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Physiotherapy Service

Patient Satisfaction Survey

March 2016

This report contains the results of the physiotherapy service patient satisfaction
survey undertaken between November 2015 and February 2016. A self completion
questionnaire was handed out to patients following their appointment and posted in a
collection box. A total of 300 questionnaires were handed out to patients with 175
returned giving a response rate of 58%.

The breakdown between clinics can be seen in the table below. Results by individual
clinic are available in appendix one at the end of the report.

Congleton War Memorial Hospital 16

Knutsford Hospital 16
Cumberland House 14
Leighton Hospital 14
Dene Drive 13
Poynton 13
Wimslow 13
Church View 12
Eaglebridge 10
Middlewich 10
Rope Green 10
Handforth 9
Ashfields 8
Macclesfield District General Hospital 8
Victoria Infirmary 5
Alsager 4
Total 175

Summary of Results

• 95% of respondents found it easy to book their appointment and stated that they
had enough choice in relation to their appointment day / time.

• 67% of respondents would have liked the option to self-refer to the service
without seeing their GP first.

• 94% of respondents said that they were seen on time for their appointment and of
those delayed 61% said they were given a reason.

• 90% of respondents said that all the staff involved in their treatment introduced

• 97% of respondents said they ‘definitely’ had enough time to ask any questions
and 94% of respondents ‘definitely’ felt involved in decisions about their care and
• 96% of respondents ‘definitely’ had enough privacy when being treated.

• 98% of respondents felt they received continuity of care.

• All respondents felt they were ‘definitely’ treated with dignity and respect and care
and compassion.

• 91% of respondents rated their overall experience of the service as ‘excellent’

with 9% rating it as ‘good’.

• Many positive comments received in relation to the caring nature of the staff, the
thorough explanations and advice received and the effectiveness of the

Equality Data

All respondents who disclosed information were of white ethnic origin. 31

respondents disclosed information in relation to having a disability. When comparing
the experience of these patients results were either in line with the overall results or
better except for the following areas:

• 90% found it easy to book their appointment vs 95% overall

• 72% would have liked the option to self-refer to the service vs 67% overall

Four respondents identified as lesbian / gay / bisexual – there were no significant

difference in the experience of these patients vs overall results.
Results by question

What type of appointment are you attending for today?

Did you find it easy to book your physiotherapy appointment?


Waited a long time when I made call to booking centre. Church View
Long waiting time on booking line. Church View
Difficulty in reaching call centre (engaged) - long wait for appointment -
told I would be contacted if cancellation available, but I had to call to check
and received appointment by doing this regularly.
Not enough choice of times.
Took fifteen minutes to ring to make appointment. Dene Drive
It was disappointing that I had to wait so long but no doubt due to the lack
Dene Drive
of resources.
Initially it was difficult having to mess around phoning Macclesfield and
then there was a mix-up - made appointments with physio to offer first
appointment - older system where you phone and leave a message locally
was better.
Waited for ages on the phone - 16 in queue. Knutsford
No appointments available. Knutsford
Was a bit of a delay. MDGH
Originally had appointment for 15/10/15 but it was cancelled without
explanation - next available appointment only on 11/11/15.
I was deleted from the system - their error. Poynton
A wait for first appointment but very easy otherwise and convenient
Rope Green
subsequent appointment.
Did you have enough choice in relation to your appointment date / time?

Would you have self-referred into the physiotherapy service without seeing
your GP first if this option was available?

Were the surroundings in the waiting area:

Were you seen on time for your appointment?

If you had to wait, was a reason given for the delay?

NB: calculated out of those respondents who experienced a delay

Did the physiotherapists treating you introduce themselves?

If another person (e.g. a student or trainee) has been present alongside the
physiotherapists during any of you care / treatment was your approval
(consent) obtained?

NB: calculated out of those respondents question applicable to

Did a member of staff explain what would be done during your appointment?

Were you given enough time to ask any questions or discuss any queries you
may have had?

Did you feel involved in decisions about your care and treatment?

Have the physiotherapists involved in your care.......

Listened to your views

Discussed your diagnosis / treatment outcomes

Explained the reasons for treatment in a way you can understand

Explained the benefits and risks of treatment

Did you have enough privacy when being examined / treated?

When you left your appointment were you clear what would happen next e.g.
follow up needed, no further action etc.?

Do you feel you have received continuity of care (i.e. seen mainly by the same
physiotherapists who are aware of your care and treatment and up to date with
your progress)?

Do you feel that you were treated with dignity and respect?
Do you feel that you were treated with care and compassion?

