be able to scale and adapt to future needs.

Open Payments Platform transforms payments business
Unisys has developed an Open Payments Platform to meet the demands faced by banks in maintaining and growing their payments business. The Unisys Open Payments Platform is based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Bank Payment Hub—from Unisys partner Clear2Pay—that includes proven components for external interfaces, and for the validation, processing, and management of payments. The components can be quickly orchestrated with Business Process Engineering Language (BPEL) rules into next-generation payment solutions. The Bank Payment Hub can reuse components to process any type of payment; by normalizing the payment type to ISO 20022. A powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables easy modification of existing components and creation of new ones complements the Bank Payment Hub. A Payments Landing Zone feature of the Open Payments Platform consolidates data from multiple payment types and multiple sources into a single enterprise view. In addition, Unisys and Oracle have jointly developed a Payment Business Intelligence Accelerator as an optional service for the Open Payments Platform. It enables financial institutions to manage their payments business more effectively by monitoring key performance indicators (KPI) in enterprise-wide dashboards and reports. With the Open Payments Platform, banks can consolidate redundant payment functions to reduce infrastructure costs, manage payments operations across multiple product lines, and adapt to changing regulatory requirements and market demands.

including the Clear2Pay Bank Payment Hub. The Open Payments Platform supports choices for the underlying infrastructure. In benchmark tests conducted with partners Oracle and Clear2Pay. The benchmark test included demonstrating the secure. It is compatible with operating systems such as Linux that support standards-compliant J2EE Application Servers. These high performance results achieved inbound and outbound payment throughput rates of 8.100 and 6. and relational databases on today’s most popular computer hardware platforms. To achieve these impressive results. BPEL engines. ALM. and cost barriers All electronic payment volumes are increasing with no end to growth in sight. and silo mainframe solutions.Unisys Open Payments Platform Message import Process orchestration Legacy Payment systems Third-party payment SOA components Third-party fraud. Unisys demonstrated that the Open Payments Platform. The Unisys Open Payments Platform provides a cost-effective solution that can scale and adapt to meet the changing business needs. inflexible. reliability. along with associated data. and the Unisys SafeGuard 30m business continuance solution. and disaster recovery barriers—achieved in the past with expensive. robust failover capability of the Open Payments Platform that ensures that it keeps working within a site if any component fails. 2 . reliability.800 transactions per second respectively. IBM WebSphere. Red Hat Linux. Reliable disaster recovery to a remote site in less than 30 minutes was also verified. the test was conducted with Unisys ES7000/one Enterprise Servers based on Intel processors running the Clear2Pay Bank Payment Hub. the Oracle 10g Enterprise Database. By leveraging industry standard software and commodity hardware. it breaks the performance. can process more than 17 million electronic check images in the industry X9 Standard. and other SOA components Enterprise service bus POS Message based payments Swift Credit cards Debit cards Message and file processing Authenticate source Validate format Normalize data Route Payments repository Payments Intelligence Executive dashboards Portals Activity monitoring Real-time decisions Embedded reporting Data mining Check Business Processes Rules engine Settlement Payment database of records Query and reporting Analytics Bulk data sources ACH Reconciliation Aggregate totals External processes Payment repository Landing zone Remote capture Image exchange Account posting OLAP cubes Data marts Customer information archive Payment hub Analytics and reporting Break performance. in 40 minutes.

from the U. processing.S. to Mexico • High-performance and cost-effective replacement for aging legacy wire transfer solutions • Role-based management. dashboards. for example. integrated solutions are available to solve the following challenges: • Electronic check and image processing to meet Check21 market requirements • Flexible input. For example. and clearing for any type of Corporate-to-bank payments • SEPA direct debit and SEPA credit transfer regulatory requirements • Person-to-person cross-border remittance. and reports for payment business intelligence End-to-end throughput and CPU utilization 12000 11000 10000 80 100 90 Transactions per second (TPS) 70 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 30 3000 2000 1000 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Minutes Application server 2 CPU MQ series server CPU Issue processor TPS Application server 1 CPU Database server CPU Submitter TPS Image validation TPS Trendline–outbound flow Trendline–inbound flow Parse and validate TPS 20 10 0 60 50 40 Percent CPU utilization 9000 3 .Solve today’s most demanding payments challenges The Open Payments Platform Bank Payment Hub has been proven to adapt quickly to new business challenges. In developing the platform. Unisys and partner Clear2Pay have focused on components for the Open Payments Platform Bank Payment Hub that can be orchestrated to solve the most demanding payment challenges of today.

Printed in the United States of America BL08-0241 10/08 *BL100308-100* BL100308-100 . and reduced risk and liability. The resulting payment environment has several benefits: • SOA component solutions incrementally transform aging legacy payment systems • Standards-based software on commodity hardware lowers costs and adapts easily • Scales incrementally to meet growing performance demands • Provides mission-critical reliability and disaster recovery • Single solution platform for multiple payment types eliminates silo redundancy and improves security and compliance • Quickly meets new market requirements using the existing components and SDK Unisys approach to enterprise payment solutions Our strategy for Enterprise Payment Solutions is based on Unisys 3D Blueprinting™ approach. • High-performance technology: Unisys ES7000 servers enable superior performance and reliability. • A proven approach: Our 3D Blueprinting links strategy.com Specifications are subject to change without notice. For more information visit www. lower costs. cost. and infrastructure to deliver secure end-to-end services and reduce implementation time. and approach to deliver economic value at the enterprise scale. • Insight and innovation: Unisys payments experts have been providing innovative payment solutions and services in every geography for over 50 years. process.unisys. This approach and its associated 3D Blueprints™ help jump-start the client engagement and enable companies to see the interconnections among the core dimensions of their business. All rights reserved. All other brands and products referenced herein are acknowledged to be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. applications. • Global and complete: Unisys provides end-to-end payments solutions and services with global resources and presence—all with a single point of accountability. We have the resources.Benefits The Unisys Open Payments Platform modernizes a bank’s payment solutions to drive revenue growth. and risk. which brings together our entire portfolio of competencies. improved business agility. • Fast start: Unisys Open Payments Platform with the Clear2Pay Bank Payment Hub provides proven components and integrated solutions to quickly meet today’s critical payment challenges. expertise. Unisys and the Unisys logo are registered trademarks of Unisys Corporation. ©2008 Unisys Corporation.

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