The 500 Affirmations
For Deliberate, ‘Awareful,’ Intentional, Explicit Creation
Recommended for Use with Personal Treasure Maps and with the DVDs found in:

The Instrument: For Manifesting The Secret And Putting Attraction in Action

Created by Debra Lindegren & Bill Lae

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Table of Contents
Introduction……………………………………………………………………….. 4 Instruction on Giving Affirmations……………………………………….. 5 Affirmations Awareness (of the Immutable Laws of the Universe)….………………… 7 Spiritual……………………………………………………………………….. 9

Personal Habits / Personal Growth……………………………………….. 11 Career / Work / Business…………………………………………………… 14 Leadership Time / Project Management Entrepreneurs / Sales MLM / Direct Sales Finances / Prosperity / Success…………………………………………… 21 Lifestyle / Possessions…………………………………………………….. 24 Personal Environment Health & Wellness / Appearance…………………………………………… 33 Fitness / Ideal Weight Pregnancy / Childbirth Relationships…………………………………………………………………. 27 Romance / Partnership Family / Friends / Community Parenting Community Service ………………………………………………………….. 38 Education / Lifelong Learning……………………………………………… 39 This Day!................................................................................... 40 High Definitio n…………………………………………………………………. 41

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An Affirmation is a statement of a desirable outcome or condition that is deliberately exclaimed as real, actual and truthful in order to 1) declare it for one’s self, and 2) plant it in the mind. Our mind can then use that declaration over and over to “attract” (energetically) that which we are declaring. The science of Affirmations is as old as Creation itself. The Word has an indisputable power to create—regardless of intent, awareness or observation. There have been dozens of books written on the power of Positive thinking. And how it is out thoughts—as well as our feelings derived from those thoughts—that create the circumstances of our lives. The process of Positive Thinking is amplified by the writing and reciting of Affirmations. Research has shown that affirmations are a powerful way of “adding new information” to our subjective mind. They can actually help us to “overwrite” the multitude of false or limiting beliefs that keep us from living up to our highest potential. Affirmations are typically phrased in the first person and always in the present tense (versus future tense). For example, “I AM happy” is a far more effective affirmation than “I will be happy.” The former anchors a state o f happiness in the present moment; the latter is off in the future and therefore more abstract and less attainable. This is one of the most important elements of creating Affirmations, as it is the giving of declarations in the present tense that allows us to increase their realization in our lives. Affirmations often begin with “I AM,” two of the most powerful words in the universe. Using the words "I AM" not only names the Creator, it invokes creation itself. Therefore, when declare “I AM…” within an affirmation, you are 1) acknowledging the power of the Creator within you, and 2) igniting the creative process as a “Co-creator.” You are declaring something as true and real in the present moment. As such, we recommend that you use "I AM" wisely and with great awareness.

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Instruction on Giving Affirmations
The Affirmations contained in this book are not meant to be an exhaustive list, nor are they meant to be absolute. We highly encourage you to use these Affirmations as your starting point, customizing, rearranging and/or adding words according to your desired outcomes. In order to do this, of course, you must first be clear on what it is you want! If you are unclear or get stuck in this area, simply start with what you don’t want, and then declare its opposite. Then you can create and Affirmation from the latter. For example:

“I don’t want to be single!”
Its opposite may be:

“I AM happily married to my best friend, partner and supporter who I love with all my heart.”

“I want to be married!” “I don’t want to be fat!”
Its opposite may be:

“I want to be thin.” “I don’t want to be in debt!”
Its opposite may be:

“I AM at my ideal weight and have all the energy I need to accomplish my work, enjoy the outdoors and play with my kids.” “I have all the money I need to meet my monthly expenses, pay off my debts, travel four times a year and put aside 50% for my retirement.”

“I want to be rich!”

The title of this book suggests that there are 500 Affirmations. There are actually many more than this. We suggest that you pick a category (see the Table of Contents) and then just read through all the Affirmations in that category. You will find that certain ones will “jump out” at you. Some may perfectly resonate with a slight modification. Start by selecting 5-10 from each category. Using the sheets at the end of this book, write down the affirmations you have chosen. This will serve two purposes: 1) You will get a greater sense of whether this is the right affirmation for you at this time, and 2) It will anchor it more fully in your mind.

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" “My….” you can insert the sheets of Affirmations immediately before or after your Treasure Map(s). you could start with.You may find you want to modify one of the Affirmations—and we encourage you to do so! Your affirmations can begin with "I AM…. All Rights Reserved." “Today…” or anything that creates a statement about the truth you desire. for months prior to the Games they visualize themselves crossing the finish line first or scoring in a big way. i. but at least you’re not driving yourself crazy. Affirmations are most effective when we both vividly imagine in our minds the outcomes we desire and experience the emotions we would feel when those desires are true. Use 1 sheet for each of Category of Affirmations you choose. record yourself giving the Affirmations you have selected and/or customized and play them back while driving or doing work around the house. claiming this to be true for you! The bottom line: Affirmations work when couple with action! The Affirmation itself “primes the pump. you wouldn’t choose “I eat only wholesome and nutritious food” if you’re not ready to give up fast food. “I AM making healthy and nutritious food choices every day. you can play them at low volume while you sleep! Note: It is not a wise idea to choose an Affirmation on which you are not yet prepared to act. This would put you at odds with yourself! However. That way you will have the images that support that which you are declaring to be true for you. For example.e. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. And if you’re a fan of subliminal programming. This “imagining the future” is the same method that Olympic athletes use to win gold medals. The key here is to embody the future YOU that you desire. you are declaring your future life in the present moment. You are adding the power of the spoken Word to make your visualizations to make them that much stronger. In short. Inc.e. To keep your momentum going. or even glue them onto the back. As we suggested in our eBook “Treasure Mapping for Success and Prosperity.. Eventually you will have them committed to memory.” Your choices might still include fast food now and then.. 6 .” and then you go out and draw the water. i. In the privacy of your own home you get to act and speak right NOW as though the future is already here.

