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2. 1.0 Introduction for task 3 3

3. 2.0 Essay Task 3: The mismatch between teacher’s 3

beliefs and curriculum that has an impact in the
poor communicational skills in English among

4. 3.0 Introduction for task 4 4

5. 4.0 Essay Task 4: How to be an effective teacher 4


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the lecturer Encik Izzat
Bin Abdullah for having helped and taught me to complete this assignment. In addition, I
would also like to thank to my parents, Mohd Azmi Bin Noor and Noor Azian Binti Ramli
for giving me the spirit and encouragement to complete this assignment.

Thank you to my friends who helped and commented on completing this

assignment. All the tutoring, cooperation and encouragement provided by all parties
enable me to complete this task perfectly. Therefore, I have learned a lot of knowledge.

Finally, my gratitude goes to those who are willing to assist me in carrying out
this assignment either directly or indirectly. In fact, I also hope that this task will be in
line with the instructions and criteria that the task of this task will depend on.

1.0 Introduction
With the growing influence of globalization and technology, the English language
has become the leading language and important around the world. After that,
communication skill in English is important for student to express their feeling
and to improve their knowledge. Teachers not only teaching for learning that
important element in the examination but must providing communication skill for
student’s real life purpose. The students who are excellent in exam also have a
good communication in English.

2.0 Essay Task 3: The mismatch between teacher’s beliefs and curriculum
that has an impact in the poor communicational skills in English among

As we know, English is one of the foremost languages in the world and had been
a mother tongue to many countries. In my opinion, I strongly agree the
statement of the mismatch between teacher’s beliefs and curriculum that has an
impact in the poor communicational skills in English among students.

Firstly, teacher’s belief in by teaching speaking skill can prepare a better

mankind but the curriculum wants the students to excel in writing. Next, the
speaking skill should be more take serious rather than writing because there a lot
of importance for learning English speaking skill. This is because to train the
students can talk or communication in English with high confidence level
especially in speech and presentation. The practice of speaking skill in the
school can help the students enhance their ability to communicate without the
ignoring the grammar. Therefore, speaking skill is most important for student to
improve their communication in English.

Speaking skill is important to quality of being friendly with others. It’s

important to be friendly with others in school or college. Controlled verbal
communications and physical expression help to make a new friend although
with a good speaking skill build strong friendships. It will give more confidence
and students get interested in visiting school. But it is possible when someone
respect other, communicate when it is important and show positive expression in
the certain situation. It will build strong friendly relationship and that can often
be converted into business partnerships.

Next, student will have a problem when they sit on speaking skills for oral
examination such as Malaysian University English Test (MUET). Students
should prepare on writing, reading, listening and speaking to achieve a good

result on M.U.E.T test. If the teachers only focus on the demand of examination,
the students can’t increase their confident to speaking. So, they will lost a lot
marks and maybe get the lower Band such as Band 2 or Band 1 in M.U.E.T. this
effect, the student have a problem to continue their study in university.

Therefore, to produce a good communication skill among students, the

curriculum and teachers must able to make changes for a better future. Next,
lack of communication skills in English will affect the student’s life.

3.0 Introduction

In the 21st century, English teacher is the important person who was to teach
their students in second language until the students can read, write and speak in
English very well. In a fact, being an effective English teacher is very difficult
because not all students are fluent in second language. So, this is a challenge
for English teachers to produce excellent students in English lesson especially
reading, writing, listening and speaking skill. There are many way to be an
effective English teacher in Malaysia.

4.0 Essay Task 4: How to be an effective teacher

I had studied English for 13 years and I am also had heard a lot of Malaysian
saying that English is a fun and easy. As for me, English is a hard and difficult
subject to learn. These is because, all of us had the fear to talk, to write or to
learn because of people assumptions. Until now, people still find the fear in this
subject. Hence, I come out with some ideas on how to be an effective teacher.

The first tips on how to become an effective teacher are the teacher
should use technology to enhance the interest of the student. Using this method,

the teacher can connect the students from all learning styles. For an example, a
teacher can use the virtual reality (VR) and combined it with the traditional
classroom for a culture topic so that the student can experience it together. Back
in my primary school days, technology had been developing but the usage of it is
very limited because we can only use technology when it comes to an ICT class
rather than language classes. But nowadays, the usage of technology in class
can make the kids become more alert and focus on the learning. The teacher
also can use an application such as Frog VLE and Kahoots to make the learning
become more amusing.

Moreover, teachers need to teach students step by step in order to avoid

confusion. This is because, not all students are able to understand the English
language quickly. Teachers need to think of ways to make them easier to learn
English. For example, teacher can use shorter sentences as an example to
explain student about something. Teacher ensure that all student know the basic
elements such as what is noun, type of mood and all before teaching them a
difficult lesson. Besides that, teacher must give a few minutes for them to
understand clearly and think carefully before ask some questions. You can be
strict but fair, so it can improve their speaking, writing, reading and listening skill
(SWRL), so they have a stronger to accomplish the learning task. Don’t just
teach and expect them to do it by themselves.

Based on my experience, I always had an English teacher who had a strict

way of learning which means no group discussion and no communication among
friends which can lead to frustration towards the subject itself. So I would
recommend a better ways of teaching or a better pedagogy to an English
teacher. As an English teacher, they should apply some sense of humor for the
student to enjoy the entire class. When the teacher could not handle the
classroom, I suggest for the teacher to use a teaching aid such as a colorful neon
paper cards or use updated song. The pupils can sing along to the song or
dance to the song. We can make a print out the lyrics and make them fill in the
blanks the word that they hear from the song. This way they can develop their

listening skill in English. When the students can catch the words that mean the
students are focus in the classroom.

A lot of student in my school finds writing in English is hard and the

teacher should guide them by doing some intensive class for the weak student.
The intensive class will give an attention to a comprehensive skill in English
including speaking, grammar, and phonetics. I think teachers should master in
English grammar and have a wider knowledge to guide the students. The
teacher can ask the student to point out unfamiliar words and go over the
meanings in class. The intensive class should be joined with some activities
because the student cannot focus on one thing in a long time. The activities
also should be planned correctly according to the level of thinking of the
students. So, that they student do not feel the burden and bored with the
activities given. As a consequence, the intensive class should be applied to all
school for a better understanding of the English language.

An effective English teacher means that a person can relate and

communicates in second language to the students in a positive way. An effective
English teacher will give a lot of information to the students in a variety of ways to
increase their knowledge of English. Besides, the students are able to approach
and ask for a solution to the teacher if they have problems to learn a second
language and teachers can help them in any way possible to facilitate their