Datastage Interview Questions - Part I 1. What are the Environmental variables in Datastage? 2.

Check for Job Errors in datastage 3. What are Stage Variables, Derivations and Constants? 4. What is Pipeline Parallelism? 5. Debug stages in PX 6. How do you remove duplicates in dataset 7. What is the difference between Job Control and Job Sequence 8. What is the max size of Data set stage? 9. performance in sort stage 10. How to develop the SCD using LOOKUP stage? 12. What are the errors you expereiced with data stage 13. what are the main diff between server job and parallel job in datastage 14. Why you need Modify Stage? 15. What is the difference between Squential Stage & Dataset Stage. When do u use them. 16. memory allocation while using lookup stage 17. What is Phantom error in the datastage. How to overcome this error. 18. Parameter file usage in Datastage 19. Explain the best approch to do a SCD type2 mapping in parallel job? 20. how can we improve the performance of the job while handling huge amount of data 21. HI How can we create read only jobs in Datastage. 22. how to implement routines in data stage,have any one has any material for data stage 23. How will you determine the sequence of jobs to load into data warehouse? 24. How can we Test jobs in Datastage?? 25. DataStage - delete header and footer on the source sequential

26. How can we implement Slowly Changing Dimensions in DataStage?. 27. Differentiate Database data and Data warehouse data? 28. How to run a Shell Script within the scope of a Data stage job? 29. what is the difference between datastage and informatica 30. Explain about job control language such as (DS_JOBS) 32. What is Invocation ID? 33. How to connect two stages which do not have any common columns between them? 34. In SAP/R3, How do you declare and pass parameters in parallel job . 35. Difference between Hashfile and Sequential File? 36. How do you fix the error "OCI has fetched truncated data" in DataStage 37. A batch is running and it is scheduled to run in 5 minutes. But after 10 days the time changes to 10 minutes. What type of error is this and how to fix it? 38. Which partition we have to use for Aggregate Stage in parallel jobs ? 39. What is the baseline to implement parition or parallel execution method in datastage job.e.g. more than 2 millions records only advised ? 40. how do we create index in data satge? 41. What is the flow of loading data into fact & dimensional tables? 42. What is a sequential file that has single input link?? 43. Aggregators What does the warning Hash table has grown to xyz 44. what is hashing algorithm? 45. How do you load partial data after job failed source has 10000 records, Job failed after 5000 records are loaded. This status of the job is abort , Instead of removing 5000 records from target , How can i resume the load 46. What is Orchestrate options in generic stage, what are the option names. value ? Name of an Orchestrate operator to call. what are the orchestrate operators available in datastage for AIX environment. 47. Type 30D hash file is GENERIC or SPECIFIC? . mean?

How can we join one Oracle source and Sequential file?. What r XML files and how do you read data from XML files and what stage to be used? 54. 57. How do you catch bad rows from OCI stage? . Types of vies in Datastage Director? There are 3 types of views in Datastage Director a) Job View .Dates of Jobs Compiled.How can we improve the performance of DataStage? 4. b) Log View .What are all the third party tools used in DataStage? 7. Have you ever involved in updating the DS versions like DS 5. What is the default cache size? How do you change the cache size if needed? Default cache size is 256 MB. How do you pass the parameter to the job sequence if the job is running at night? 58.what is the difference between routine and transform and function? 6. 9. How do you extract job parameters from a file? 50.48.What about System variables? 2. We can incraese it by going into Datastage Administrator and selecting the Tunable Tab and specify the cache size over there.Status of Job last run c) Status View . if so tell us some the steps you have 53. 10.How can we implement Lookup in DataStage Server jobs? 8.Warning Messages.What is iconv and oconv functions? 51What are the difficulties faced in using DataStage ? or what are the constraints in using DataStage ? 52. Event Messages. 1.X. Program Generated Messag 56.How can we implement Slowly Changing Dimensions in DataStage?. How do you track performance statistics and enhance it? 55.what are the Job parameters? 5.How can we create Containers? 3. Is Hashed file an Active or Passive Stage? When will be it useful? 49.

