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X IA 7 – 09

KD 4 (20 + 5 QUESTIONS)
Descriptive Text

This following text is for question 1-4

I live in a housing estate in Surabaya, surrounded by Chinese and Arabian neighbours.

Though they have different customs from my family’s since we are Javanese, they are really
friendly people and often invite us to festival and parties.
I make friendships with them very well. Even, many of them are also my schoolmates. We
frequently meet for a chat in the evening or go for a walk, and I really enjoy their company. On
Sunday morning or afternoon, we usually play sports, like badminton, basketball, or football, in
the field nearby.
Occasionally, my mother visits the neighbours next door and I go along with her to look
up my friends. We are very lucky to have such neighbours for they will always help us if an
emergency arises and keep us company when we are lonely.

1. Through the text, the writer would like to tell us about …

a. What she/he does on weekends
b. What his/her neighbours are like
c. Where he/she and his/her family live
d. How he/she lives in the neighbourhood
e. How he/she does in Sunday
2. The writer and his/her family feel … living in the neighbourhood.
a. Confused
b. Amused
c. Stressed
d. Relaxed
e. Blessed
3. “… keep us company when we are lonely.” (Last paragraph)
What does the underlined word mean?
a. Individual
b. Separated
c. Unattended
d. Independent
e. Together
4. Where does the writer lives?
a. Chinese
b. Jakarta
c. Surakarta
d. Arabian
e. Surabaya
The following text is for questions 5-9
Miss Sitta is my aunt. She is from Arizona, United States. She is the youngest daughter
in my mother’s family. She is beuautiful and tall. She has long wavy black hair and fair skin.
She likes wearing a long skirt and shirt. She wears spectacles.
She stays in my house in my house because she has to finish her studies at the
California’s University near my house. She has been staying here for one year. She plans to
finish her studies next year, but I believe that she can finish it sooner.
She always wakes up early in the morning. Then, she helps my mother cook and prepare
our breakfast. She occasionally helps me clean the house. She always goes to her campus on
foot. She often goes to the library after having classes and always studies in the evening. No
wonder, she has good marks and always receives scholarships. When I get difficulties on my
lessons, I always ask her. She explains them well.
My aunt and I like jogging around the jogging track in the park three times a week. We
also like gardening in the front yard.

5. Why did the writer write the text?

a. To get his/her aunt’s attention
b. To know his/her aunt’s characters
c. To show his/her love to his/her aunt
d. To make the readers know about his/her aunt
e. To amuse the readers about his/her aunt
6. What is Miss Sitta like?
a. Wise and friendly
b. Smart and diligent
c. Honest and humble
d. Humorous and cheerful
e. Witty and care
7. The writer can tell about Miss Sitta precisely because …
a. They live in the same house
b. He/she knows from his/her mother’s story
c. He/she often meets her near the jogging track
d. She studies at a university near his/her house
e. She is his/her neighbour
8. “Then, she helps my mother cook and prepare our breakfast.” (Paragraph 3)
The underlined word has closest meaning with …
a. Set
b. Buy
c. Make
d. Assist
e. Create
9. From the text above, we can infer that the writer’s house is in …
a. Arizona
b. United states
c. New mexico
d. California
e. Nevada

The following text is for questions 10 to 13

I have a lot of toys and dolls at home. Most of them are cows because I love cows very
much. My favourite dolls is a pillow that has the shape of a cow head. I call it Momo as a cow
produces mow mow sounds.
Momo has soft fur made of soft fabrics and has a pink colour. It looks attractive because it
has two long horns from where I usually grab the pillow. Two big eyes and black muzzle decorate
the pillow that make it looks real. It always accompanies me whenever I’m sleeping. Its soft fur
makes my sleep more soundly and often brings sweet dreams. I often bring Momo with me when
my family and I go on vacation.

