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Abstract - Architecture is a craft. It completes human needs from

basic shelter to luxurious lifestyle. Architecture is so vast that each and
every detail has to be measured and crafted accurately. To understand
architecture a set of management called Council of Architecture has
given some rules and regulations which need to be applied in every
educational system. Architecture education is lengthy and gruelling
test, more intense and demanding than most other degrees. Archi.
Education systems need to be revised or understand the scenario of
student or institution.

Introduction- Architects has given enormous examples to understand

the importance and the beauty of architecture design. The details of
Romans, scale of Egyptians, history & beauty of Babylon, attract people
to understand the methods and philosophies. Architecture pursuing
students should have a good practical knowledge and managemental
skills to fulfill clients need and fulfilling all social responsibilities.

Nowadays, demand of new designs is more, technology is advance but

employment is less. The reason for this is from the beginning of
education. Due to Lack of practical knowledge no firm hires such
architects, this results in depression and load of work on the firm.

It is important to have a realistic approach to a project. This lack of

realism also creates impractical expectations within the students about
the profession. Creativity is imp. But realism is the truth of life. By
having students only create art masquerading as buildings, this skewed
illusion about the profession is established. Disillusionment then
becomes easy. Great architects can create meaningful, beautiful, artful
projects within all the limitations of reality.

Knowledge in construction techniques- is most important criteria as

there are many ways to construct a simple wall, many details that are
essential, all this need to be learned thoroughly and performed in real
life. Due to global warming, temperature is rising enormously leading to
new ways of construction methods to give relief from harsh rays and
heat from sun. cavity wall, thermal insulated glasses, paints, finishes all
these materials help people to survive in rough climate.

Knowledge in designing- whatever be the design (residence, campus,

club, hospital etc.). Within the design process the methods of
construction, details of slab, detail of levels to get better knowledge in
realistic manner, how to interact with client relating to that project,
understanding the need of the time, changes in the world of

Knowledge in management- managing a project is the work with lots of

load. So if institution teaches the simple and quick methods or
exercises in which students are taught how to manage their own
project on which they are working.

Seminars-institution should provide interactive seminars of today’s

legends in architecture. Small workshops has to be held in every two

Competitions- institutions should held their own competitions between

1st and 2nd yr. and 3rd and 4th yr. this will boost up their caliber to
compete with different colleges and international levels.
Site visits and case studies on latest building or any other technique
which is new has to be mandatory.

Structures in architecture seems to be more difficult than any subject

so to understand structures in architecture institution should provide
more visualization like the construction of circular columns, stresses in
beams, laying of foundation. Visuals have a great impact on our mind
and it remains in our memory for long.

International or national college should adopt a system of visualization.

“Fifty years ago, we were one of the highest paid professionals.

We are now one of the worst.”

Said by- Julia wyatt (Green Tea Architects)

Therefore, there has to be a system in which practical’s have to be

given more weight age than theory.

Conclusion- Visualization and interaction with the world is the best

way to improve educational system. If this system is improved or
revised only then the coming architects can compete with other’s.

This research paper is based on Education System in Architecture


Data is collected from internet source and books.

Discussions were done on the topic.

Data analysis


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