Prosperity.] ? I AM aware of what I wish for. ? I predict the future as I speak what-is-so. etc. Inc. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? My inner world creates my outer world. Peace. ? I AM clear in my desire. I know what I say is so. ? I AM available to receive all I wish for. in the present. 7 .500+ Affirmations Awareness (of the Immutable Laws of the Universe) ? I live in a Magnificent Universe! ? All That Is Good is Available to Me ? I AM grateful for all the blessings that I have and all that I AM receiving. Peace.] is all around me. ? The universal law of Abundance is always operating in my life ? Abundance [Joy. ? It’s already happening! ? That which I affirm is true for me. here and now. ? My life is governed by the Universal Laws of [Love. I Know "It is done!" ? I Allow the Universe to deliver. All Rights Reserved. ? I live in an abundant and generous Universe where there are plenty of resources and prosperity for everyone. ? I AM at choice every minute of every day. ? As I speak. etc. ? I call into creation and solidify creations with certainty. ? I move beyond belief into perfect knowing. ? The Present Moment is All There Is. Harmony.

? Health & Wellness are all around me. ? I AM the Author of my story. ? I affirm the truth. and what is so with my declarations. what exists.. ? The Word I speak has the power to create Magic. Inc. I magnify ideas into reality.? I AM who I say I AM. ? I AM creating my life through the power of the spoken Word. ? Love and Compassion are all around me. ? I AM a powerful magnet for… …Light …Love …Joy …Peace …Wisdom …Harmony …Laughter …Happiness ? Abundance and Prosperity are all around me. I change the world. ? I AM Impressive. ? Prosperity and Abundance are my Birthright ? Excellence is the hallmark of my life. All Rights Reserved. ? The Law of attraction is a fact. ? I AM grateful. I speak in fact to create my reality. I press thought into form. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. I AM aligned with and follow my Word. ? I focus energy into matter through firm thought. ? Thoughts and Feelings are powerful instruments. o o o ? I AM… o o o Powerful Creative Creator of my own destiny Wise All-Knowing Universal Intelligence ? I AM…INSPIRED…FOCUSED…PRO-ACTIVE. 8 . ? Joy and Happiness are all around me. ? I AM. ? My thoughts and feelings create my circumstances. ? I declare the truth! ? I create with my declarations. I AM the writer of my Life... ? I AM a vessel of Infinite Energy and Wisdom.

All Rights Reserved. ? I let God be God as my life. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? The Grace of God is flowing through me. Inc. ? I walk in the Presence of God. ? I Love Who I AM. ? I AM in love with God. ? That which I need shows up and I witness the abundance of My Creator. ? I AM THAT I AM. ? I feel the Presence of God all around me. ? I let God’s Unwavering Love wash over me. ? Today I walk in the awareness of my unlimited divine potential ? All is One. 9 . ? The Goodness of God is always available to me. ? The Forgiveness of God is always available to me. ? All That I AM is God. ? The Presence of God is within me. ? The works of my heart and hands reflect the Presence of God within me. ? I see the Presence of God manifest all around me. ? I AM Who I AM. ? God Is Everywhere Present. ? I AM perfectly aligned with God’s Plan for me. ? I AM One with My Creator. ? I sing and dance in the direction of Go d. ? God Is All There Is. ? All of my needs are met right now.Spiritual ? God Is. ? God loves me unconditionally for who I AM.

? God and I are indivisible. ? I express my love in sincere worship.? I AM faithful to God and with God. ? I AM triumphant because I have faith in God in me. ? I have faith that the “I AM” presence within me is God working through me. ? God knows I will carry through on the passion He placed in my heart. ? I keep the promises that I have made to myself and to God. ? My faith guides my empowered and good living. ? I AM an excellent steward of God’s resources. ? My words are congruent with God’s Word. Inc. ? I live in the bounty of God's Divine Abundance. honestly seeking to understand and elicit the best in others. ? I AM __[inspired / empowered / strengthened]__ by God. ? I AM humble and kind in all that I do. ? I AM faithful to myself and to others. faith is the basis of my life. ? My life reflects the God within. ? I AM enjoying speaking and thinking about my Faith ‘to’ and ‘in’ God. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. All Rights Reserved. ? I base my life on the faith that all things are made new and that I AM loved beyond my wildest imagination for eternity. ? God provides me with ample abundance of every kind. ? My faith is the foundation of my life and I live my life accordingly. ? My faith moves obstacles out of my way every single day. ? My Spirit is refreshed by God. ? I walk humbly with God. ? I engage people genuinely. treating all as creations made in God’s very image. 10 . as Jesus did. ? I see the Presence of God in others.

? I believe in the law of attraction. ? I choose at all times to reveal the highest and best that is within me. ? I see the life I love and the things I enjoy. ? I AM establishing an intention to be more of WHO I REALLY AM. ? This day I choose to express positive thoughts and positive feelings. ? Today my actions are guided by my dreams. ? Today…I AM Aligned with the Perfect Vision of My Life. and envision my perfect life in a glorious world. ? The truth of who I AM is emerging gracefully and easily. Inc. ? I allow the Universe to give me what I desire.Personal Habits / Personal Growth ? My life is an open door to Eternity (to the Infinite). Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. All Rights Reserved. 11 . ? I permit myself to receive and enjoy all the gifts that are mine. ? Without knowing how it works I trust that the law of attractio n works for me. I trust the Universe. ? I focus on what I want and I frame it with choice and decision. ? I take perfect right action toward my vision ? I AM ready to embrace a new day! ? Today I express my Genius. ? I stand in the awareness of my Infinite Potential to create the life of my dreams. ? I trust that all is well. ? My life is fulfilling and joyous! ? I choose wisely. ? I create the masterpiece of me. ? I believe in me. ? Excellence is the hallmark of every area of my life.

