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To a Better Philippines…

The ability of the government to achieve its ideals and goals, promote the common good, security,
independence, and democracy should not only be felt by the middle class and the rich but also by the poor
and marginalized sectors; not only by the people in the metropolitan areas and cities, but also in the
provinces, and far-flung areas; not only by the people in the Government, but also by the entire
Philippines… To achieve these, the Philippines should unite and collaborate towards electing competitive

Good morning colleagues. Today, I will be tackling the issue on the non-delivery of good
governance due to incompetence of elected government officials, and how we could rally this through
amending the requirements of becoming a member of the Legislature, and Executive, and through
intelligent voting.

Good governance is being deprived of us. With the current administration, there are issues on
government ineffectiveness, control of the state by the elites and private interests, unconstitutionality,
inconsistencies on regulations, political instability, and presence of violence. We deserve a government that
shall embody our ideals and aspirations. We need politicians who can have visions for this country.
However, what we have are politicians who only care about the position and power they would get. More
than these, the administration is also serious with campaigning for mediocrity and precariousness as it
supports politicians who have cases at bar, such as graft and plunder, and disbarment, to run and win the
2019 senatorial elections.

As a solution, I believe that there is dire need to amend Article VI, Sections 3 and 6 Article VII,
Sections 2 and 3 of the Philippine Constitution, which states that no person shall be a President, Vice-
President, Senator and Member of the House of Representatives unless he is a natural-born citizen of the
Philippines and, meet the age requirement, able to read and write, a registered voter, requirement on
residency. There should be more than what the Constitution asks from people who would want to get a seat
in the government. I believe, just like one of the requirements in Judiciary, a government official must be
a person of proven competence, integrity, probity, and independence. In these days, what we need are
leaders who are of good reputation and be able to use this to change our country so that they could be
accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty and efficiency, act with
patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives. How could we do this? Firstly, People should directly propose
an initiative filed by 12 percent of the registered voters throughout the country with each congressional
district represented by 3 percent of the registered voters therein. Initiative is a petition to propose
amendments to the constitution, propose enactment of national legislation, propose enactment of local
resolution or ordinance on regional, provincial, city, municipal, or barangay level. Through initiative, we
could exercise direct democracy and a means to voice out the change we want to happen.
Secondly, voters must also vote with discernment and utmost circumspection. It is not enough that
change is only within the portals of the government. We, as the sovereign Filipino people, should use our
might as we elect the government officials who will serve us. We must learn how to intelligently vote, and
vote without the influence of external factors, such as money, and bandwagons. We must have that
competitive mindset so that we could transform the government that would embody our ideals and
aspirations. To recognize the humanity of our fellow human beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute.

If we want this nation to prosper, we must learn our mistakes in past and the present- learn from
the despair Marcos brought to this nation, and the incompetence Duterte has as a leader of this country.

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Freydan Yson M. Zarate