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Jose: Hello Marcos. What do you do this weekend?

Marcos: Hi Jose. I am planning to travel. I have two cousins in Puno.

Jose: Ok. So, are you packing your suitcase?
Marcos: Of course. But now, I need to bring a lot of clothes.
Jose: That’s important. But tell me, did you travel to Puno before?
Marcos: Yes. I have traveled to Puno for one month, but with a few clothes.
Jose: Wow, the food is very yummy there. I want to go someday.
Marcos: Yeah. The typical foods are chupe de quinua, chicharron de alpaca, etc. Also you
can visit different important places.
Jose: What places can I visit in Puno?
Marcos: For example, the uros’ aisland is a fantastic places. It’s in the middle of Titicaca
Jose: Sounds Good. I think about it. I live in Mexico now. When I visit to my grandmother
in Guadalajara, she invited me a spicy food. The foof is very spicy there. I like it. Are there
spicy food in Puno.
Marcos: Yes. The chupe de quinua is one of the typical food. That food is very spicy.
Jose: That’s perfect.
Marcos: Mexico DF is a big city. How long have you lived in Mexico?
Jose: I have lived in Mexico for 5 years. The people are friendly, puntual and responsable
Marcos: To be responsable is important when you try to apply some job.
Jose: Yes. That is true. I know that in Puno, there are many festivals. My family wanto to
go to one of them. What festival do you recommend me to go?
Marcos: I recommend you to go “Candelaria party” . That festival is most important in
Puno. A lot of turist participate in that ceremony.
Jose: Wow. Sounds Good. What things does I need to bring or buy?
Marcos: You need to buy some customes and clothes and clothes about the región.
Jose: I considered it. Ok Marcos bye.
Marcos: Ok bye. See you.