BacComber Installation


he pump and fittings required for circulation should be purchased and installed by the customer so that he gets local warranty and service.
BacComber Descaler- cum - Magnetite Generator (ULF Wave Generator)

Water flowing for ULF treatment Water going to Boiler

Air Vent Flow Switch Inductor Coil Low Water Level

Feed water Tank

Supply water

Please see next page for important notes on installation.


Drain Valve To Boiler Boiler Water Supply Pump

Recirculating Pump



water in the tank may run dangerously low and cause explosion in boiler. Typical power consumption < 100 W. Electric Supply Single phase electric supply required for BacComber Unit with 15 amp fuse. This is to control leakage from connecting parts of coil. If there is any leakage in the pipes or fittings or pump. SB-1 02 .TECH-NOTES Important Notes on Installation Caution Do not take tapping from drain valve. Location of Inductor coil Inductor coil should be installed as high as possible. The water in the feed water tank will then drop the level of the part leaking when the recirculating pump is switch off. Water level sensor It should be installed to monitor the water level inside the feed water tank. Flow Switch The flow switch should be connected in such a way that the senser should give an alarm within 30 seconds if there is no adequate flow of water into the feed water tank.

depending upon the convenience of the user. pH pH in the boiler would be maintained within the range of 9-12 ppm. Initially Fe is likely to go up because of the descaling effect. After the stabilization period it will be under control with the formation of Magnetite. It should be checked before installation and once a month after installation. The stabilization period varies from boiler to boiler depending upon the extent of scaling and corrosion already in the boiler. Silica Maximum Silica should be 200 ppm.500 ppm. The Fe ion could go up to double digits at times. SB-1 03 . The blow down could be at regular intervals or it could be a small amount bled continuously. Generally it will stabilize below 5 ppm. The extent of increase depends on the condition in the boiler. The extent of draining would depend on the extent of the sludge formed. Fe ion Fe ion content in the boiler water should be monitored. Some of them are 30 cm. This should be monitored and blow down should be around 2.TECH-NOTES Parameters to be observed Blow down The sludge formed needs to be drained. TDS TDS in the boiler should be maintained as per the normal limit. which depends on the TDS of the water and the descaling effect taking place. As the time goes the Fe ion is expected to come down even further. Spalled off scale colleted at the handhole.

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