] is all around me and flows through my life. This works for me. and flourish. Goodness. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. prayers. manifest. etc. I nurture ideas to fruition and dreams into reality. wishes. I Love creating. ? I AM definite in what I collect as I create what I desire. ? I nurture and allow my seeds of creation to grow. Inc. ? I AM open to receiving Abundance. Life is a joy. Harmony. goals and mission are clear and resolved. ? I finish what I start. ? I freely express the Joy/Wisdom/Peace/Love of my True Nature.] ? There is an underlying order of elegance and grace in my life. ? I AM in alignment with my vision.? My wishes are fulfilled. ? I succeed at everything I do. ? I AM filled with excitement and enthusiasm for all that I desire. ? I AM committed to my own personal growth. ? I AM walking in the direction of Universal [Peace/Joy/Love. Abundance. ? I AM responsible for everything that occurs in my life. ? My word. ? The fulfillment of my highest desires is unfolding today and every day. ? I identify the priorities in my life and say yes to the things that matter most. 12 . ? I value my time and use it wisely. I AM determined. my intention and my purpose. ? I believe in myself. Grace and Prosperity. ? I stand one in the awareness of _________________________. All Rights Reserved. Goodness. ? I AM willing to be the creative genius I was ordained to be ? The actions I take today lead me to being a more [compassionate/ loving/generous/kind/service-oriented] person ? Universal [Peace. etc. My prayers are answered. ? I Love life.

and commit to. ? I choose my course. intend. ? Life is improv – I laugh and make other people laugh often. ? I enthusiastically express myself and share my talents. and the wisdom of my body to guide me in all things. ? I deserve the best. ? I change my behavior through self-leadership. 13 . and path. I meet others who are of like mind. progressive achievement. ? Miracles and blessings abound in all areas of my life. ? My life is in divine order. ? I have an open canvas upon which I can create whatever I choose. ? As I do the things I love to do. ? I trust my intuition. All Rights Reserved. ? I AM in complete joy and gratitude for the fullness of my life.? I AM moving forward with consecutive. Inc. ? My joy and gratitude brings more of the same. passage. ? I easily navigate the circumstances that come my way. ? I AM filled as I fulfill my purpose. ? I AM punctual. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. spirit. ? I AM creative and resourceful in my life’s activities.

All Rights Reserved. ? My work environment is _______________________________ and I thrive in it! Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? I can pick and choose my vocation. ? My career rewards me with freedom and wealth. ? My hard work is acknowledged and genuinely appreciated. ? My work is enjoyable and rewarding. ? I AM promoted to the top of my field with commensurate salary and benefits. ? I love and enjoy my work and I receive the perfect compensation for my efforts. gracefully and synchronistically. ? My career provides me with an income of at least _____________ per ____________. ? I AM acknowledged for all of my hard work. ? There is a huge demand for my specific skills and abilities. ? I AM respected by my peers and colleagues. Inc. ? I respond to change well.Career / Work / Business ? I love my career! I leap out of bed to start my day! ? I AM passionate about my career and it reflects in my attitude. 14 . ? I use my creativity and passion to find the perfect career [job]. ? I have a supportive mentor who challenges me to perform my best. ? I know my calling and the profession I AM meant to do in my life. ? I attract perfect career opportunities easily. ? I AM ethical at work. ? I AM an empathetic and clear communicator. ? I know what I need to learn in order to advance in my career and I take appropriate action. ? I have a great relationship with my boss and co-workers. giving and receiving information with ease.

at least _______________. ? Everyday. ? I AM creative and resourceful at work. power. ? I gladly exchange creation. ? The type of work I do is fruitful and in complete demand. I wake up and go to the best job in the world. ? My employer recognizes my hard work and gives me a raise of $____________. ? I ascend the corporate ladder and my salary is plentiful. ? Wonderful. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? My career affords me the luxury to travel at will and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. ? There is always something valuable to learn in my mistakes. ? My time and talents are highly regarded and respected at work. ? I AM an expert in my field and I receive excellent pay for my knowledge and skills. development and advancement. and matter with the Universe of people around me ? I AM a pillar of success at work. ? I have clearly defined and actionable targets for my company’s progress. ? I AM invested in my employees’ success and provide excellent opportunities for their training. new opportunities are opening up for me to use my unique and creative talents. ? I AM rewarded for my contributions at work. energy. Inc. 15 . Leadership ? I AM a visionary leader. thought. ? My creative talents and abilities flow through me at work.? I have ample vacation days from work. ? I AM a stakeholder in my company and rewarded when it does well. expression. ? My commute to work is easy and enjoyable. All Rights Reserved. ? I am seen as a great team player.

Inc. ? I challenge the status quo when necessary to improve performance. ? I AM able to prioritize and act on the most important tasks and delegate the rest. ? People rave about my consistent and creative problem-solving. come what may. ? I have the [wisdom/passion/ humor/patience/empathy/knowledge/ strength of character/maturity/wisdom/common sense/ trustworthiness/reliability/creativity/sensitivity] of a great leader. ? I receive excellent scores on my 360 reviews. ? My passion is an inspiratio n to others and inspires them to greater achievements. ? I AM a knowledgeable and trustworthy leader. ? I AM willing to take responsibility for myself and. 16 . ? I AM highly regarded and respected by my direct reports. ? I delegate wisely and judiciously. ? I AM a supportive mentor who inspires high performance in others. ultimately.? I AM an excellent manager of my time and resources. my teams. ? I AM an excellent listener. ? I have an unshakeable belief in myself and my abilities to make things happen. ? People love to work with me. and clearly communicate the impacts of change(s) to others. ? My leadership style is consistent with my principles and values. ? I AM exemplary in manner and speech. ? I AM persistent and follow through on my goals and commitments. ? I have the courage to make difficult decisions and to move past obstacles. All Rights Reserved. ? I communicate with ease to all personality types. ? I AM flexible and handle changes well. ? I have a system for regularly and appropriately acknowledging the creative and hard work of my employees. ? I am an excellent strategist. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? I have the determination and persistence to accomplish my goals. ? I am an intuitive leader.

? Each day I visualize all of my goals fully completed. ? I create my ideal work environment to accomplish my goals. ? I have all the time I need to ________________. ? I AM in perfect control of paperwork and free of clutter. All Rights Reserved. ? I have enough time for everything important in my day. ? I surround myself with supportive people who help me accomplish my goals. 17 . voicemail.Time / Project Management ? I AM excellent at managing my time at work. Inc. therefore I can accommodate the unexpected. ? I manage meetings and telephone calls in order to preserve my time. ? I anticipate the unexpected and create space in my day for last minute details. to keep my day flowing smoothly. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? My work day is highly organized. ? I AM organized. strategies and action plans and the focus required to execute them. ? People I work with respect and honor my time. ? I initiate and complete projects on time and ahead of time. ? I know how long tasks take to complete and organize them accordingly. and complete projects easily and correctly. ? I have clear goals. ? I set boundaries on meetings.. ? I trust myself to begin. ? I set realistic timetables for myself. continue. etc. email. ? I take time to organize and review my use of time each day. ? I easily identify tasks that benefit me most and set about completing them.

