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Pooja Ganeriwala is the founder of Shanessa Initiated in December 2005, its projects mainly revolve around the all-round development of lesser privileged children Completely voluntary body initiated by an informal group of students

Has 20 volunteers (all students) in the age group of 16 yrs to 25 yrs Teaching Centre is at Laxminarayan Temple, Santacruz (W). Activity Centre at Andheri (E) Currently 30 lesser-privileged kids are being taken care

We are here to make a difference, to reach out and show that we care & love, in whatever little capacity we can… …We're here… …not just to make resolutions, IMPLEMENT them!… …not just to talk, ACT!... …not just to hear, LISTEN !... …not just to exist, LIVE !... …We're here to bring smiles

To spread love and joy among lesser-privileged children by empowering them with skills and knowledge in a way that will enable them to become independent in future, lead a good life and become respectable citizens by following the values of compassion and commitment

Providing them with informal education Conducting regular medical check-ups and taking care of their nutritional requirements. Referring them to the concerned NGO’s in special cases like HIV-infection, mentally/physically challenged, orphan

Arranging for educational visits and fun picnics, celebrating festivals and organizing events Running workshops for developing skills in making cards, bags, calendars, photo frames, showpieces, bangles etc. Assigning mentor’s to individual/small groups

Volunteers can give time and energy for 7 to 8 hours on holidays and 1 to 2 hours on weekdays 5 volunteers to handle the administrative responsibilities 50% of the remaining volunteers will focus on their educational and skill developmental activities

The remaining 50% volunteers will focus on the marketing factor like generation of funds and sponsorship for other essential requirements In addition, each month a workshop, picnic, fun activity will be conducted

Schools/colleges for their infrastructure (St. Anthony’s Boys High School , SNDT University, St. Charles Girls’ High School Podar High School, which and other nearby areas) Parks, grounds, places of worship in that area for conducting workshops, picnics and other activities

Invite Celebrities, Politicians as Chief Guests for the various cultural functions and events Approach local Politicians, Corporate Officers, Celebrities for voluntary monetary help Performing plays, group songs/dances in school/college functions/festivals, places of worship

Selling cards, bags, calendars, photo frames, showpieces, bangles etc to generate funds and awareness Associate with other NGO's & organizations to increase awareness of social issues Media coverage and editorials for events (mass and local)

Stalls in schools and colleges for monetary and voluntary favors Internet and word of mouth awareness by the volunteers, their families/friends Donation boxes in shops, PCO’s and public places

Loss by not Marketing
Potential donors, sponsors Expansion, long term growth & brand building Widespread acceptance and more awareness about the cause and organization

Thank You

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