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Broward County Sheriff's Office Ken Jenne , Sheriff Booking Report cis# — §00400023 BCON# 628102 Booking Sheet Control Date and Time: oats 609097570 Print Clearance 1/1/2008 09:48.03. Prints Yes 01/01/04 14:54:17 ‘wrest 8S 0400020 (Oflense Report # BS04-07-00135, ‘Agency 8S Last Name 3st Fest WILCOX, KENNETH , D Midsie ace ‘Sex Height Weigh Eyes Hair Comp. Ago «DOB PlacecfBirih State FOLE were M509 148 BRO_-BRO_- MED —32_orng971__—LOWELL__-MA__—8804119 Permanent Months of Residence Address 4841 NE3 TERR FTLAUDERDALE —_FL_ 39999 19 ‘Arest Dato 11/2004 05:52:00 Arresting Officer BARANYA) Inmate Logged Date 1/1/2004 07:58:29. Inmata Loy Type FULL INTAKE Intake Commants 29/8868 WCI1025 ‘Alas Last name, Fit, Midele WILCOX, KENNETH ‘Scars Marks Tattoos: Place of Arrest 2700 BLK NE & AVE, Badge Number 5765 aco Acmited MAIN Release Authorized By Release Date/Time Release Reason Charge No. Charge Initiation Date Statute WarrantiGapias Level MC B.Type Bond Amount 1 oor2004 11:13, 316.199-2828 4m BOND 500 Charges OU! ALCOHOL OR DRUGS 1ST OFFENSE Comments Booking Off. 1D bs06608 County, Judge Charge No. Charge initiation D: ‘Statute WarrantiGapias Level MC B.Type Bond Amount 2 ovon2008 11:13, 2007 al oN TAPPLICABL 0 Charges ExPIRED TAG ‘Comments Booking Off. 1D bosses County Judge Charge No, Charge Initiation Date ‘Statute WarrantGapias Level MC B.Type Bond Amount 3 owovzon4 11-14 43.02 im NOCHARGE ° Charges OBSTRUCT WO VIOLENCE Comments Booking Of. 1D 2308668 County Judge Charge No. Charge initiation Date ‘Statute WarrantiGapias Level MG B.Type Sond Amount 4 $2008 11:14 cap adisD o20go016TC30A XM =—-Y_CASHBOND = 200 Charges CAPIAS -MiSD Comments DRIVE LICSUSP “CASH OR 1 OY BCL Booking Off, ID bs08008 County BROWARD Judge Ov We Charge No, Charge Initiation Date Statute WarrantiGapias Level MC B.Type Bond Amount 5 ovoraona 14-14 922.03(5) xT NOGHARGE ° Charges EXPIRED OL OVER 4 MONTHS Comments Booking Off ID bs08068 County Judge hharge Na, Charge Initiation Date Statute BeType Bond Amount 8 ‘aio4r2008 1415 ae2at2a NOCHARGE =O harges ORIVE WHILE LICENSE SUSPENDED - FIRST CONVICT Gommonts, doking Of 1D bso0ses County Judge jot Repor* ‘ARREST ® pute Gasnest FORM PSO Beere1-oo1as_ | tihite fiate__| 389] 380 [Broun ron | _[32 Giza al mass bi wanes ba rs [Fhe block NE 8th Ave Wilton Manors micoli 05:5 Baranyai 8765 fondant Vehicle Nake ite. utonobile Yor 2 PP eee erate Mis Typ Qutonobi 2003 va Too U5 i Coo Too Gray Defendant's orice Towed To Calor Bate — Gray Photo other idonthors or Remarks i State of Florida FP" RePiniceyol or Druss, aot Offence GET Bho 2 Bepaneihag Ceae"tn 4 ho ineranass fot applicable 5 SERENE. AS WSSlence 229-9 i a Bbie Geeiborercao 388 2004-00009 3 Biviced o/b over 4 onthe See aes Ze (Ty Proaabi Gane Adal ore me 8 datoprsonay appre’ Raranunt,. KELLY, 58266, wo ig et ys aon sata on _ Bt cay ol January —_, 20084939, at 2708 block NE Sth Ave Uiiton Manors Plor ightne location) the above narod ‘alandant Gommitod the above Gonses nage! and tha lacls showing probable cause fo bebeva the same ae as fotaws: 821 hee ON SCENE: 9535 hrs TM CUSTODY: 9552 hrs 8558. hes ON SCENE: 0608 hre YIDEO: 17-9294 Wilton Manors Syt. Chadwick #123 January 1- 2084 at approxinately 0521 hrs-, I responded to the listed location at the request OF Wilton Manors Syt. Chadwick reference a DUI investigation. Upon arrival, I contacted Sgt. Chadwick who advised he observed eubject Wilcox driving the listed vehicle northbound on Wilton Subject also had an expired tag affixed to his vehicle. Sgt. Drive at a high rate of speed. Subject refused to stop until he reached Chadwick, j}lupinated his overhead Lights and siren. I swear the ff iérflementis corres and ive to te best of my kang ard ni pavanyat, folly 5765 DET eT GATS anaes inetoN ones taser STATE OF FLORIDA COUNTY OF AROWARD 2, ee eS ron wo tic doyot_ AGA... 20°Ypwa oy te Creed a, fue ta 19. nas produced as wdenlizaton. ran, Fypa oF Samp Comersafonad Nata ot Notary Ph (Seay) ong ~ Gout Sevettauyth Jute Cec dnd — Stas aty Bromate County ded —Fing Sorat rseea FIRST APPEARANCE | ARREST FORM its in@