? Each day I have ample time for meals and regular breaks so that I AM always functioning optimally.? I delegate tasks and responsibility when appropriate. ? My annual sales are at least _______________. All Rights Reserved. ? I AM rewarded for finishing tasks on time. ? I am clear and focused at work. 18 . ? I AM a success in all aspects of my business. ? I break up larger projects into smaller tasks in order to finish in a timely manner.. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. training those around me to meet my standards. ? I finish my jobs in a judicious manner. ? My business offers a valuable product / service. ? I start my projects in a timely manner and work steadily towards completion. ? My organizational skills allow me to be calm and confident in my daily assignments. ? I AM good at achieving my goals through consistent and steady work. Inc. ? I AM able to succeed in my business by being highly organized and prioritizing tasks. ? I have all the resources I need to start my business. Entrepreneurs / Sales ? I AM motivated to start my own business and be my own boss. ? I do the most useful thing possible at every given moment. ? I act ahead of schedule to manage my time better. ? I own my own successful business which sells/offers __[product/s ervice]_ ___.

? I AM attracted to the perfect clients and they are attracted to me. ? I AM seen and known as a business leader in my community. ? I feel good knowing that business comes to me year round. 19 . Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? I AM a self-leader. ? My company grows an average of _ ______% each year. ? My business is so successful that I have hired additional help. ? I have created the perfect business for m e and the pay is aweinspiring. ? I AM confident when it comes to making money online. I apply myself to each task and succeed. All Rights Reserved. ? I have [my company has] a reputation for exceptional customer service. ? I have cutting edge technology that allows me to be highly efficient and function optimally. ? I serve my business clients well. ? My phone rings off the hook with new clients. ? I consistently raise my fees/prices and customers gladly pay them. bringing in a minimum of ____________ per month. ? I attract new business clients easily and often. ? My online business is succeeding beyond my wildest dreams. including __________________________________. ? Customers enjoy the product(s) they buy from me. ? My professional reputation attracts many clients. Inc. and at least ____________ per year.? I have a minimum of _______ clients at all times. ? I offer a unique and valuable product / service to customers. I have attracted knowledgeable and committed people to work for me in my business. ? I have a personal assistant who ably and cheerfully handles of all my routine tasks. ? I AM the top salesperson in my field with clients knocking down my door. ? I AM a great networker and can easily communicate to others the value of my business / product / service. ? My [regular / MLM / online business is thriving.

? People I talk to quickly realize the incredible benefits of _[product]_. ? I AM valued and recognized within my company for ____________. ? My organization’s total sales volume is $__________ each month. ? My business will be a Fortune 500 company. at least _______ per year. ? I AM always learning new ways to speak about ___[product]____. ? I AM a confident public speaker and I AM frequently recognized for my outstanding presentations. ? I have an excellent succession plan. ? I run a socially responsible business. ? People get excited when I talk to them about ___[product]____. ? My total personal sales volume is $__________ each month.? My sales presentations are so valuable that potential clients view them as consultations and are inclined to pay me for them. ? I have achieved the level/rank of ___________ by ____________. Inc. ? When I travel for business I travel First Class. surpassing $________________. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? My business is good for the environment. MLM Business Owners: ? I AM confident when I give presentations about ___[product]____. ? I have a wide down-line of at least ________ reps and a deep down-line of at least ________ reps. ? I have my best year in sales this year. 20 . ? The people in my organization sign up a minimum of ______ new people each month. ? My income allows me to regularly attend company conventions and gatherings. ? Each month I sign up at least ____ new people into my business. ? My organization has great camaraderie and team spirit. ? I AM the top salesperson in my company. ? My participation in ___[company]___ is contributing to my financial freedom.

? I AM an excellent money manager. ? My capacity to earn and retain money increases every day. 21 . ? I trust Money and wealth. ? I know how to manage my money and I manage it wisely. ? My spirit is wealthy and sourced from Infinite supply. ? I AM grateful for my passive income of $ _________ per month. money flows easily to me whenever I need it. I can be trusted with money and wealth. ? I AM a brilliant money manager. ? I have an excellent credit score of __________. ? I AM filled with gratitude for the abundance everywhere present. ? My money works hard for me making me even more money. ? Attracting money is easy and fun. ? I AM wealthy and spiritual. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? Success and money are a natural outcome for me. ? I choose a wealthy and prosperous lifestyle ? It is safe for me to be wealthy now. All Rights Reserved. ? I AM a money magnet. ? I live in an abundant Universe of overflowing goodness. ? Money equals freedom and makes life more rewarding and enjoyable.Finances / Prosperity / Success ? I AM available to be a rich and mighty blessing on this planet. ? I have a net worth of $ _______________. Inc. ? Incredibly exciting opportunities for prosperity and abundance are coming to me right now. ? I use my heart-centered Intelligence to make sound financial decisions. ? I AM grateful for my monthly spending money of $ ________ per month.

? I KNOW that money is a medium of exchange. ? I gratefully receive. ? I AM willing and able to attract Abundance of every kind whenever I choose. ? My life is rich and rewarding. ? My new raise is ________________ in the year 20___. time.] ? I have a __[401K. ? I AM lavishly supported following the path I lo ve. ? Each day I AM receiv ing my rightful inheritance. ? Success and good fortune flow easily toward me every day. ? I AM deserving of the good fortune that comes my way. All Rights Reserved. music lessons. and flow financially.? I AM abundantly providing for myself and my family. Inc. ? I live in an Abundant Universe overflowing with riches and prosperity. currency in the flow of energy. ? I work because I choose to. etc. annuities]__ for my retirement to which I contribute at least $___________ per year. give. fulfilled and financially rewarded on my path. ? I have all the resources. dance. ? With my wealth I AM able to ______________________________. stimulated. ? I AM worthy of earning a great income. ? I AM joyful. inspired. ? My passive income allows me to ____________________. ? I expect and receive miracles often. ? I nobly guide the flow of wealth that supports practical creation. ? I AM grateful that I AM financially free. ? Unexpected income often shows up. IRA. energy and money to do what I want in my life. 22 . Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. college. athletics. ? I have ample funds to pay for my children’s education [including private school. ? I AM wealthy—in all areas of my life. art.

