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This research work is carried out to determine the effectiveness of Peer Tutoring as an

intervention on the Freshmen BSA students in their Midterm’s Intermediate Accounting topics.

This study examined how different factors such as gender, availed scholarships grants, pre-tutorial

and post-tutorial test scores could affect their perception towards peer tutoring. This study involved

28 Freshmen BSA students coming from Block 1 of Baliuag University who served as the tutees.

This study is a statistical research and make use of descriptive research design. Cluster and

voluntary sampling methods were used to select the participants of this study. The paired sample

t-test was used to measure the difference between the pre-tutorial test scores and post-tutorial test

scores of the participants.

This study showed that the post-tutorial test scores of the tutees vary significantly from

their pre-tutorial test scores, thus the intervention definitely improved their knowledge. On the

other hand, gender, scholarship grant, SHS strand and previous grades of the participants in

accounting subjects were proved to be insignificant. This study also showed that regardless of the

participants’ profile their perception towards peer tutoring are comparable. This study proved that

peer tutoring provides positive effect especially to the tutees in an intervention.

The findings of this research will be of significant benefit to research organizations,

individuals, and scholars who would intend to further research this topic by providing a proper

path of what could not be covered by this research because of its limitations. Researchers would

not only benefit from the findings but also from the related literature gathered and reviewed to

support this study. The recommendations are meant to inform professors, school administrators

and parents to devote and give their best for the improvement of student’s performance.