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My 21st Century Classroom Facilitating Skills

Aspects Observations Strengths Areas for Action Points

Facilitation Style It is good that I have Active participations of Make a small group Cooperative Learning
retained the interest of the learners were activity instead of big style and providing an
the learners through my observe during the group activity so that all intrinsic and extrinsic
active questioning and whole period learners can actively motivation makes the
by giving the learners an engage or participate in learner more active and
intrinsic and extrinsic their own group interested the whole
motivation. It has been class discussion
observed also that my
facilitation style is a
collaboration of
demonstrator and a
facilitator style.
Accommodation of I integrate students’ Respect in students Encouraging more of It is evident upon the
students’ learning learning through varied answered is well the students to be more evaluation of learning
style instructional strategies observed. Also participative especially at the end of the lesson.
and teaching style such encouraging the during the group work
as pass the ball, making students to arrive the and discussion.
giant steps, and correct answer is
cooperative learning manifested.
Provision of Learning
Environment that is
conducive for:

 Active Learning I used the question and I manifested stimulated Develop questions I elicit the critical
answer strategy to elicit activity from the whole before class and thinking and active
active learning class and acknowledged decides when to ask learning through the
all answers in order to them to avoid whole period.
support active repetition
 Higher Order I facilitate growth in Good answers from the Encouraged students to The strategy itself is the
Thinking students’ thinking skills students were participate more in avenue to make the
in the area of critical and manifested classroom discussion pupils as a critical
creative thinking thinker.
 Contextual The examples given in My students were able Give example that is Contextualized learning
Learning the lesson is to answer the questions happening inside the made the students
contextualized. actively since they are classroom and make understand more
familiar with the the name of the clearly the lesson
situation and the term learners as the
used in the sentence. character.
Questioning and I manifested making I asked questions to the I must encouraged the Teacher must
Reacting Skills profound questions that students that make them learners to provide the acknowledge and
make the students to think critically correct answer and let appreciate the students
think critically the other learner repeat who answer correctly
the answer the question.