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Oct. 2007, Volume 1, Issue 2

GREETINGS I am very excited and proud to become a part of the Lee Kum Kee family, joining in August as President of the Americas business. Since 1888, Lee Kum Kee has been producing high quality sauces, starting with our now famous Premium Oyster Flavored Sauce, to today, where we market over 200 different sauces in over 100 countries – making Lee Kum Kee synonymous with fine Chinese sauces around the world.
From left to right: David Lee, Executive Director; Sammy Lee, Executive Director; Elizabeth Mok, Technical Service Director; Mrs. and Mr. M. T. Lee, Group Chairman; Eddy Lee, Chairman; Charlie Lee, Executive Director

My commitment is to continue the vision and mission of the company – to see that our trusted brand of quality products reaches every household, building a culinary and cultural bridge between East and West. We will reinforce our brand leadership in the Chinese sauces market while making our products relevant to today’s lifestyle. We are thankful that food service professionals in the U.S. have long embraced our products, using them not just for the preparation of Chinese dishes, but for all types of cuisines - Eastern and Western, and all the delectable creative fusion in between. We hope you will continue to inspire and please food lovers around the country with tasty dishes using our full range of sauces. We welcome your suggestions and feedback. Please email us at USA_CUSTOMER_SVC@LKKUSA.COM with any questions or comments.

Mr. MT Lee, Group Chairman of Lee Kum Kee

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Lee Kum Kee - Enewsletter

Best Regards,

Winnie W. Huang President, Americas Lee Kum Kee (USA) Inc.

Dr. Stephen Lui, CEO; George Tsang, COO; David Lee, Executive Director

Table of Contents
* Chef Profile, Annie Leong * Back to Basics, The Beauty of Soy Sauce & Hoisin Sauce * Recipe for Success with Jet Tila * Company News * Free Samples of Soy Sauce & Hoisin Sauce * LKK Poll


Annie Leong
Chef Annie Leong's dedication to culinary excellence has taken her all over the world. In the past 30 years, Chef Leong has traveled between several continents to train with master chefs, studying Western cuisine in the UK with Chefs Jacque Pepin, Marcella Hazan, Elizabeth David, and Paul Bocuse; French cuisine in Hong Kong with the Peninsula Hotel's Chef Peter Hatt, and in London with Chef Nick Reade; and Cantonese cuisine with Chef Li of Liu Chong Hing Bank, with whom she has trained for nearly three decades. With talents as diverse as hers, it's no surprise that Chef Leong is also an accomplished food writer, having penned regular columns for Sing Tao newspaper and EAST Weekly since 2005. She's also the author of two cookbooks, "Cooking with

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Lee Kum Kee - Enewsletter

Annie" and the upcoming release "Look and Cook", each featuring delicious signature dishes inspired by flavors and experiences from across the globe. These days, Leong is sharing her passion for food and travel with the lucky patrons of Cathay Pacific Airways; in February, 2007, she teamed up with the airline to elevate in-flight dining to new, delicious heights, working to create comforting, exciting menus that by far transcend the existing standards of airplane meals. Leong accepted this challenge with her signature zeal and skill, creating a "taste of home" that travelers will savor.

Annie Leong's Dongpo Pork Recipe

This is my regular standby whenever I have first-timers over for dinner. It is simply irresistible, even for die-hard weight watchers. The dish is named after the Sung Dynasty poet Su Dongpo, who loved his pork, and wrote about its many qualities and delicious taste! And here's another endorsement: my son Julian will start hinting strongly if I don't produce this within a couple of days when I visit him in London. The beauty of this dish is that you can cook it in advance, put it into the freezer and bring it back to life on the day required. Photo Credit: Timon Wehrli & Jon Martin of Red Dog Studio Click here for Annie's recipe

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Lee Kum Kee - Enewsletter


Sauces are clearly an important element in almost any type of cuisine, adding flavor, depth, and character to simple ingredients. The mere tastes of particular sauces are often reminiscent of entire cultures. This is especially true of soy and hoisin, two extremely versatile sauces that are recognized worldwide as key flavors of Asian cuisine. From noodles to barbecue, sushi to even pizza, soy and hoisin are spicing up dishes all over the globe. For over 100 years, Lee Kum Kee has been developing premium sauces in a spectrum of varieties that are sure to please any palate. These sauces are the essence of both home cooking and the professional kitchen. Irene Wong can attest to that. An award-winning television producer and director for The Food Network and for Martha Stewart's smash hit "Everyday Food", Wong is a native of Brooklyn, New York, where her grandfather owned the neighborhood's only Chinese restaurant, Bo Jen. Wong considers Bo Jen to be her second childhood home. "Three nights a week, my grandparents would dazzle our entire family with the most delectable Chinese dishes," she says, "Steamed whole fish, soy-braised chickens, roasted ducks, and every kind of stir-fry imaginable. What made each and every dish memorable was the use of impeccably fresh ingredients, and key sauces from Lee Kum Kee such as soy, oyster, black bean and hoisin. These pantry staples were the building blocks of flavor for the dishes served to the customers, and for our family."

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Lee Kum Kee - Enewsletter

Peng Looi, Chef/Co-Owner, Asiatique & August Moon Chinese Bistro, Louisville, KY Warm Duck Salad with Tamarind-Soy Vinaigrette by Chef Peng Looi

Irene Wong, Independent Producer, IW Productions

Seared Tuna with Balsamic Soy Glaze by Irene Wong


The chef responsible for feeding the workaholics at Google should know what he's doing. Luckily, with a resume that includes restaurateur, teacher, consultant, television and radio personality, food writer, Guinness World Record holder, and, of course, award-winning chef, Jet Tila is just the right man for the job. When coupled with the food knowledge he absorbed from his Cantonese grandmother, Chef Tila's Le Cordon Bleu and California Sushi Academy training has naturally instilled him with an eclectic cooking style that incorporates his vast knowledge of cuisines from around the world. "I use Lee Kum Kee in all my Thai and Chinese, and Vietnamese Cooking," says Chef Tila, "Oyster, plum, and hoisin sauces are used almost daily; my grandmother was using them before me and taught me how to cook with LKK."

Chef Tila began sharing his love and knowledge of food with the public when he was a teenager, making appetizers for the customers of his grandparents' restaurants. At age 22, he began teaching cooking classes in his own backyard; foreshadowing of the prestigious career that was to follow. Though his classroom is no longer carpeted with grass, Chef Tila still teaches with all of the passion and fervor that he did as a young man, at cooking schools and as a private and corporate instructor. Most recently Chef Tila opened The Pacific Cafe' at Google headquarters in California, and he continues to share his expertise and personality on TV shows such as Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" and the Food Network shows "The Best Of", "Food Finds", and "The Secret Life Of". As for that mouth-watering world record? Chef Tila created the monstrous 1805 lbs World's Largest Stir-Fry, proving that no flavors are too big for him to handle. Recipes from Chef Jet Tila Thai Shrimp Cakes (Taud Mun Goong)

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Lee Kum Kee - Enewsletter

Vietnamese Spring Rolls Baby Bok Choy with Black Mushrooms

Company News

Lee Kum Kee is recognized and celebrates its global achievements from around the world. Lee Kum Kee, The Leader in Authentic Chinese Sauces has earned many prestigious awards in high product quality, and flavor. Continuing with the tradition of providing the best in Asian cuisine, Lee Kum Kee is recognized for its global achievements. Click here to see more


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Lee Kum Kee - Enewsletter

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