How would you rate the level of care you have received from the physiotherapy

What has pleased you most about your experience of the physiotherapy
Eamon very clear and explained everything well - courteous and
My shoulder now works. Alsager
Very professional. Alsager
Easy to get an appointment. Given exercises that I could do. Staff
brilliant and very pleasant.
Helped to feel relaxed. Encouraged to ask any questions I might have. Ashfields
Excellent 'bedside' manner of staff. Ashfields
That I was listened to and I felt confident that my explanation of my
symptoms was recognised and understood which hasn't happened in Ashfields
the last few years.
Well explained and comprehensive coverage of my issue. Ashfields
Pleasing person who I could talk to. Ashfields
Having the same physio each time. Ashfields
The attention and respect and thoroughness in all aspects of my
Ease of booking appointment - attention to detail and thoroughness of
Church View
examination - advice given and exercises.
Listened to - patient and understanding - acupuncture really works
Church View
with me.
Condition improving with good care. Church View
Professional manner of physiotherapy team. Church View
Great service provider - very professional - thank you. Church View
My physiotherapist involved me in my care. Church View
Advice on exercise - encouragement to return to normal sporting
Church View
The whole experience was great.
Caring people who understand the pain I have been in and how to Congleton
break it. WMH
Care and attention.
Talking to someone who understood what type of pain I am Congleton
experiencing. WMH
Explained the reason and treatment - offered advice, asked me my Congleton
opinion. WMH
She is very helpful and always explains things so that they are easy to
understand - she always double checks that I am doing my exercises
Friendly, pleasant and professional.
Lovely staff and very helpful.
The staff are always very friendly and helpful - my physiotherapist
explains in detail what she is doing and what she feels is wrong - she
puts me at ease in that I feel I will get better.
Talking to me in a way I can understand and makes things clear to Congleton
what is needed yet. WMH
Catherine was very friendly and helped reassure me about my
injury/treatment - she helped with suggesting exercises that were easy
to do - she had a very reassuring manner.
The service.
Helpful and explained exercises as we went along.
Sympathetic approach and understanding.
I came to the appointment supporting a person with a learning
disability - I thought the physiotherapist to be very professional and Cumberland
had plenty of time and patience with my client - he made both of us House
feel very comfortable.
All physiotherapists have listened and treated me with consideration Cumberland
and understanding. House
High level of competence.
Easy to make an appointment - good advice concerning my care.
Professional service - time taken to go through my injury, etc.
Very nice staff – caring.
Clear explanations - good literature to support advice given.
My life has improved greatly with the advice and exercises I have been
Dene Drive
Clear explanation of condition and cause. Dene Drive
Helpful and friendly staff - willing to listen! Dene Drive
Being told of all facts, suggestions, etc. Dene Drive
Positive attitude. Dene Drive
The obvious knowledge and understanding of the physio and her
Dene Drive
pleasant demeanour.
Everything. Dene Drive
Friendly explanation and time to discuss. Dene Drive
My appointment time was spot on. Dene Drive
Staff very pleasant and approachable - explained problems - made
Dene Drive
very useful suggestions to help situation.
Good explanation of my symptoms. Eaglebridge
Caring physiotherapist. Eaglebridge
Explanation of problem and methods needed to relieve problem. Eaglebridge
The level of care and help has been superb - Vicky is very helpful and
knowledgeable - a massive help!
Vicky always explains what she is doing and why - she is very friendly,
speaks clearly and is compassionate.
Being seen on time and the overall kind approach to which I have
been managed.
Polite staff. Eaglebridge
The time and care taken by the physiotherapists to get me back to
'normal' - they do not appear to want to stop at a 'good enough' stage.
The exercises I was given definitely helped. The physio could be
slightly more 'hands on' as after treatment (massage, manipulation of Handforth
muscles) I felt much less tense and moved freely.
You are not rushed. Handforth
How I was helped to understand my condition. Handforth
Pleasant staff – informative. Handforth
Receiving helpful advice. Handforth
Rachel Lightfoot has been excellent in explaining why my exercises
relate to my injuries.
Everything was explained to me and what we are going to do next
The speed at which I got an appointment - the expert diagnosis,
effective treatment at the appointment and simple exercises to do at Handforth
home. Swift improvement.
Kindness and care. Handforth
The guy knows what he is talking about – polite. Knutsford
Good service - local - physio very understanding. Knutsford
Pleasant and informative. Knutsford
Quick first appointment and follow-up appointments - explicit exercise
instructions and good hard copy of exercises.
Pleasantness of approach - clarity of explanation - friendly
Helpfulness, kindness and polite – explaining. Knutsford
Personal and in-depth treatment – friendly. Knutsford
Genuine interest in my problem and trying to solve it. Thank you Vicky! Knutsford
Listened and got to the issue quickly. Knutsford
They really made a difference - excellent treatment. Knutsford
Perfectly pleased - thank you! Knutsford
Very nice pleasant person. Knutsford
Continued research into my problem. Knutsford
Very helpful staff. Knutsford
Communication and co-ordination have been very good. Physio has all
the notes re my scan and doctor's report. My appointments are at my Knutsford
local hospital with easy parking - it was all very smooth.
Improvement in movement of finger. Leighton
Compassion, empathy and genuine support. Leighton
Prompt, friendly, professional. Leighton
The way things are explained, the helpfulness and the care given to
each individual.
The personal and tailored approach within a group session. Leighton
The exercises were really helpful - hit exactly the right spot! Bethany
was lovely.
Treated by same physiotherapist at every visit who knew my history,
ongoing treatment and progress.
Explained what they believe the issue is and gave a good clear
explanation plus treatment.
I have always been seen by Cathy and Julie who I feel give me
confidence as they are so knowledgeable and experienced. I have Leighton
confidence in what they do and tell me.
Chatted through, all exercises and very pleasant physios. Leighton
Politeness - given time to discuss with the physio the discomfort you
are having and how they can help you.
All fine. MDGH
Supportive staff concerned with whole wellbeing not just physical
concerns - whole experience friendly and supportive.
Just been really impressed with the whole service. MDGH
Very competent staff who were also very pleasant. MDGH
Physiotherapist very friendly and knowledgeable - explained
everything well.
Members of staff were so helpful, friendly and so understanding. Middlewich
Genuine care from staff. Middlewich
My physiotherapist was very friendly and kind. Middlewich
Easy friendly service. Middlewich
All good. Middlewich
Examinations each time were comprehensive. Middlewich
Understanding what is wrong and why. Middlewich
Being assured nothing was seriously wrong and that exercises
suggested would help alleviate problem.
Effectiveness and manner. Middlewich
Effectiveness of treatment for tennis elbow - friendliness and efficiency
- ease of attendance at local clinic.
Good 2-way conversation to aid overall improvement. Poynton
Consistent and thorough - with same physiotherapist throughout all
appointments - Vicki was excellent, with good communication skills.
The genuine interest in my progress and adapting treatment/advice to
my specific needs.
Judy - in her assessment, care and follow-up of exercises to do at
Vicki - a very pleasant physiotherapist who put me at ease straight
away and is good at what she is doing.
Achievable steps/exercises - not overpowered by too much
I got answers for my problems. Poynton
The knowledge of my physiotherapist, her clear explanations of what
was wrong, her caring and sympathetic attitude - she was lovely - very Poynton
supportive and very professional.
The physiotherapist was pleasant, understanding and a pleasure to
deal with.
Tried different things to treat me. Rope Green
Clear explanation. Rope Green
Someone to help me with my pain and exercise. Rope Green
The staff very professional. Rope Green
Pip explained clearly the problem. Rope Green
How quickly I saw results physically. Rope Green
Very professional - appointment reminder was received by text. Rope Green
Patience shown and reasons for treatment explained clearly. Rope Green
Thorough diagnosis of problem and effective therapy - ease of making
Rope Green
convenient appointments.
The treatment has been very effective: it has made a tremendous
difference to my daily life. I feel that the therapist has taken the time to
investigate the problem and is working on every aspect to achieve a VIN
complete recovery - he is very knowledgeable and pleasant. The
whole environment is very reassuring and caring.
Clear instructions and reasons for exercise. VIN
Friendly and informative. VIN
Exercises clearly explained and I was observed and instructed how to
undertake exercises. Treated very politely and respectfully at all times.
This is the second time I have had treatment and both times very
successfully - very happy with experience.
Good care. Wilmslow
The physio was friendly and explained all things clearly. Wilmslow
The overall outcome of less pain. Wilmslow
Efficient, effective and compassionate treatment. Wilmslow
Some improvement in my knee. Wilmslow

