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BHS January AZ Day Survey Results

will be useful for

presented today

me in the future
# of Attendees

The materials,
The presenter

My time was

content, and

well spent

was well
Additional Feedback

Overall 102 4.97 4.93 4.93

Actively Learn 7 5 5 5 “Ms. Robertson was great and through” | “Excellent class” (x2) | “Very informative!”
(Ms. Robertson)
Edgenuity Part 1+2 13 5 4.5 4.5 “I felt like it was enough to get started without overwhelming” | “Informative/practical” | “Great!!!! Part 3 please!”
(Dr. McFarlane)
Flippity + Gimkit 7 5 5 4.75 “The information and technology I learned today, I can use right away in my class” | “Great learning tools which I can
(Ms. Snoddy) use in my classroom.” | “Great tools for student engagement” (x3)
GoSoapbox + Canva 8 4.5 5 5 “Cool apps”
(Mr. R. Williams)
Illuminate Part 2 12 5 5 5 “Need another session.... there is a lot to learn.”
(Mr. Carlisle)
Nearpod 13 5 4.9 5 “So helpful and you covered a broad array of things that teachers from all content areas could use! Very helpful :)”
(Ms. Allen) “Great session!” (x7) | “Ms. Allen was very engaging from the onset of the session”
Twitter 3 5 5 5 N/A
(Ms. Lucas + Ms. King)
Skype 11 5 5 5
“Wonderful! It will expand our students' world truly making it a global learning center.”
(Ms. Lucas + Ms. King) “This session was very informative, and the presenters were very well prepared.” | “Great class” (x3)
Hyperdocs 6 5 5 4.8 “Excellent!! I will definitely use in the classroom for differentiate instruction.” (x2)
(Ms. Morgan) “Those of us who are new need a session just for newbies”
“Session 1 was refreshing and extremely beneficial. I am glad it was added to the session list because mental health
and self‐care is often briefly talked about, but there is never really an emphasis on the importance of self‐care or an
opportunity for teachers to reflect on their mental health. It was a great session.” | “The session was Awesome and
Mental Health Apps 22 5 5 5 provided well needed information that can help me be a better person thereby, a better employee and teacher.” (x2) |
(Ms. Dawson) “This session was much needed! We're always told to be present, make sure the students are engaged but little is
done to ensure the well‐being of teachers' mental health” (x6) | “Ms. Dawson’s session was extremely well laid out. I
felt very comfortable opening up in this session. Very rewarding session.” | “We need to have school wide mental
health days that are scheduled. Depression really affects many teachers and it keeps us from serving our students to
the best of our abilities, instead of being told to “suck it up”, as we are human beings with feelings, emotions, and
whole lives outside of school.” | “This should be mandatory for everyone!”
What Went Well Suggestions for Improvement
Organization: “The organization was impeccable” Start on Time + Stick to the Schedule: “Let's make better efforts to start on time” | “The
Choice: “A bit of autonomy on what we get to do.” (x2) meeting at the beginning should be shorter.” | “Time Allotted in the sessions weren't
Session Content, Design, + Facilitation: “Keep them just like this...small enough.” | “Stick to the time schedule.” | “The morning session seemed like a waste of time,
classes...knowledgeable teachers” | “2 sessions were definitely the right amount” | “This was it on too long because we could have spent that time actually working,”
a good way to spend our AZ time.”
Provide Breakfast: “Feed us”
More Mental Health!: “Incorporate more mental health sessions.” | “We should include a
self‐care session as well to incorporate the importance of mental and physical health. It
would allow teachers the opportunity to mentally decompress and refocus on self‐care. I
would love to lead or help with a self‐care session during the next AZ or Super Saturday.”