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Teacher: Carmen Dulgheru

School: Elena Negri, Costache Negri, Galati
Date: December 6th , 2018
Form: the 6th
No. of students: 23
Textbook: Enterprise 2, Elementary
Lesson/ Topic : Shop till you drop!
Lesson type: Revision
Time allotted: 50 min
Skills: Integrated Skills (Listening Writing, Speaking, Reading)
Vocabulary: - clothes and miscellaneous shopping items, food, prices.
Lesson Aims:
- to activate students’ prior knowledge related to the topic
- to develop students’ ability to interact with others
- to develop students’ active listening skill: listening for a purpose
- to have fun while studying the English language

Objectives: by the end of the lesson, the students will have

- named different types of shops
-asked for items sold in different shops, practiced asking about prices
- practised vocabulary related to shopping

Materials: board, pictures, audio, worksheets

Teaching techniques: Brainstorming, Conversation, Communication, Explanation,
Elicitation, Questioning
Organization: class work, individual work, pair work
Assumptions: the students are familiar with the vocabulary.
Anticipated problems: the sstudents do not know me so, they might be shy.

ACTIVITY 1 - WARM-UP Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T, Pair Work Timing: 7 min

 T greets, introduce herself

 T: - What is the last thing you have bought for yourself ? Where did you buy it? How
much did you spend? Are you happy for that?

- to activate students prior knowledge
- to practise speaking skills using vocabulary related to shopping
- to relate to ss’ lives

ACTIVITY 2 Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-Ss, Individual Work Timing: 13 min

 T display some shops pictures on the board

 T gives students a shopping list of different items, a paper with UK money and asks
Ss to say the shops where they can buy those things and the prices. The Ss work in
pairs to complete the task.

- to develop students’ ability to interact with others
- to name different type of shops, goods, prices

ACTIVITY 3 Interaction: Ss-T, T-Ss, Individual Work Timing: 13 min

 SSs are asked to listen to a conversation between a customer and a shop assistant and
do some exercises (to say the prices, to match the words with pictures, to fill the gaps)
to improve their listening skills.
 T checks Ss’ answers

- to stimulate ss’ interest
-to develop students’ listening skill for general information and details
- to elicit ss vocabulary

ACTIVITY 4 Interaction: T- Ss, Ss-T Timing: 14 min

 T asks ss: Think about the last time you went shopping to buy a present for somebody.
 - Who was the present for?
 - What was the occasion: a birthday, an anniversary...?
 - Where did you go shopping for the present?
 - Did you know what you were going to buy or did you have to look around?
 - What did you buy?
 - How much did you spend?
 - Did you buy a card too?
 - Did the person like the present?
 - Was it the present you would like to receive?

ACTIVITY 5 Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T Timing: 3 min

 T gives feedback

Assessment (2 min): The teacher thanks the students for the lesson and grades them.

Home assignment (1 min): T asks Ss to write a funny dialogue about shopping.