? My mindset attracts money and prosperity to me. ? I AM freely accepting abundance. ? I envision my own success and the successful outcome of all of my endeavors. ? I see positive advantages everywhere I look. ? I have multiple streams of passive revenue. ? All of my ideas lead me straight to success. Inc. right here and now! ? Prosperity is the hallmark of my life. ? I AM grateful to be supported by a Generous Universe. All Rights Reserved. ? I AM humbled by my good fortune.? I attract success and prosperity with all of my ideas. ? I use the power of my mind and intention to attract all the money I need. ? I invest my money wisely so that it multiplies and grows. ? I model the behaviors and practices of wealthy and successful people. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? I AM surrounded by people who are financially free. ? I AM a successful _[published author/marathon runner/City Council member/judge/humanitarian/actor/Community Leader. ? My income is increasing everyday. ? I AM showered with blessings. 23 . ? I AM thankful for the limitless. ? Opportunities come with each door that I open. etc. ? The universal supply is infinite. ? My thoughts and actions lead to the perfect manifestation of my desires.]__. overflowing Source of my success. ? I AM alw ays in the right place at the right time receiving all that life has to offer. ? Prosperity is my natural state of mind. ? I AM becoming wealthier and freer every day. ? My success allows me to ______________________________. ? My management skills open the doors of prosperity.

? I deserve to have a good life right now. ? I Love my Life! I enjoy my surroundings! ? I enjoy and experience our magnificent Earth. and excited by my surroundings. 24 . ? I love my community of friends. ? I AM generous. ? I accept and gratefully receive blessings on many levels—physical. ? Whenever I travel. such as ____________. ? I travel for pleasure _____ times per year. ? Life is generous with me. ? I AM so thankful for the vast palette of choice to lavish in. ? I AM Joyful. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. I travel First Class.Lifestyle (Possessions / Travel) ? I AM a witness to the Infinite Palette of life experiences that is all around me. ? I live in style! ? I AM willing and able to attract a rich and rewarding Lifestyle whenever I choose. spiritual—and I AM truly enjoying them. ? I AM filled with gratitude for the Colorful Playground all around me. All Rights Reserved. ? I stand in awe of the infinite canvas of All That Is. ? I AM happy. Inc. ? I AM Fully Expressed. ? The infinite palette of the Universe surrounds me. mental. to beautiful and/or exotic locations such as _______________ and ____________. ? I enjoy many cultural offerings each week. nurtured. ? I AM thankful for what I share and who I AM. emotional. ? I create and Re-Create and recreate. ? My life and activities out-picture who I AM. ? I select the colors and style of my life.

? I love driving my _[color]_.]_. _[make]_ car with _[features]_--it feels great! ? Now that I own _________________ I can ________________. Personal Environment ? I AM able to live in a home that is nurturing and welcoming. etc. meditation and recreation so that I AM replenished. ? I give myself ample time for rest. ? I share my abundance by hosting others to [dinner. yoga. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions.] ? I recreate myself every day through __[reading. ? My home is peaceful and inviting. ? I AM willing to expand my horizons and have an increasingly better lifestyle. etc. ? I love my weekly __[massage/facial/manicure/pedicure/etc.? I AM grateful for my life and lifestyle. ? I have ample time to practice [meditation. of ____________ sq. ? I AM surrounded by beauty and tranquility ? I deserve to live in serenity in my home. sports.]__ ? The furnishings in my home reflect my personal taste and style. with __[continue with a specific description of all the features of your perfect home]__. ? I live my dream lifestyle. the theatre. music. with ______ bedrooms. ? My living space is well organized and feels open and inviting. ______ baths.] ? I live joyfully in abundance. theater. etc. ? I play and have fun every day. a living room with ________________ and a kitchen with _______________. feet. ? I live in my perfect home [in/at/near/] ___________________. _[model]_. a haven to all who enter. 25 . Inc. lectures. ? I love my home. All Rights Reserved.

All Rights Reserved. the most useful and the most memorable belongings. ? My surroundings allow my mind to focus on the important things in my life. Inc. ? I move freely amongst the furnishings and belongings in my home. ? In my home I surround myself only with the most important. etc]_ is __________________. 26 . the most beautiful. ? I have the perfect space to _ [cook / work / write / read / exercise / meditate.? My garage is clean and organized and can accommodate my car. ? My surroundings reflect my heart’s desire and lead me to greater peace. ? I feel refreshed and relaxed when I AM in my home.]_. ? The interior design of my home and furnishings is_____________. ? I AM uplifted the minute I enter my home. and allows me to remain calm and clear. ? The atmosphere in my home is conducive to focus and concentration. ? I easily find whatever I need in my home. ? My _[bedroom/kitchen/living room. ? My surroundings are clean and healthy. etc. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions.

? I AM open to love and marriage. ? I love and respect all life. ? I attract only healthy and loving men/women into my life.Relationships ? I live in a Universe that supports Community. ? I AM attracting my perfect mate. ? I find it easy to date and meet new people. ? I AM who I AM in all of my relationships. ? I AM a witness to healthy and deeply loving relationships all around me. I can trust our communications to be real. connections and giving. ? I AM surrounded and connected by relationships of all kinds. ? I AM passionate and enjoy a lavish romance with my mate. All Rights Reserved. Inc. ? I attract romance in the most amazing and unexpected ways. 27 . ? My relationship with _________ is becoming more loving and committed. ? I AM dedicated to creating ____________ with my partner. ? Now that I have found my perfect mate. ? I AM openly expressed in all of my relationships. Romance (spouse/partner) ? I believe in the power of love. ? I AM faithful to my partner. true and easy. ? I share my love freely and unconditionally. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? I have a passion-filled __[marriage/partnership]__. ? I AM willing and able to attract perfect relationships whenever I choose.

Inc. ? My partner is sensitive to and understanding of my needs. ? I make time to spend with ______________. etc.]__ ? I AM grateful for my incredible __[relationship/marriage. respect and understand him/her. ? My actions and reactions show __________ that I love. All Rights Reserved. ? ______________ is a priority in my life and it shows. romantic relationship. ? My partner and I have a regular date night. ? I openly express my loving feelings to ________. our goals. ? My partner loves me unconditionally and for who I AM. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? __________ and I are in tune with each other’s desires. ? My partner and I have open and candid discussions about __[money. 28 . ? I trust ___________ with my personal and intimate issues. our children. ? My relationship with ________________ is relaxed and nurturing. ? I AM meant to be happy and healthy in a loving relationship. ? I AM completely self-expressed with ______________. our relationship. ? I openly communicate my needs to my partner. ? I discover romance during the simplest moments of my day.]__ ? I have a true spiritual partnership with ______________. ? My partner and I are in sync on major life issues. ? I AM sensitive and respectful of my partner. ? I honor my commitments and stand by _____________ no matter what.? ____________ and I are more joyful and more in love than the day we were married. ? My intimate relationship with ____________ is fulfilling and spontaneous. ? _____________ and I have a loving.

