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Fairfax County General Distict (Pay Online) Criminal Case Details Page : GC03157133-00 : Locality: Case Number: File Date: Complainant: GC03157133-00 10/06/2003 COOPER, ED Seen ee Defendant: Defendant Status: Defense Attomey: WILCOX, KEN D. Recognizance DAVIS, MICHAEL S. Address: FT, LAUDERDALE, FL 33334 Race: Sex: ; ; DoB: White Caucasian(Non- pe Male Hispanic) 7/19/88" AKAL: AKA2: Cena Code Section: Case Type: Class: 18.2.95 Felony ° LARCENY ‘Amended Charge: Amended Code: ‘Amended Case Type: PETIT LARCENY 18.2-96 Misdemeanor Offense Date: Arrest Date: 10/05/2003 10/05/2003 Hearings ‘Number Date ‘Time Result Hearing Type Courtroom Plea Min Continuance ol 10/06/2003 08:30 AM Continued Arraignment 412 Other 02 ‘10/15/2003 09:25 AM Continued ee 569 Bench Warrant \lorney 03, 12/03/2003 02:00 PM Continued Preliminary IB 729 Other 04 01/26/2004 02:00 PM Continued Preliminary 1c 000 Other 05 02/09/2004 02:00PM Continued Preliminary 1C 617 06 05/10/2004 02:00PM Finalized Preliminary 1B Guilty 789 Final Disposition: Guilty Sentence: Sentence Suspension Time: Operator License Suspension Time: 12Months 000Days 10Months 000Days 00Years 00Months 000Days a Cost: fae $90.00 Se gsoR we Fine/Costs Paid: Fine/Costs Paid Date: ' Probation Time: : Probation Type: (oy es antes ODoDaye Probation Starts: Mark For Payment |Search list | Main endl] “Geabie] Build #: 4.2.3 WARRANT or ARREST- rELony ali County SE reivoxccuny ‘To ANY AUTHORIZED onFIcER! You ae ety commanded in te bring the Accused before this Court as nor about, 10/05/2008 ws20te. i steal a black Burberry leather jacket vat ‘belonging to: Neiman Marcus 1. the undersignes charged, based 10/05/2003 05:34 PM. CORE s Required Fompeansstre alesieson General District Court vente and Domestic vacosey 39,72 ce Cora htite Vii ‘wo hundred dollars or more and. Cy ee ‘CASENO. HEARING DATE, Hees ieee a 34-52-0484 Commonwealth of Virginia ‘WARRANT or ARREST by delivering a copy to the Accused © G63” Si et $7} TADGENG-AGaNEY a6 URSTEN ‘Attorney forthe Accused: OG 6 18 se Sera FELONY Class, Unclassified a 5-04 Copr~ ho eee Wax/Sum }039C-FF90334070 * Preliminary Hearing Costs to detects whether there ie probab tome by the Judge ofthis Court, sequences of my wa 120 Ct. Appt. Atty s. ‘WAIVE MY RIGHT TO A PRELIMINARY HEARING on the fslony cha 140 § pRocessine FEE = 143. ma Pera tab, Lig inant pee thereon fmt } ss condition of suspended sentence, bine as 229 cane fan, 2M ine BR OU 244 cise S08 245 NON-CONSEC.JAILFEE see eee) Ou! Toran s_4p.2_ ro posteavense a HAY 1.0 2004 Le WATERS,