What could we improve upon?

More time Ashfields

Make later or earlier appointments - before or after work.
More regular appointments offered and continuity of physiotherapist -
too long between my appointments and no available contact if my
symptoms become more troublesome for advice.
Communication could be improved i.e. speaking to your assigned
Dene Drive
More availability of appointments. Knutsford
There are just curtains separating one physio area from another - it is
possible to hear other people's discussions.
Don't have work being carried out by contractors during the sessions. Leighton
Parking. Leighton
First appointment - maybe could have had more background info on
me and my injury to help the physio.
I kept having gaps in my appointments which set me back a little but it
was due to holidays and Christmas - so it isn't anyone's fault in MDGH
Parking! MDGH
Availability of appointments - if you must cancel an appointment,
don't make the patient wait for a month before next appointment -
make sure the appointment time given matches with a time the
physiotherapists will be present.
I think the re-introduction of text reminders about appointments is very
Time to check other areas I had problems with. Poynton
A café would be a good idea for waiting patients and family. Rope Green
Quicker time from seeing the GP to physio. Rope Green
At the time of first appointment it would have helped to have Victoria
illustrations of exercises to take away. Infirmary
Treatment area lacks privacy - I could hear other patients discussing
their medical history.
Appendix One – Results by Clinic

Alsager results.pdf Ashfields results.pdf Churchview Congleton results.pdf


Cumberland House Dene Drive results.pdf Eaglebridge Handforth results.pdf

results.pdf results.pdf

Knutsford results.pdf Leighton results.pdf MDGH results.pdf Middlewich


Poynton results.pdf Rope Green VIN results.pdf Wilmslow results.pdf