I AM there for them even as they have/have not been there for me. 29 . encourage. love and joy in my family. choose. All Rights Reserved. and I offer the same to them.Family / Friends / Community ? My parents accept me for who I AM. ? My family considers my feelings. ? My brother ____________ and I are able to __________________. ? I support and understand my parents as they grow older. friends. and love my friends and family. ? I belong to a loving and accepting family. ? I AM sincerely invested and lovingly interested in my family’s lives. talented. ? My sister/brothers and I are supportive of each other. ? I spend quality time with my brother/sister ___________ ? My family takes time to get to know one another and the unique differences. ? My sister _____________ and I are able to __________________. loving person I AM. ? I make a point to speak with my family every ______________. and associates in my life choices. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? I have the unconditional support of family. ? I AM an instrument of peace. ? I enjoy my family and friends. ? My family respects my privacy. Inc. ? My parents express their love to me in a way that makes me grateful and proud. and then to be understood. ? I AM surrounded by a community of great friends that inspires. ? I prosper in and enjoy my community. ? My family appreciates me for the creative. ? I seek first to understand. support. supports and uplifts me. ? I acknowledge. ? My parents truly appreciate my ________________ and tell me so often.

? I easily and fluently communicate with others. ? I respond to differences with an open mind. ? I experience profound. ? I AM filled with gratitude for the Infinite Love & Connectivity of the Universe. ? I AM safe in relationships now. ? When I trust. and love me. ? I attract people who acknowledge. ? I AM clear and express my truth in an appropriate manner. ? It is easy for me to meet new people and develop new friendships. affectionate relationship. All Rights Reserved.? I choose my friends wisely. ? I effortlessly connect with everyone I meet. unconditional love from others. ? I now have wonderful and fulfilling relationships with friends and co-workers. ? I play and co-create with people around me. ? I easily extend forgiveness and compassion to others. acknowledged. ? I AM a responsible and trusting soul. ? I trust myself to know who to trust. ? I grow and evolve in relationships. encourage. ? I practice kindness when interacting with others. support. friendly and dynamic. and I AM trustworthy. ? All of my relationships are honest and faithful. ? I know who to trust. and rewarded. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. 30 . ? ______________ and I have bonded into a warm. ? I belong to an amazing MasterMind group that supports and motivates me to take right action every day. ? All of my relationships are fun. others will trust me. Inc. ? I AM free to enthusiastically express and give myself and my talents and they are eagerly received. ? I share in the healthy growth of my relationships.

? I AM glad my child/children are here because this is where they belong. ? I AM integrated into and integral to a community of powerful. All Rights Reserved. ? I support and protect my child/children as they grow and explore the world. creative.? I AM so very thankful for all of the relationships in my life. Parenting ? I AM a wonderful and loving parent. a guide and a mediator. and I do everything I can to shepherd them toward it. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. thoughtful and trustworthy support. ? I AM patient as my child/children discover their voice and their own needs. ? I AM a generous giver to my children both spiritually and emotionally. ? I awake eager each day to discover what my children have to teach me. Inc. ? I show affection to my child every day. ? I completely respect and honor that my child(ren) has/have their own unique destiny. ? I AM engaged in my children’s life and will act as a teacher. ? I AM blessed with so many supportive and delightful friends. ? I AM consistent in what I say and how I act so my children know they can trust and depend on me. 31 . ? I AM submerged in situations and relationships that cause me to flourish. ? I AM at my best when I AM honest with my children and myself. ? I share my friends. ? I AM grateful that I AM an instrument of Unconditional Love. ? I AM the kind of friend that I want.

? I show my child. movies. ? I serve my children healthy and nutritious food to ensure their health and well-being. ? I moderate my children’s time with __[TV. All Rights Reserved.]__. as well as their accomplishments. ? I show an active interest in my child’s schoolwork to inspire and encourage their interest. my ability to smile and my capacity to appreciate the little things. ? I AM grateful when my (son/daughter/children) does well in school ? I help my child(ren) to be neat and appropriately dressed for school everyday. ? I AM an active and involved parent. ? I take time to learn about my children’s __[lives/friends/interests/ concerns/challenges/sports/activities/happiness/sorrow. Internet. how to behave in school and help him/her follow the rules that keep them safe. ? I acknowledge my children for their efforts. video games. ? I inspire my children to exercise and play outdoors.? My child/children are a top priority in my life and I pay attention to them. Inc. my ability to love. etc. etc. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? I spend at least ______ hours per week playing with my child(ren). ? My children are always teaching me something new. ? My son/daughter __[name]___ and I go/do __[activity]___ at least every ___________. ? I role-model civic and community responsibility to my child(ren). 32 . ? I moderate my child(ren)’s intake of sweets and high-fat foods. ? My children raise me—my consciousness.]_. through my example.” encouraging play. ? I allow ample time for my children to “just be children. creativity and fun. imagination. ? I communicate regularly with my child’s school and his/her teachers to understand what my child is doing and how I can better help.

All Rights Reserved. ? I easily move through space and my experiences supported by my body ? I AM at peace. I AM in perfect Shape. ? I AM complete and whole. ? My body is whole and complete. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. 33 . ? My body unconditionally gives to and supports me. ? I marvel at the creation that is my human body. ? I see it. Inc. work of art. I AM attracted to it. I AM energized. I admire it. I AM energy in shape. ? I AM intuitive. I confirm energy into form as I create ? My spirit and physical. I shape the world. solid. ? I AM filled with gratitude for the Wholeness. energetic. confident. charitable. centered. ? The matter and energy of the Universe gives me form. and Form of the Universe. ? I AM integral to the wholeness of the Universe. willing and ready. my body. ? I AM Joyful. ? I AM a creator. & emotional life are confidently anchored in and radiate from knowledge. With my body and mind. ? I AM willing and able to attract Health and Healing whenever I choose. ? I AM a radiant spirit with High spirits! My spirit is bright and whole! ? I AM energy. I AM wholly experiencing life. I complete the picture. well. ? I AM so very grateful to be in shape and form. Order. ? I AM energy in form. ? My Body gives who I AM shape. ? I honor and cherish this magnificent home.Health / Well-Being / Appearance ? I AM a witness to the Health and Wholeness that is all around me. awake. awesome machine. ? I joyfully experience this world in this shape and form.