Types of Parallel Processing? Parallel Processing is broadly classified into 2 types. How to handle Date convertions in Datastage? Convert a mm/dd/yyyy format to yyyy-ddmm? . What is ' insert for update ' in datastage 67. How do you populate source files? 77.Symmetrical Multi Processing. a) SMP . What are Static Hash files and Dynamic Hash files? 65. 68. How do you merge two files in DS? Either used Copy command as a Before-job subroutine if the metadata of the 2 files are same or created a job to concatenate the 2 files into one if the metadata is different. 69. what is the use and advantage of procedure in datastage? 61. How do you do oracle 4 way inner join if there are 4 oracle input files? 75. 62. What is the order of execution done internally in the transformer with the stage editor having input links on the lft hand side and output links? 70.did u use it? 74. How to implement the type 2 Slowly Changing dimension in DataStage? 64. What is DS Administrator used for . what is quality stage and profile stage? 60.Massive Parallel Processing. how to implement type2 slowly changing dimenstion in datastage? give me with example? 63. b) MPP . What happens if the job fails at night? 72. 73. What are the important considerations while using join stage instead of lookups.59. How did u connect to DB2 in your last project? Using DB2 ODBC drivers. What is the difference between Datastage Server jobs and Datastage Parallel jobs? 66. How will you call external function or subroutine from datastage? 71. How do you pass filename as the parameter for a job? 76.

Internal Convertion. the total is converted to ASCII. It can be a collection of key values called as composite primary key. How can we increment the surrogate key value for every insert in to target database . what is panthom error in data stage 93. what is an environment variable?? 91. There are several methods of 80 How to install and configure DataStage EE on Sun Micro systems multi-processor hardware running the Solaris 9 operating system? Asked by: Kapil Jayne 81. 87.External Convertion. Partition Key is a just a part of Primary Key. dsjob -run -jobstatus projectname jobname 79. How will you pass the parameter to the job schedule if the job is running at night? What happens if one job fails in the night? 90."D/M 78. If your running 4 ways parallel and you have 10 stages on the canvas. how find duplicate records using transformer stage in server edition 92. What are all the third party tools used in DataStage? 82. how many processes does datastage create? 88. How do you execute datastage job from command line prompt? Using "dsjob" command as follows. How do you eliminate duplicate rows? 83. Do you know about INTEGRITY/QUALITY stage? 85. how to attach a mtr file (MapTrace) via email and the MapTrace is used to record all the execute map errors 86. Differentiate Primary Key and Partition Key? Primary Key is a combination of unique and not null.We use a) "Iconv" function . what is the difference between routine and transform and function? 84. b) "Oconv" function . Is it possible to calculate a hash total for an EBCDIC file and have the hash total stored as EBCDIC using Datastage? Currently. Explain the differences between Oracle8i/9i? 89. Function to convert mm/dd/yyyy format to yyyy-dd-mm is Oconv(Iconv(Filedname. even tho the individual records are stored as EBCDIC.

1 1.Jagan 100.3 3. How do you configure api_dump 102. hi. How can we join one Oracle source and Sequential file?. what is the difference between datasatge and datastage TX? 113. What is modulus?2 2.94.Disadvantages of staging area Thanks. What is Fact loading. In which situation. Does type of partitioning change for SMP and MPP systems? 103. Link Collector & Inter Process (OCI) Stage whether in Server Jobs or in Parallel Jobs ?And SMP is a Parallel or Server ? 109. how to do it? 107. Where can you output data using the Peek Stage? 110.4 4. what is fact load? 97. what is the use of environmental variables? 95. What is repository? 106. Explain a specific scenario where we would use range partitioning ? 98.we are using RUN TIME COLUMN PROPAGATION option? 112.5 5. how can we run the batch using command line? 96. what is job commit in datastage? 99. How can we implement Lookup . What is the alternative way where we can do job control?? 108. Do u know about METASTAGE? 111. what is the difference between RELEASE THE JOB and KILL THE JOB? 104. Difference between Hashfile and Sequential File?. Can you convert a snow flake schema into star schema? 105.Where we can use these Stages Link Partetionar.. What is iconv and oconv functions?. How can we implement Slowly Changing Dimensions in DataStage?.

