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Manuales, Julaica P.



Marketing Strategy of Ariel

Ariel leads the fabric and home care segment in the parent company which is Procter
& Gamble (P&G) worldwide. It has been able to sustain the position of market leader with
the percentage of 30% share in the market across global even though it has the same
detergent brands as Tide.

Segmentation, targeting, positioning in the Marketing strategy of Ariel


Ariel is more attentive when it comes to customer-centric approach for innovating its
different sub-brands. There are three segments in this product to segment the market this
are the demographic, psychographic and geographic segmentation strategies.

Demographic Segmentation helps to divide the big amount of population into specific
customer groups such as age, stage in life-cycle, gender, income, and religion, race and
rationality. Ariel is typically used by middle-aged women and young adult women who wash
their clothes of their family. The women whose married consumed the product in a large
quantity as they wash clothes of all the members of family. Washing powder is used by all
section of society regardless of their occupation and background in education.

Psychographic Segmentation used for lifestyle of people, their activities and interests
as well as opinions to describe the market segment. The area who has a major usage of
detergent is mostly area of urban, the major share sales are from the large cities and the rural
areas are more reliant on local detergents. Ariel sells its products in urban areas and has a
low range product in the rural areas.
Geographic segmentation splits the market based on the parts of geography such as
location, used language and other basic elements that separate one geography from the
other. Detergent, washing powder or bars is important requirement to all the people
regardless of their lifestyle and personality. The upper middle class is conscious about the
brand that’s why they buy the expensive products.


Ariel is a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods products that is essential in every

house for washing of clothes purposes. The company targets itself in all units of society such
as lower, middle and upper class. People in all class need to wash their own clothes. It has
been launched a small sachet for the people in lower class section who cannot afford to buy
a large packet of the product. The most targets of Ariel are the women of household who
wants to keep their clothes clean in has a good condition. In a way of targeting the group of
specific customers, their needs, desires and the target size must be recognized. The segments
of market must be measured. To increase the market share of the product, promotion must
be made. Premium and large products are traded to market niche area while the smaller and
low-price detergents and bares are treaded in smaller segments. The company services that
must be offered to the customer must be known. Barriers that affects the process of targeting
must be understood. The company must try to increase their competitive advantages and the
opportunities and threats that can affect the company must be recognized too.

Differentiated targeting strategy is used by P & G to serve the changing needs of the
customers apply because they both used the position and differentiate in competing


Ariel is a reliable brand detergent that is found in every households. This product is
recognized for the customer satisfaction and better than the other company because it has a
brand loyalty. Ariel creates an easy way of lifestyle for the customers. The image of this
product in the mind of the customer is good that’s why they don’t give a second thought in
buying the product. The product’s positioning strategy is solid in the eyes of the customers.
It should be stronger in respect with the other competitors and must better on them to be
appealing to the customers.

From the beginning to this era within the span of 50+ years Ariel has grown itself in
a way how it positions itself. It uses value-based positioning strategy to create a positive
more connecting image in the mind of the consumers.

Marketing Mix- The Product, Place(ment), Price and Promotion

Mission- “Not Available”

Vision- “Imagination, determination and technological empowerment”

Tagline- “Your Laundry will thank you”