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A) a 14 Hier the fire usson Q7) (QUee eae eeu Listen to the recording, and then answer this question: What was the danger to the villages after the fire? Firefighters had been fighting the forest fire for nearly three weeks before they could get it under control. A short time before, great trees had covered 5 the countryside for miles around. Now, smoke still rose up from the warm ground over the desolate hills. Winter was coming on, and the hills threatened the surrounding villages with destruction, for heavy rain would not only wash 10 away the soil, but would cause serious floods as well. When the fire had at last been put out, the forest authorities ordered several tons of a special type of grass-seed which would grow quickly. The seed 15, Was sprayed over the ground in huge quantities by aeroplanes. The planes had been planting seed for nearly a month when it began to rain. By then, however, in many places the grass had already taken root. In place of the great trees 20 which had been growing there for centuries, patches of green had begun to appear in the blackened soil. 80 @ Answer questions about the text. Example: What kind of fire was it? A forest fire. 1 Did firefighters get it under control? 7 Were the surrounding villages threatened 2 How long had they been fighting it? with destruction? 3 What had covered the countryside a short 8 Would heavy rain wash away the soil? time before? 9 What else would happen? 4. How did the hills look now? 10 Did the forest authorities order several 5 What still rose from it? tons of grass-seed? 6 Was winter coming on, or was it spring? 11 What was special about it? © Ask questions about the text. Example: There was a forest fire recently. (When?) i) Was there a forest fire recently? ii) When was there a forest fire? 1 Firefighters fought it for nearly three weeks. (How long?) (What?) (Who?) 2 There had been great trees for miles around. (Where?) (What?) 3 They'd covered the countryside. (What?) 4 The hills were now desolate. (What?) 5 Smoke still rose up from the warm ground, (What?) 6 Winter was coming on. (What?) 7 The villages surrounding the hills were threatened. (Which?) (Why?) 8 Heavy rain would wash away the soll from the hills. (What?) @ Tell the story, using these key words. Firefighters — forest fire — three weeks before — under control before — trees covered — for miles Winter — hills threatened — rain — wash away soil — floods as well at last — put out — forest authorities — several tons — grass-seed — quickly sprayed — huge quantities — aeroplanes planting — a month — began to rain By then — grass — taken root Noarons © Guided summary. Write a complete sentence in answer to each question, to make a paragraph of not more than 75 words. 1 How long did it take the firefighters to get the forest fire under control? 2 Had all the great trees been burnt or not? Was there danger that heavy rain would cause serious floods or not? Would the floods destroy the surrounding villages or not? (Now that ... which) 3 Did the forest authorities order grass-seed to prevent this or not? For how long was it sprayed over the ground by planes? (To prevent this... which ...) 4 Did it begin to rain or not? Where had the grass taken root? (By the time that...) © Talk about you. 1 Can you name any areas of China where trees have been damaged by fire? 2 Describe what happens when heavy rains fall on bare soil. Give some examples, if possible. 3 Which areas of China suffer from serious floods? Can you give any recent examples? 4 Do we experience more floods now than in the past? Have you got any ideas about how we can protect our cities against flooding?