what is the difference between routine and transform and function?.9 9. What is the difference betwen Merge Stage and Lookup Stage? 121.8 8. How I can convert Server Jobs into Parallel Jobs? 117.How can we improv 114. Suppose you have table "sample" & three columns in that tablesample:Cola Colb Colc1 10 1002 20 2003 30 300Assume: cola is primary keyHow will you fetch the record with maximum cola value using data stage tool into the target system 118.7 7. i. How to run a job using command line? 125. 115.10 10.e Surrogate Key is not affected by the changes going on with a databas 122..What is the diffrence between the Dynamic RDBMS Stage & Static RDBMS Stage ? DataStage Server jobs?. 119. but I don't know how it will work and where we will used ? 120..6 6. What is user activity in datastage? 126. What are all the third party tools used in DataStage?. how we can create rank using datastge like in informatica . Importance of Surrogate Key in Data warehousing? Surrogate Key is a Primary Key for a Dimension table. Most importance of using it is it is independent of underlying database. Plug-in?.Massively parallel processing? 123. How to parametarise a field in a sequential file?I am using Datastage as ETL Tool.Sequential file as source. How to enable the datastage engine? 116. Is it possible to query a hash file? Justify your answer. what are the Job parameters?. What is the difference between Symetrically parallel processing. how can we improve the job performance? 127. What is TX and what is the use of this in DataStage ? As I know TX stand for Transformer Extender.

What are the most important aspects that a beginner must consider doin his first DS project ? . what are the different types of lookups in datastage? 146. what are two types of hash files?? 131. What is the use of job controle?? 129.128. how can we load source into ODS? 140. how to eleminate duplicate rows in data stage? 142. What is the sequencer stage?? 144. What is the use of tunnable?? 138. What are different types of star schema?? 132. What is complex stage? In which situation we are using this one? 143. where actually the flat files store?what is the path? 145. how can we improve performance in aggregator stage?? 136. What are different dimension table in your project??Plz explain me with an example?? 134. how to distinguish the surogate key in different dimensional tables?how can we give for different dimension tables? 139. What is SQL tuning? how do you do it ? 137. what are different types of file formats?? 133. what is the difference between buildopts and subroutines ? 135. What does # indicate in environment variables? 130. What is the difference between sequential file and a dataset? When to use the copy stage? 141.

SQLServer. how to kill the job in data stage? 150. how to find errors in job sequence? 148. how to read the data from XL FILES?my problem is my data file having some commas in data. What is iconv and oconv functions? 154.SQLServer. Hot Fix for ODBC Stage for AS400 V5R4 in Data Stage 7.but we are using delimitor is| ?how to read the data . How can I schedule the cleaning of the file &PH& by dsjob? 158. it is possible to access the same job two users at a time in datastage? 149. Why job sequence is use for? what is batches?what is the difference between job sequence and batches? 152. Hello.Thanks.explain with steps? 157. purpose of using the key and difference between Surrogate keys and natural key 156. Why is hash file is faster than sequential file n odbc stage?? 163.etc) and Target Data warehouse(may be oracle. What is Integrated & Unit testing in DataStage ? 153.Jagan .1 159..1)If an input file has an excessive number of rows and can be split-up then use standard 2)logic to run jobs in parallel3)Tuning should occur on a jobby-job basis.etc) can be on windows environment or one of the system should be in UNIX/Linux environment. For what purpose is the Stage Variable is mainly used? 155. Use the power of DBMS. how to find the process id?explain with steps? 151. what is data stage engine?what is its purpose? 160. what is the meaning of the following..147.Can both Source system(Oracle. 162. What is the difference between Transform and Routine in DataStage? 161....

what is pivot stage?why are u using?what purpose that stage will be used? 174. how to read the data from XL FILES?explain with steps? 170. what is the difference between static hash files n dynamic hash files? 178. how can we test the jobs? 179.164. differentiate between pipeline and partion parallelism? 172. how can we generate a surrogate key in server/parallel jobs? 168.Example?? 171. how to distinguish the surrogate key in different dimentional tables? 167. What is the use of Hash file??insted of hash file why can we use sequential file itself? 173. whats the meaning of performance tunning techinque. Hiwhat is difference betweend ETL and ELT? 176. how can we create environment variables in datasatage? 177. now i want to use that options what can i do ? to reinstall that datastage or first uninstall and install once again ? 169. What is the difference between reference link and straight link ? 180. What are the command line functions that import and export the DS jobs? 181. How did you handle reject data? 175. what is a routine? 166. what is the size of the flat file? 182. Whats difference betweeen operational data stage (ODS) & data warehouse? . what is NLS in datastage? how we use NLS in Datastage ? what advantages in that ? at the time of installation i am not choosen that NLS option . How to write and execute routines for PX jobs in c++? 165.

