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*** M 3855a Music Education Culture *** Sp 2019*** m 9548 cultural & social perspectives ***

March 27, Wednesday

Caroline, Michael, and Kirsten

Comments/Question for Presenters

Guests: Caroline and Fox and Brazil!!

3855: Chapter 10
9548 annotations
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*** M 3855a Music Education Culture *** Sp 2019*** m 9548 cultural & social perspectives ***

If you aren’t meeting in a small group, talk through your final project with
each other or your familiar to exotic presentation due next week . . .
5) Familiar-Exotic (10%)
Work with the pieces you’ve selected. How can you make the piece your own? Take notes
of your journey and create a 4-5 minute ppt at the end of the semester to share in class.

Get crafty – If you haven’t done your concert reviews yet, what else can you find – a rehearsal?
Ppt 4-5 minutes familiar to exotic!

1) Annotations!!
2) concert reviews in please

W Music: Micro-teaching a Lesson: Caroline, Michael, Kirsten
Mar 27 Reading: Chapter 10:
Guests: Caroline and Fox with Brazilian Music
Sat Dinner at Dr. V’s 5:30 – 8pm 153 St. James St.
Mar 30
W Micro-teaching a Lesson: Kyle, Xiaodan, Cecilia, Aiden, Jennifer
April3 Music: Micro-teaching a Lesson: Anthony & Brittany
Familiar-Exotic Due in Class
W Final interviews and Portfolios are this week.
Upcoming concerts
• Enter the Haggis Thursday March 28 8pm Aeolian Hall. $25 advance, $30 door