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Sarah Hecker

Dr. Lidstone/Dr. Kaninjing

Spring 2019 Internship

Journal Week Five

2/10/19 9:00-4:00, 7 hours; 2/11/19 9:00-3:45, 6 hours 45 minutes; 2/12/19 9:00-3:00, 6 hours;

2/13/19 9:00-3:00, 6 hours; 2/14/19 9:00-3:00, 6 hours Total hours worked for the week: 31

hours and 45 minutes Total hours cumulative: 119 hours

On Sunday the 10th and Monday the 11th I continued to work on the fundraising project

at the office. I finalized a flyer that gave all the information regarding where to drop off toys, and

how to donate money. On Monday the 11th I received a $50 donation that is being put towards

buying toys. On Tuesday the 12th I received donations from three different people, putting us at

$110 which was above the $100 goal that I originally aimed for. We are extending the project so

that I have time to purchase the toys and set up a time to bring them to the hospital. I am still

having trouble deciding when to give the presentation since my site supervisor confirmed that

she has an unpredictable schedule and would rather me just do it when she is here and finds time

for it. I am trying to find possible other ways to do the presentation since I know that you want to

see it. Would I possibly be able to record me presenting?

In the morning on Tuesday, we got a returning patient from last week who had packing in

his leg for a puncture wound. He got punctured by a nail on his shin, so they didn’t want to stitch

it up in fear that it would trap in bacteria. Instead, they packed the hole with medical gauze that

was coated in antibiotics. Today Dr. Dennis took out the gauze and rewrapped his leg to protect

the exposed area. The kid was a 17-year-old high schooler, so his biggest concern was if he
would be able to play lacrosse. He was told that he can play as long as he keeps his leg wrapped

so no bacteria can get in the cut. This was one of the more extensive wounds that I have seen

here at the urgent care. The doctors were nervous on what to do the first time he came in,

because they weren’t sure how deep it was, and he was severely shivering. He also was put on

oral antibiotics Bactrim to make sure that he prevents infection. I learned from Dr. Dennis that

shins are prone to infection. They have bad blood flow and there is not a lot of extra tissue on

that area. I did not know that before, so it is interesting to keep learning things everyday here at

the urgent care that is just going to make me more prepared when going into the medical field.

I am learning a lot from this internship. I am confident with running different tests, and I

am familiar with where things are in the facility. I am making stronger connections with the

employees each week, and I am excited for the weeks to come!