What is Runtime Column Propagation and how to use it? 188. How do you remove duplicates without using remove duplicate stage? 192. What ar ethe various process which starts when the datastage engine starts?2. Can you tell me for what puorpse . how to continue the job from 1000th record after fixing the error? 194. and monitoring the resulting e/xecutable versions on ad hoc or scheduled basis? 189. give one real time situation where link partitioner stage used? . What are the changes need to be done on the database side. 191. If a DataStage job aborts after say 1000 records. datastage engine is responsible for compilation or execution or both? 184. I have few questions1.Title of Certification?Amount for Certification test?Where can v get the Tutorials available for certification?Who is Conducting the Certification Exam?Whether any training institute or person for guidens?I am very much pleased if anyone enlightwn me abt the above saidSuresh 185. how to use rank&updatestratergy in datastage 186.dsx files are used in the datasatage 195. 196. how do u clean the datastage repository. What is Ad-Hoc access? What is the difference between Managed Query and Ad-Hoc access? 187. Could anyone plz tell abt the full details of Datastage Certification. if we using two sources having same meta data and how to check the data in two sorces is same or n if we using two sources having same meta data and how to check the data in two sorces is same or not?and if the data is not same i want to abort the job ?how we can do this? 193. If I have to use dB2 stage?3. how we use the DataStage Director and its run-time engine to schedule running the solution. Is there any difference b/n Ascential DataStage and DataStage. What is the difference bitween OCI stage and ODBC stage? 190.183. testing and debugging its components.

what is the transaction size and array size in OCI stage?how these can be used? 209. How to know the no.YYYYMMDD = LVM date of file creation COMPRESSION AND DELIVERY TO: SALE_HEADER_XXXXX_YYYYMMDD.ZIPif we run that job the target file names are like this sale_header_1_20060206 & sale_line_1_20060206.of records in a sequential file before running a server job? 205. How can ETL excel file to Datamart? 208. How do you call procedures in datastage? 199.PSVXXXXX = LVM sequence to ensure unicity and continuity of file exchangesCaution.PSVSALE My requirement is like this :Here is the codification suggested: SALE_HEADER_XXXXX_YYYYMMDD.If we run next time means the 211. My requirement is like this :Here is the codification suggested: SALE_HEADER_XXXXX_YYYYMMDD. what is job control?how it is developed?explain with steps? 210. What is the exact difference betwwen Join.1 from datastage 6. How to remove duplicates in server job 200. how to drop the index befor loading data in target and how to rebuild it in data stage? 207.5? 212.1 203. How to implement slowly changing dimentions in Datastage? . How to run the job in command prompt in unix? 204. What is environment variables?what is the use of this? 198. there will an increment to implement.PSVSALE_LINE_XXXXX_YYYY MMDD.197. What are the new features of Datastage 7. Other than Round Robin.ZIP AND SALE_LINE_XXXXX_YYYYMMDD.Merge and Lookup Stage?? 202. what is the purpose of exception activity in data stage 7. What is the algorithm used in link collecter? Also Explain How it will works? 206.

!#bin/bashdsadm .usersu .. Actually my requirement is like that :Here is the codification suggested: SALE_HEADER_XXXXX_YYYYMM Actually my requirement is like that :Here is the codification suggested: SALE_HEADER_XXXXX_YYYYMMDD. how to find the number of rows in a sequential file? 220. What does separation option in static hash-file mean? 214. . wht is the difference beteen validated ok and compiled in datastage.Actually my idea is as below. where we use link partitioner in data stage job?explain with example? 222 How i create datastage Engine stop start script.if we run next 216.ZIP AND SALE_LINE_XXXXX_YYYYMMDD. what is the meaning of instace in data stage?explain with examples? 225.YYYYMMDD = LVM date of file creation COMPRESSION AND DELIVERY TO: SALE_HEADER_XXXXX_YYYYMMDD.stop > dev/nulluv -admin .ZIPif we run that job the target file names are like this sale_header_1_20060206 & sale_line_1_20060206. what is job control?how can it used explain with steps? 219.start > dev/nullverify processcheck the connectionecho "Started properly"run it as dsadm 223.What happens? Does it overwrite the current rows? 221. there will an increment to implement.PSVXXXXX = LVM sequence to ensure unicity and continuity of file exchangesCaution.PSVSALE_LINE_XXXXX_YYYY MMDD. How do u check for the consistency and integrity of model and repository? 217. how we can call the routine in datastage job?explain with steps? 218. how to improve the performance of hash file? 215. If the size of the Hash file exceeds 2GB.213. can we use shared container as lookup in datastage server jobs? 224.rootpassword (encript)DSHOMEBIN=/Ascential/DataStage/home/dsadm/Ascential/DataStage/DSEngine/binif check ps -ef | grep DataStage (client connection is there) { kill -9 PID (client connection) }uv admin .