10. What is the writer’s intention to write the text?

a. To explain what a doll is
b. To relate his/her last vacation
c. To attract the readers about his/her dolls
d. To describe his/her favourite doll
e. To describe where to buy a doll
11. What makes the doll interesting?
a. Its horns
b. Its material
c. Its colour
d. Its eyes
e. Its fur
12. Why does the writer keep the pillow nearby while sleeping?
a. It is unbreakable
b. It has two big eyes
c. It has soft fur
d. It has nice shape
e. It has black muzzle
13. “… that make it looks real.” (Paragraph 2)
The underlined word refers to …
a. The horn
b. The pillow
c. The big eye
d. The readers
e. The writer
The following text is for question 14 to 17

My brother works in an advertising company. He is marketing staff who is responsible for

looking for a client. He also maintains good relationships with the clients.
He is charming and tall. He has light brown skin and short black hair. He always wears
trousers and a long sleeve shirt with a tie when working. He always goes to work early morning by
motorcycle to avoid traffic jams. He often arrives home late because he should attend the meetings
with his clients.
Although he is very busy, he never ignores his health. He always jogs in early morning three
times a week. He also goes to the gym on a weekend. He looks very serious at his job, but he often
cracks jokes when we chitchat in the family room after dinner.

14. Why does the writer write the text?

a. To show his/her love to his/her brother
b. To get his/her brother’s intention
c. To make his/her brother famous
d. To invite people come to his/her brother’s party
e. To describe his/her brother
15. What is his/her brother like?
a. Honest
b. Cruel
c. Humble
d. Humorous
e. Generous
16. Why did the writer can tell the readers about his/her brother?
Because …
a. They often chithat after dinner
b. He/she pays attention to him
c. He/she needs him
d. He/she sees him everyday
e. He/she admires his characters
17. “… he never ignores his health.” (Paragraph 3)
The underlined word is closest in meaning to …
a. Keeps
b. Neglects
c. Obeys
d. Avoid
e. Forbid
The following text is for questions 18 to 21

I have a friend named Halim. He is a compulsive eater. He likes all kinds of food. He eats
anything that is served to him. His weights is 85 kg. He is very chubby-cheeked, funny, and friendly
person. When he is absent, everyone will miss him as he always makes people laugh with his jokes.
That is why people love him very much.

18. What is the text about?

a. Halim’s physical appearance
b. The hobby of the writer’s friend
c. The family of the writer’s friend
d. Halim’s favourite food
e. The description of the writer’s friend
19. “He’s a compulsive eater.” (Paragraph 1)
The underlined word can be replaced by …
a. Creative
b. Propulsive
c. Sensitive
d. Competitive
e. Ambitious
20. From the text above, we can conclude that Halim …
a. Is very fat
b. Is very smart
c. Has few friends
d. Likes to play tricks
e. Likes to play sports
21. What is Halim’s character like?
a. Generous
b. Helpful
c. Diligent
d. Kind
e. Naughty

The text is for questions 22 to 25

Sekar is a journalist. She works at a multinational newspaper publisher.

Sekar is very busy. She often visits many places, even remote spots, to gather news.
Occasionally, she is sent abroad to cover international events. While covering an event, she always
carries black backpack contining her laptop, camera, threepor, and smartphone.
Sekar has been interested in journalism since she was at junior high school. At that tine she
joined her school’s newspaper agency. Her interest in journalism continued through her time at
22. A journalist is a person who …
a. Gathers and writes news
b. Writes and edits news
c. Interviews people
d. Reports news
e. Buys news
23. Sekar always collects news for her …
a. Printing houses
b. Families
c. School agency
d. School organitation
e. Newspaper publisher
24. Sekar has been interested in journalism since she was …
a. An OSIS member
b. A junior high school student
c. A senior high school student
d. A child
e. A university student
25. Sekar needs a smartphone to … during her work.
a. Chat with her family
b. Listen to music
c. Interview people
d. Play games
e. Browse the internet

THANK YOU, Mrs. Sri Rahayu


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