and movement. ? My strong body has fully recovered and healed and I AM living a long and healthy life. ? I AM grateful for my ______________ for ________________. ? I love my body and am grateful that it allows me to ___________. ? Health and Well-Being are amplified in my life. ? My body is a community teaming with life. ? I choose today to give myself the best life ever! ? Wellness is the hallmark of my life. I take excellent care of it. ? My Body is a work of art. ? My physical. ? My body’s cells are rejuvenated and strong. it gives to me. ? My Body is made of Star Stuff. ? I AM getting better and stronger each and every day. ? God has healed my body. ? I AM healthy and whole. for taking in nourishment. ? I AM grateful for my eyes – for seeing ? I AM grateful for my ears – for hearing ? I AM grateful for my mouth – for speaking the Truth. ? I AM attracting the perfect people into my life who support my perfect health and wellness. ? I AM focused on my health and wholeness every day. ? My body is healing. Inc. mental. ? My Body is a magnificent machine. All Rights Reserved. emotional. I give to it. ? I AM in flow with my body. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. 34 . ? My Body is an amazing creation and glorious home.? My body's soul/sole purpose is my well-being. ? My body is in my service as I serve others. ? I have abundant energy all day long. It is of the Universe. ? My body is full of life. and spiritual ‘bodies’ are in balance and harmony with each other. and in return. energy.

All Rights Reserved. ? My cholesterol. nervous. Fitness / Ideal Weight ? I AM a perfect example of health and fitness. ? I love my body and trust its guidance on eating and exercise. lymphatic and reproductive systems are in perfect working order in my body. muscular. skeletal. endocrine.? My Body quivers with energy and purpose. ? I have reserves of energy. ? I have a strong and clear memory. stamina and vitality. mineral. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. digestive. ? I eat nutritious and healthy food in order to keep my body functioning optimally. hair and nails are glowing and healthy. ? God gave me a healthy body and in gratitude. ? My body is working at full capacity. ? I always contribute in healthy ways to my body’s needs. fat and blood sugar levels are within healthy ranges for my age. hormone. Inc. ? I maintain a positive outlook on life. ? My skin. ? My cardiovascular. ? I have all the energy I need for a healthy workout and all the activities of my day. urinary. I take care of myself. vitamin. 35 . ? I AM nourishing my body with pure water. mind and body. ? I have an amazingly healthy spirit. ? I AM aging slowly and gracefully. respiratory. ? I choose food that replenishes my body and makes it strong. ? I love my strong and healthy body. ? I AM living a long and healthy Life. ? My heart is happy and healthy and functions optimally. ? My fitness routine is enjoyable and helps me to keep a good lifestyle.

Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. 36 . and solid. ? I AM full of LIFE! ? I move beyond belief. ? I AM served by my body as I serve mankind. ? I AM Joyful. ? I have Fun! I Play! ? I AM complete and whole. awake. ? I feel at home in my body. ? I take action that leads me toward the things that I want.? My daily fitness routine gives me the results I desire. ? I AM well. All Rights Reserved. ? My metabolism is perfect for me. ? I AM replenished. into Knowingness. beyond faith. ? My healthy food choices and daily activities allow me to maintain my ideal weight. ? I live the joyful life of my creation. ? My daily workouts revitalize me! ? I feel healthier with each passing minute. and willing. ? I love moving my body! ? My fitness routine calibrates my metabolism and keeps me at my ideal weight. peaceful. Inc. Happy and Whole. ? I AM a picture of Health. ? I AM grateful that I AM Healthy. ? I get a minimum of ________ hours of sleep per night and wake up each day refreshed and energized. ? I appreciate and give thanks to my human body for all it is and all it does for me. ? I SEE the powerful function of my body both inside and out. ? I HEAR the flow of my breath. ? I fall asleep easily every night. ? I FEEL the pulse of my heart. ready. ? I AM walking in the direction of what I want. centered. ? I AM refreshed.

? My childbirth is quick and easy. All Rights Reserved. 37 . ? I embrace with all my heart the new life that is growing inside of me. ? I tenderly care for the baby within me. ? I choose healthy foods so my baby is nurtured. strong and healthy. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions.Pregnancy / Childbirth ? I AM ecstatic that I AM pregnant! ? I have a happy and healthy pregnancy. ? My love for my baby is infinite and unconditional. ? I lovingly speak to my unborn child and welcome him/her into our lives. ? I AM honored and privileged to usher in a new life. ? I give birth to a strong and healthy baby. ? My baby eats and sleeps well. ? I AM surrounded by supportive and loving people when during my labor and delivery. Inc.

and I gladly and gratefully receive all that endlessly comes my way. ? I give endlessly with gratitude. just as I AM special. ? I AM a dedicate humanitarian. ? I gratefully volunteer my time and talents in the service of others. ? My life is dedicated to uplifting and inspiring others.Community Service ? My life is a contribution on this planet. ? I tithe _____% of my income. ? I encourage people I know also to serve others. ? I serve the unlimited potential in others. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. 38 . ? I AM a pillar in my community. ? I promote worthwhile causes through _________________. ? All that I AM I share freely with others. ? Because I AM financially free I have time and resources to contribute to the lives of others. ? I use my life in service to others. ? I share stories that motivate others. ? I travel to ____________ to participate in __________________ volunteer projects. ? Everyone around me is special. ? I AM grateful for the opportunity and ability to serve. ? I give generously and add value to other people’s lives. All Rights Reserved. ? Serving others is a joyous. ? My wealth enables me to help others. Inc. ? I serve unconditionally. ? I tithe _____% of my time and talents. worthwhile experience. ? I acknowledge and serve the Light in others. ? I volunteer _____times weekly. ? I AM committed to the growth and well-being of others.

Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ? My comprehension is excellent. ? I share with others my insights and lessons learned. ? I have easy access to my memory —both short-term and long-term. ? I select the perfect seminars for my personal growth and development. ? I easily apply the new knowledge and information I learn. ? I look for the lesson in all that happens to me. ? I graduate from college with a _____ GPA. ? Learning is an amazing gift. ? Each day I participate in activities that stimulate my right and left brain. when appropriate. quarterly. ? I have new insights and understandings through interacting with others. ? My education allows me to become successful and have the things that I want for my life.Education / Lifelong Learning ? I AM committed to lifelong learning and learn something new every day. ? I enjoy all of my subjects. Inc. ? I will earn my _________ degree in __________ by ___________. ? I graduate in the top ___% of my class. ? I earn excellent grades in school. ? I easily understand the information in my studies. ? I love to read! ? I retain what I read and integrate new learning into my life choices. etc]__. ? I absorb information quickly and easily. 39 . ? I learn by living. ? My education increases my awareness of the world and others. All Rights Reserved. ? My performance improves with each examination. ? I AM well-prepared for my daily assignments and all of my examinations. ? I invest wisely in my personal success by attending excellent workshops and seminars each __[week/month/bi-monthly.

To Live Learn Laugh and Love. I Smile. I Can HAVE. All Rights Reserved.This Day! I Celebrate Life! I AM fully expressed. I AM the masterpiece of my own life. I AM assertive. or imagined before! I AM Inspired. I AM spontaneous. I Leap in Faith. glorious light! I AM the masterpiece. I AM available to more good than I've ever experienced. All is Well. I AM selfless Self Expression! I SEE the WORLD! I Choose Freedom. I AM aligned with the Universe. I embrace life with childlike curiosity. I Feel GREAT. decisive. realized. I AM intensifying LIGHT! I funnel my light and energy for the good of All! Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. I AM Attraction in Action. Opportunities are all around me. I freely share my joy. I choose to be happy. I AM awake to what I attract. I act. This Day is a Gift. and confident . My Heart is Open Wide. I choose what I want. I Flow with abundance. I have fun. I live fully in the present moment. I AM Light.. and BE anything I want. I radiate Joy.. DO. Inc. I take action in alignment with who I say I AM. 40 . I Treasure each moment.

I See my life. I AM accountable. It is there. I acknowledge with sincere joy the people and gifts around me. My body and breath work for me and support my spirit and mind. I AM inspired. I AM at peace in calm. I AM a victor. knowledgeable and response-able. I know the Truth. I flow in spirit. energy. I AM one with Source Energy. I flow with the Universe. I have wealth in relationships and career. What I say is so. I gratefully take and generously give money as it flows through my life. I easily exchange energy and matter. As I breathe. I AM in charge. 41 . I enjoy the creations of other creators and gladly exchange power through currency for their gifts. competent. I graciously exchange thought for form. I can do anything I choose. All Rights Reserved. I so clearly see the wonders of the physical world. I Thrive. I have financial wealth. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. I live in luxury. I float on the river of life. I enjoy valuable gifts. I dance with life. I act on inner sense and impulse. I appreciate all that I have. I create. I can be counted on. I feel love and joy simply by agreeing that I have been lifted and helped by others. Inc. I AM clear. I AM Powerful. I AM clear. comfort. My body is strong. I dance with relationships. I AM always growing. I AM wealthy. I listen to my intuition. I put life into action and action into life. I See the world. I AM Abundant. I inspire. I enjoy health wealth. I AM in charge. I AM filled just knowing about the support that surrounds me. and wealth. I AM healthy. I can always have what I want.High Definition (Affirmations for Living in Full Color) I AM abundant. I flow with life. I Move and Change the world.

I follow my intuition. certain direction. I focus on what I desire. I have great influence. I educe. I act in alignment with my thought. I move thought into action. The genie is in us. I AM loved and give love. Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. feeling. I AM in motion. I AM integral to the community. My desired in-come is directly based on the out-go of thought. I have extraordinary power in this creative activity. I effect change. I AM focused. I choose from many options. I AM educated. I give and receive knowledge and wealth. I integrate with the Universe. I AM Clear. I KNOW what I want. I focus my thoughts and energy. thoughts. I AM creative and expressive. I educe magnificence from within. I AM a focus in the mind of the God. The community is One. I evoke my will into manifestation. body. Inc. I produce great things. I AM one in a community. and spirit works as one. I speak the Truth. My statements. I move thoughts and visions and materials into form. In doing I AM making real. goals. I use the genie. All Rights Reserved. and vibration. I Move in one. feelings. My mind. I AM successful. What I focus on in my mind. converges into reality. I AM clear in my desires and they crystallize and surround me in form. I educate. I DO! I AM a creator. I share my genius and uniqueness with the world. 42 . My choice invokes creation. missions. I know the Truth. I move matter into art. I sculpt my life. and actions are all in alignment. I create my world. I AM free to create. I AM in action. I Choose what I want. I bring thought into form. cutting away the rest. I bend thought into form. Through my genius.I AM a genius.

Inc. 43 . ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 8. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 5.My Affirmations for _____________________________ 1. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 10. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 9. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 6. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 7. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 2. All Rights Reserved. ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions.

_____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 2. Inc. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 4. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 10. All Rights Reserved. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 6. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 8. 44 . ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 9. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 5. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 7.My Affirmations for _____________________________ 1.

____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 4. All Rights Reserved. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 6. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 7. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 10. Inc. 45 . ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 8.My Affirmations for _____________________________ 1. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 9.

____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 8. Inc. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 9. ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 7. _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 2. 46 . ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 10. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 6. All Rights Reserved. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 5.My Affirmations for _____________________________ 1. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 4.

_____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 2. Inc. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 6. 47 . ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 8. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 7.My Affirmations for _____________________________ 1. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 4. ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. All Rights Reserved. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 10. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 9. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 5.

____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 10. 48 . Inc. _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 2.My Affirmations for _____________________________ 1. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 6. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 5. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 7. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 9. All Rights Reserved. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 8. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 4. ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions.

49 . ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 5. All Rights Reserved. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 8. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 7. _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 2. Inc. ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 9. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 4. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 10.My Affirmations for _____________________________ 1. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 6.

____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 7. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 8. _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 2. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 10. 50 . ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 6. All Rights Reserved. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 5. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 4.My Affirmations for _____________________________ 1. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 9. ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. Inc.

All Rights Reserved.Notes Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. 51 . Inc.

All Rights Reserved. 52 .Notes Copyright © 2007 LightForm Productions. Inc.

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