DataStage from Staging to MDW is only running at 1 row per second! What do we do to remedy? 237..please expalin in detail.AUDIT STAGE in datastage.profilestage.qulaitystages in datastge please explain indetail 227what is PROFILE STAGE . hi all what is auditstage.thanks in adv 228. What are the Steps involved in development of a job in DataStage? 241. How can you implement Complex Jobs in datastage 236. * What are constraints and derivation?* Explain the process of taking backup in DataStage?*What are the different types of lookups available in DataStage? 239. Hican any one can explain what areDB2 UDB utilitiesub 231. What is a project? Specify its various components? . This will eliminate the unnecessary records even getting in before joins are made? 238. How do you do Usage analysis in datastage ? 234. what are the environment variables in datastage?give some examples? 229. what is the mean of Try to have the constraints in the 'Selection' criteria of the jobs i what is the mean of Try to have the constraints in the 'Selection' criteria of the jobs itself.226. Will the data stage consider the second constraint in the transformer once the first condition is satisfied ( if the link odering is given) 233. QUALITY STAGE. # How does DataStage handle the user security? 240. What is the difference between drs and odbc stage 232. What is difference between Merge stage and Join stage? 230. how can u implement slowly changed dimensions in datastage? explain?2) can u join flat file and database in datastage?how? 235.

how can I access it in DataStage? 254. Briefly describe the various client components? 246.. If I add a new environment variable in Windows... How can we create Containers? 257. 249. What does a Config File in parallel extender consist of? Config file consists of the following. what are the enhancements made in datastage 7.can we run the data stage job from one job to another job that file data where it is stored and what is the file extender in ds jobs.. b) Actual Disk Storage Location. How can I extract data from DB2 (on IBM iSeries) to the data warehouse via Datastage as the ETL tool. what is meaning of file extender in data stage server jobs. what is merge and how it can be done plz explain with simple example taking 2 tables . What is the max capacity of Hash file in DataStage? 250. what is data set? and what is file set? 258.5 compare with 7.. 243.0 253. .242. I mean do I first need to use ODBC to create connectivity and use an adapter for the extraction and transformation of data? Thanks so much if anybody could provide an answer. What is DS Director used for . 251. a) Number of Processes or Nodes. how to implement type2 slowly changing dimensions in data stage?explain with example? 244. What are orabulk and bcp stages? 247. How much would be the size of the database in DataStage ?What is the difference between Inprocess and Interprocess ? 245. Is it possible to move the data from oracle ware house to SAP Warehouse using with DATASTAGE Tool.did u use it? 248. it is possible to run parallel jobs in server jobs? 252.. 256. what is OCI? 255.

what happends out put of hash file is connected to transformer . Did you Parameterize the job or hard-coded the values in the jobs? Always parameterized the job. what are the differences between the data stage 7. Either the values are coming from Job Properties or from a µParameter Manager¶ ± a third part tool. how is datastage 4. what user varibale activity when it used how it used !where it is used with real example 263. What about System variables? 271. The o 264. 268. What is the NLS equivalent to NLS oracle code American_America. What will you in a situation where somebody wants to send you a file and use that file as an input What will you in a situation where somebody wants to send you a file and use that file as an input or reference and then run job. 261. how to handle the rejected rows in datastage? 274. There is no way you will hard±code some parameters in your jobs.what error it throughs 266.0 functionally different from the enterprise edition now?? what are the exact changes? . How can we implement Lookup in DataStage Server jobs? 262..259.0 and 7. Why do you use SQL LOADER or OCI STAGE? 270.5in server jobs? 272. how can we pass parameters to job by using file. How the hash file is doing lookup in serverjobs?How is it comparing the key values? 273. it is possible to call one job in another job in server jobs? 260. what is merge ?and how to use merge? merge is nothing but a filter conditions that have been used for filter condition 267. what is hashing algorithm and explain breafly how it works? 265.US7ASCII on Datastage NLS? 269.

