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5 She was not amused usson 29) © Listen Listen to the recording, and then answer this question: Why did Jenny want to leave the wedding reception? Peace eeu) Jeremy Hampden has a large circle of friends and is very popular at parties. Everybody admires him for his great sense of humour—everybody, that is, except his six-year-old daughter, Jenny. 5 Recently, one of Jeremy’s closest friends asked him to make a speech at a wedding reception. This is the sort of thing that Jeremy loves. He prepared the speech carefully and went to the wedding with Jenny. 10 He had included a large number of funny stories in the speech and, of course, it was a great success. As soon as he had finished, Jenny told him she wanted to go home. Jeremy was a little disappointed by this, but he did as his 16 daughter asked. On the way home, he asked Jenny if'she had enjoyed the speech. To his surprise, she said she hadn't. Jeremy asked her why this was so, and she told him that she did not like to see so many 20 people laughing at him! Cet Cer ce Uy @ Answer questions about the text. Example: Has Jeremy Hampden many friends? Yes, he has. 1 Where is he very popular? 2 What does everyone admire him for? 3 What about his daughter, Jenny? 4 Who asked Jeremy to make a speech? 5 Where did he ask him to make it? 6 How did he prepare the speech? 7 Who went with him to the wedding? © Ask questions about the text. 8 What had he included in his speech? 9 What did Jenny tell him as soon as he had finished? 10 Was he disappointed to leave so soon? 11 What did he ask Jenny on the way home? 12 Had she enjoyed the speech? Example: Jeremy Hampden has a large circle of friends. (Who?) ii) Who has a large circle of friends? 1 He's very popular at parties. (Where?) 2 Everyone admires him for his sense of humour. (Why?) 3 His daughter is called Jenny. (What?) 4 She's six years old. (How old?) 5 One of Jeremy's friends asked him to make a speech recently. (When?) (Who?) © Tell the story, using these key words. 1 Jeremy Hampden — friends — popular 2 Everybody admires — humour — except 3 Recently — asked — speech — wedding 4 prepared — carefully — went — Jenny ) Does Jeremy Hampden have a large circle of friends? 6 His friend wanted him to speak at a wedding reception. (Where?) 7 Jeremy loves this sort of thing, (What?) 8 He prepared the speech carefully. (How?) 9 He took Jenny to the wedding. (Who?) 6 As soon as — Jenny told — go home 7 Jeremy — disappointed — did as — asked 8 way home — asked Jenny if — enjoyed 9 To his surprise — hadn't 5 included — stories — great success 10 why — didn’t ke — people laughing © Guided summary. Write a complete sentence in answer to each question, to make a paragraph of not more than 80 words. 1 Is Jeremy Hampden greatly admired for his great sense of humour or not? What was he invited to do? Did he immediately agree to do so or not? (When Jeremy ... who is 2 Did the speech contain a lot of funny stories or not? Was it a great success or not? (Since) 3 What did his six-year-old daughter, Jenny, want to do after his speech? Was Jeremy disappointed or not? (When) 4 Why had she not enjoyed it? (because) © Talk about you. 1 Do you know any funny stories? Tell us one. 2 Have you ever been to a wedding? Tell us about it. 3 Are there any speeches at a wedding party in China? If so, who usually makes a speech? How long are the speeches? Do the speakers try to be funny? 4 Have you ever listened to a speaker who was trying to be funny, and failed? How did you feel about it? 87