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HHP HH HH Hn nH a erHnfeea a I Sing The Mighty Power of God Words by Isaac H all voices sing i unison 5 (1713) Music by Arnel DC. Aguino, S.J ow wer of God that Bort Em Ane built the lor = ty skies Bm BA the day el cnr obey ped foe, a food Fao He Sing of Him | 151 2 I Sing the Mighty Power of God Bm Bata | Ami Benin Em? Aus A DRG birt formed he rea - tues with His word and then renounced then how yourwon = ders are A tures with His word then pronouneed them good how your won ~ ders are T formed the crea - tures with His word and. then pronounced them goo Lord how your won ers are B formed the crea - tes with His word and then proce! them good Loed how your won ~ ders are Flos FAH Bm awa Gi pire G s over round A whee ever 1 tum o pliyed where fm e. ° round B displayed where e-ver Lum my ye, WL sur = vey the ground 1 tend Ga > co prt G birt bie s — = eke upon the shyt Aviles iat A-ile A = — swe upon the styl, Avie = a Atle ven f a cr —— gue upon the sky! Aviles = iat B er gaze upon the ay! Aclle- = it 152 | Sing of Him T Sing the Mighty Power of God GE A oD Em? Flo? G Awe ar migh = po + wer of righ oy © a Tsing the mighty po = wer of Go a 6 birt Det FR RBA Bm Bava, Eo? lot Gg Gin siog nigh sing righ sing righ > FD ow Ass pire wer of Sing of Him | 153