mean. example 1 sequenal file. How can I connect my DB2 database on AS400 to DataStage? Do I need to use ODBC 1st to open the database connectivity and then use an adapter for just connecting between the two? Thanks alot of any replies. 277. How good are you with your PL/SQL? On the scale of 1-10 say 8. what is the OCI? and how to use the ETL Tools? OCI means orabulk data which used client having bulk data its retrive time is much more ie. your used to orabulk data the divided and retrived Asked by: ramanamv 279.Converts a string to an internal storage formatOConv() . If data is partitioned in your job on key 1 and then you aggregate on key 2. Oracle in a singale Job.Converts an expression to an output format. What are OConv () and Iconv () functions and where are they used? IConv() . What is the difference between Datastage and Datastage TX? 281. what issues could arise? 286. 282. what is difference between serverjobs & paraller jobs 280. It is like a reference table. Sybase .275.5-9 284. How can I specify a filter command for processing data while defining sequential file output data? . How can we improve the performance of DataStage jobs? 283. 278. It is also used in-place of ODBC.. OCI tables for better performance. What is the utility you use to schedule the jobs on a UNIX server other than using Ascential Director? Use crontab utility along with d***ecute() function along with proper parameters passed. 285. What is Hash file stage and what is it used for? Used for Look-ups. 276. Hi!Can any one tell me how to extract data from more than 1 hetrogenious Sources.

What are they? Which would you use? What are the disadvantage for using each type? 288. 292. There are 2 types of Containers.287.what r the different type of errors u faced during loading and how u solve them 294. What other ETL's you have worked with? Informatica and also DataJunction if it is present in your Resume.did u use it? 289. Does Enterprise Edition only add the parallel processing for better performance?Are any stages/transformations available in the enterprise edition only? 293. What are Sequencers? Sequencers are job control programs that execute other jobs with preset Job parameters. Containers : Usage and Types? Container is a collection of stages used for the purpose of Reusability. a) E-R Diagrams (Entity . Functionality of Link Partitioner and Link Collector? 291. 299. 297. 298. There are three different types of user-created stages available for PX.Relatioships). Does the BibhudataStage Oracle plug-in better than OCI plug-in coming from DataStage? What is theBibhudataStage extra functions? . how we use NLS function in Datastage? what are advantages of NLS function? where we can use that one? explain briefly? 296. 290. What is APT_CONFIG in datastage 300. Did you work in UNIX environment? Yes. what are validations you perform after creating jobs in designer. a) Local Container: Job Specific b) Shared Container: Used in any job within a project. how can you do incremental load in datastage? 295. What is DS Manager used for . Dimension Modelling types along with their significance Data Modelling is Broadly classified into 2 types. One of the most important requirements. b) Dimensional Modelling.

please list out the versions of datastage Parallel . what is Data stage Multi-byte. Single-byte file conversions?how we use that conversions in data stage? 304. Hi. I want to process 3 files in sequentially one by one .suppose if it eexcutes on server then it will execute ? 312. What Happens if RCP is disable ? 307. What are the Repository Tables in DataStage and What are they? 310.Tuned the OCI stage for ' 305. What are other Performance tunings you have done in your last project to increase the performance of slowly running jobs? Staged the data coming from ODBC/OCI/DB2UDB stages or any database on the server using Hash/Sequential files for optimum performance also for data recovery in case job aborts. view or edit. where you can create. Single-byte file conversions in Mainframe jobs? what is UTF 8 ? whats use of UTF 8 ? 306.301. what are the Job parameters? . How do we do the automation of dsjobs? 302. how can i do that. server editions and in which year they are realised. 311. what is trouble shhoting in server jobs ? what are the diff kinds of errors encountered while running any job? 303. where does unix script of datastage executes weather in clinet machine or in server. 313. What are Routines and where/how are they written and have you written any routines before? Routines are stored in the Routines branch of the DataStage Repository. what is DataStage Multi-byte. The following are different types of routines: 1) Transform functions 308. while processing the files it should fetch files automatically . What is version Control? 309.

