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Indonesia Model UN

Indonesia Model United Nation, which held by the University of

Indonesia’s Faculty of Social Sciences dean in corporation with the
Ministry of Foreign affair was the first Model United Nation in Indonesia.
This academic simulation that give the college students more
experience in debating,drafting,and criticizing was first launched by
Harvard University.
I got the opportunity to attend this historical academic simulation as
the delegates of Mongolia in Asean Regional Forum. IMUN itself
contains of 3 committees, General assembly,Security Council,and
Asean Regional Forum. Something special about ARF,we—the
delegates from different University all around the archipelago—are
paired in two person. My partner named Edwin, from University of
Indonesia, is indeed smart. He involves a lot on the amendment
making while I was busy candid-ing my crush, the delegate of
Australia,who came from ITB and majoring Industrial Engeneering.
The first day was exhausting. We’ve sitting on the conference room
for 5 hours non stop, voting for the topic issues and as a result, the
topic area B : The Denuclearization in Korean Peninsula won and been
discussed by those 25 delegation.We have two committess
session,debating and drafting and lastly we spend 4 hours on the way
from Depok to Sultan Hotel to attend the prestigious UN Day
Reception,feautured Michele Zacheo (the Secretary General of United
Nation Indonesia) and other diplomats which I don’t know who they
Still with the excitement of diplomatic discussion, the second day
was very hammering. The alliances has been created, the delegation of
DPR Korea (Raka & Nabil) rejects the investigation proposal from the
delegation of PRC (Menur & Feby) due to the Cheo-Nan incident which
was really is an incident that accidentally destroy some of South
Korea’s regions. The drama starts, those pretending diplomat fighting
each other, and the delegation of USA (Bara & Emir) force DPR Korea
to make a diplomatic apology while the delegation of Bangladesh
thinks it’s a must for DPR Korea to not owning a nuclear while others
(including Mongolia :p) believe that DPR Korea can owns nuclear in
peaceful use but guided by ARF to prevent the Nuclear weapons. It’s
fun to play the role of diplomat like that.
The vote says DPR Korea can own nuclear for peaceful use and it
continuesly grows into another controversial problem. Countries
majority wants us to add more country to guide DPR Korea while the
first prealembulatory says only USA,Australia,PRC,South
Korea,Japan,and Canada hold the responsibility. DPR Korea propose
Sweden to being added since Sweden was not in ARF council but
Russia says there’s no need of it since Canada,USA,Australia,and
Russia has been there as a supervision.
The conference closed at Wednesday, after we have one draft
resolution. The draft resolution that been sponsored by all of the ARF
committees. It such a memorable event, I build new friends and
families there. Meanwhile, it made my mind to set UN as my future job.
Hopefully in ECOFIN council.
Now that the conference’s been end, my diplomatic carreer has ended too. Another
goal after this : NTUMUN on February 2011 (I’ve applied the ECOFIN council with
Viable Fuel as the topic issue ) and BrizMUN on June 2011 (Been considering to apply
either for ASEAN Regional Forum with Cooperation in the Mekong River Region as the
topic issue or SPECPOL with The Future of Decolonization as the topic issue). Just
wish me luck for my diplomatic achievement because writing and shouting is what I
want to do for the rest of my life :p