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Compensating For Thermal Growth

Workshop #4

1.) The Following Are Thermal Growth Specifications For a Turbine-

Generator Machine Train:

Vertical Horizontal
Turbine Outboard 0.062 Up 0.028 West
Turbine Inboard 0.021 Up 0.009 West
Compressor Inboard 0.024 Up 0.003 East
Compressor Outboard 0.019 Up 0.006 East

Hub To Hub 18”

Indicator To Indicator 24”
Indicator To Hub-Turbine 3”
Indicator To Hub-Compressor 3”
Compressor Near Foot To Indicator 32”
Compressor Foot To Foot 48”
Turbine Near Foot To Indicator 32”
Turbine Foot To Foot 60”

• Construct a scale drawing, plot the desired alignment and extract the
target dial indicator readings.

REV NC 139345-01