.. Transformation. How many jobs have you created in your last project? 100+ jobs for every 6 months if you are in Development.. a)Star Schema . job 3. Denormalized form. How many places u can call Routines? Four Places u can call (i) Transform of routine (A) Date Transformation (B) Upstring Transformation (ii) Transform of the Before & After Subroutines(iii) XML transformation(iv)Web base t Asked by: Mukesh Kumar Madhav 323.000 row . 319.. How can short out the problem. . in this condition should go director and check it what type of problem showing either data type problem. Orchestrate Vs Datastage Parallel Extender? 316.after run the job only 5000 data has been loaded in target table remaining are not loaded and your job going to be aborted then.Batch progr 322.. What is Modulus and Splitting in Dynamic Hashed File? In a Hashed File. Tell me the environment in your last projects Give the OS of the Server and the OS of the Client of your recent most project 318. job 4 )if job 1 have 10. Suppose that 4 job control by the sequencer like (job 1.Loading) . Suppose job sequencer synchronies or control 4 job but job 1 have problem. More normalized form. Scenario based Question .. warning massage.314. defaults nodes for datastage parallel Edition 315. How can we join one Oracle source and Sequential file?. if you are in testing 40 jobs for every 6 months although it need not be the same number for everybody 324. If the size of the file decreases it is called as "Splitting 320.. the size of the file keeps changing randomly. 317...Complex with more Granularity. Dimensional modelling is again sub divided into 2 types.. what's the difference between Datastage Developers and Datastage Designers. What is the Batch Program and how can generate ? Batch programe is the programe it's generate run time to maintain by the datastage it self but u can easy to change own the basis of your requirement (Extraction. job Asked by: Mukesh Kumar Madhav 321.Simple & Much Faster. job 2. What are the skill's required for this.. b)Snowflake Schema . If the size of the file increases it is called as "Modulus".

Suppose if there are million records did you use OCI? if not then what stage do you prefer? 328.2 337.did u use it? 331. What are types of Hashed File? 329. what is difference between data stage and informatica 327. If worked with DS6.Used for partitioning the data. 335. The following are some of the steps. ODBC. Explain your last project and your role in it. ORAOCI8/9.(Only one database) c) Cannot handle Stored Pr 332.0/5. Aggregator.Link Collector . What is project life cycle and how do you implement it? 333. Compare and Contrast ODBC and Plug-In stages? ODBC : a) Poor Performance. Sort.? 334. How do you eliminate duplicate rows? 330.0 and latest versions what are Link-Partitioner and Link-Collector used for? Link Partitioner . I have taken in doing so:1) Definitely take a back up of the whole project(s) by exporting the project as a . b) Database specific. ODBC. What versions of DS you worked with? DS 7.X. Link-Partitioner.dsx file2) See that you are using the same parent 336. Could you please help me with a set of questions on Parallel Extender? 326. c) Can handle Stored Procedures.325.2/6. Plug-In: a) Good Performance. Have you ever involved in updating the DS versions like DS 5. What is DS Designer used for . What are the often used Stages or stages you worked with in your last project? A) Transformer.Used for collecting the . Hash. Link-Collector. b) Can be used for Variety of Databases.0. if so tell us some the steps you have taken in doing so? Yes.

Does the selection of 'Clear the table and Insert rows' in the ODBC stage send a Truncate statement to the DB or does it do some kind of Delete logic. where you had faced problem and How did u solve it? A. Tell me one situation from your last project. How do you rename all of the jobs to support your new File-naming conventions? Create a Excel spreadsheet with new and old names. How did you handle an 'Aborted' sequencer? In almost all cases we have to delete the data inserted by this from DB manually and fix the job and then run the job again. The above might rise another question: Why do we have to load the dimensional tables first. On an OCI stage such as Oracle. There is no TRUNCATE on ODBC stages. The data is dumped and sent to us.B. which can do a simple rename of the strings looking up the Excel file. you do have both Clear and Truncate options. In this case we can even use the command line to invoke the Java function and write the re 342. In some cases were we need to connect to DB2 for look-ups as an instance then we used ODBC drive 340.partitioned data. then fact tables: As we load the dimensional tables the keys (primary) are generated and these keys (primary) are Foreign keys in Fact tables. Read the String functions in DS Functions like [] -> sub-string function and ':' 341.0 we have the ability to call external Java functions using a Java package from Ascential. The jobs in which data is read directly from OCI stages are running extremely slow. 338. Write a Perl program. How did u connect with DB2 in your last project? Most of the times the data was sent to us in the form of flat files. It is Clear table blah blah and that is a delete from statement. The job aborts 344. Export the whole project as a dsx. 343. 339. . I had to stage the data before sending to the transformer to make the jobs run faster. How would call an external Java function which are not supported by DataStage? Starting from DS 6. They are radically di 345.

how to create batches in Datastage from command prompt .346. When should we use ODS? DWH's are typically read only. batch updated on a scheduleODS's are maintained in more real time. trickle fed constantly 347.

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