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APRIL 4, 2019

1. According to the information gathered in step 1 of the course developing the
Survey to identify and characterize medium-sized enterprises for digital
transformation, the company mentioned some computer programs they use for
its activities as a part of the digital transformation, choose one of all the
computer programs mentioned by the company (make sure it is part of the
information submitted in step 1) and search on internet to develop the following:

 Identify at least two other computer programs that can solve the same
need for the company.
Program Merlin

 Find a quotation of the three computer programs to identify its owner,

technical description, prices, and payment terms.
Description technical
Conditions de page

 Analyze and compare the three computer programs in relation to its

advantages or disadvantages according to its price.
Comparison of the 3 programs

Software / Tecnocarnes Merlin Distrisoft


Description TecnoCarnes is a The program for The Electronic Billing module

specialized refrigerators was is available, exclusively for
software for the designed with the Colombia. Comply with all the
control and aim of becoming a requirements of the DIAN
management of useful and Inventory control module.
companies that indispensable tool Database of customers,
produce and / or for the management suppliers and third parties.
market meat of inventory POS system, points of sale.
products of any kind systems, invoicing Registration and
and their derivatives in modification of articles
Software House REFRIGERATORS More than 30 reports and
Tecno S.A.S AND BUTCHERS consultations.
looking for a Statistics about your
solution to the business
management of Accounts receivable,
their administrative, accounts payable and
active and secure expenses.
accounting of their Shopping record.
movements within Concessions
their economic (consignments).
activity. Entries, exits and transfers
of articles or services.
Automatic replenishment
Valuation of the inventory to
Accounting module.
Remote administration.

Propietario Casa de Software Distrisoft® una MerSoft S.A.S. Bogotá –

Tecno S.A.S marca de la Colombia
Corporación de
Tecnológicas S.A.S.
Coditec Colombia.

It is done online It is done online It is done online
Condicion it is not recognized it is not recognized it is not recognized on the
de pago on the page on the page page

Ventajas Traceability: Know Attend to your The Electronic Billing module

the conditions of clients in an agile is available, exclusively for
production and and reliable way, Colombia. Comply with all the
commercialization since the program is requirements of the DIAN
of the animals in all agile and intuitive. Inventory control module.
and any time of the Adapt to all the Database of customers,
day, trust and products and suppliers and third parties.
guarantee the services of your POS system, points of sale.
quality of the butcher shop. Registration and
products to their Significantly modification of articles
clients, All focused increase sales with More than 30 reports and
on giving fulfillment customer loyalty consultations.
of the decree 1500 through point Statistics about your
Control of waste: campaigns and business
you can keep track customer history. Accounts receivable,
of your inventory, Avoid theft and accounts payable and
our application tells fraud by having expenses.
you what is the reliable cash Shopping record.
decline of inventory control. Concessions
and thus determine Protect your capital (consignments).
the differences in with an efficient Entries, exits and transfers
the number of control of of articles or services.
products between inventories. Automatic replenishment
the physical Increase the Valuation of the inventory to
inventory and the profitability of your date.
theoretical business by
Interface with other knowing the Quotes
devices:, it is profitability of your Accounting module.
compatible with products. Remote administration.
hanging scales, Control of your The Software for butcher
floor scales and / or business remotely, shops allows you to have
aerial scales, of the checking the control of your items, the
main brands such information via products you commercialize
as: Dibal, Elpelsa, internet. will be registered in the
Ishida, Mettler Update prices and program, these will be
Todelo, Lexus, reports to make entered into the program with
among others, decisions such as their respective information,
which depends on sales, cash, their price, quantity,
each point of work , profitability, description, discounts,
it is important to inventories, etc., are packing unit, minimum
keep in mind that generated quickly, quantity of sale, reference or
the technology reliably and timely; barcode, you can also
available in each of allowing you to take classify it as you want to
the measurement better advantage of make your search faster,
and control your time. either by:
equipment differs Do not worry about Sausages
Calculation of yield memorizing prices, Prepared
to cuts and channel: since its easy touch Pork
Our Software has screen allows you to Chicken
the necessary tools easily associate and Veal
to meet this need, invoice products, Lambs
the settlement of reading information In addition, the program for
the channel cost directly from the butchers is compatible with
with or without scale. peripherals such as the
recoveries, and the If you handle barcode reader, cash drawer
distribution of the products that have and printer, this will
cost for each cut, is barcodes, you can streamline the entire
another goal check how billing purchase procedure for your
achievable thanks agility and reliability customers, therefore they will
to TecnoCarnes, increases when feel cared for in the best way.
allowing the using this The program has a POS
analysis of the technology, which is system for an agile billing at
performance of the compatible with our the point of sale of its butcher
channel and cuts of program. shop.
each lot, in an agile If you have scales Another benefit of the
and efficient that generate tickets software is that it allows you
company to be invoiced in to know exactly how many
Integration of cash, our program products you have in
accounting for butchers can inventory and to know when
systems: read the information is the best time to request
contained therein. more from your supplier, in
TecnoCarnes addition the program for
TecnoCarnes offers butchers will inform you when
an integration with a product is near its
accounting systems expiration date to avoid
that generates a losses.
communication The Software for butchers
between your also has modules where you
accounting software can have the database of
and our application, your customers, suppliers
it is a reliable and third parties; You can
connection that also have reports of sales
offers you different made to each customer, also
benefits manage their orders and
Label printing: It is a collections. In the module for
module that suppliers you will have
facilitates the information on purchases,
identification of orders, invoices, payments
products to comply made, outstanding balances,
with control policies among others.
and the market. With the Software for
butchers you can also have
reports and statistics of the
profits and losses, of the daily
sales, sales by product, sales
by packages, promotions,
accounts payable, accounts
receivable, taxes, purchases,
returns and more financial
activities that are carried out
in your butcher shop.
This program can also be
used as an accounting
software which is ideal for
automatically accounting for
your business, in addition to
the new requirements of
IFRS. In this way, you can
keep everything properly in
order at your butcher shop.
The software will streamline
work processes, it is also an
easy to use, cost effective,
efficient and economical

 Taking into account the information gathered, make conclusions in

relation to the relevance of the cost of software in Colombia in relation to
the problem of study (How to promote digital transformation in
Colombian medium-sized enterprises)
TecnoCarnes, has the necessary functions to facilitate the administration and
traceability process and the comprehensive analysis of the information in each of
the production processes: from the moment of entry to the Sacrifice and slaughter
plants until their departure for the different centers of consumption (slaughter
plants, slaughter rooms, collection centers and points of sale, developed by
different actors in the chain).

Additionally, this software allows you to control inventories, purchases, accounts

receivable, accounts payable, cash and banks, purchase and sale orders, product
dispatch, credit billing and the implementation of a POS system.