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Saints, say in one loving voice D N Ji

Satguru Mata sudiksha savinder hardevji maharaj ki Jai

युग सुन्दर सदिया सुन्दर, हर पल सुन्दर अगर मानव जीवन हो सुन्दर
Every age, every era, every moment is beautiful, if human life is beautiful
Saints, our Spiritual life begins when we become aware of the power of our mind. Mind is
our best friend and also our worst enemy. It is the cause of our bondage and salvation.
What we focus on grows. Mind is never still. It is restless, unsteady, insecure, depressed,
diffident, worried about future, bogged down by problems. Words and deeds of some
individuals distress us, indifference of loved ones bothers us. Thinking life as a ‘problem’ stifles
our talent and stunts our growth. We lose confidence in ourselves and seek solace. If we seek
the solace of material things and people, we will be disappointed as they cannot give us
permanent happiness and lasting bliss.

We must experience the presence of Nirankar. He is present in all and yet is over and
above, beyond all. We can lead a happy and contended life by making Almighty
Nirankar as the mainstay of our life. Then all the life problems will not affect us much.
We must make our life worthwhile and our existence meaningful by living with awareness that
We are spiritual beings having a human existence. When mind is transformed, divinity is
revealed. Satguru transforms humanity into Divinity. As कबीर Ji said,
लाली मेरे लाल की, दजत िे खूँ दतत लाल |
लाली िे खन मैं गई, मैं भी हो गई लाल ||
It means- The sweet red color of my Beloved is spread all over, where ever I look; I see
nothing but the red. What a miracle it is, when I went to see the color of HIM, I also
became of the same color. We must all be hued in this divine colour.

Saints, God is love. Baba HSJiM always spoke of love. Babaji said- When one lifetime is not enough to
love, where is the time to hate? I do not have time to hate those who hate me because I am busy loving
people who love me. Mata Savinder Ji stressed on the need to practice Babaji’s teachings. Now Sudiksha
Ji Maharaj is very clearly telling us- what to do and what not to do. We must not forget our BASICS- the
5 pledges, BG, importance of satguru. We must make satguru the centre of our life as Satguru keeps us
united with Truth. The True master Her Holiness, Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharal takes responsibility for our
salvation by bestowing God Knowledge. With the light of this spiritual enlightenment, we must tread
with awareness on this righteous path using SSS as our tools. Satguru wants to establish Vasudaiva
kutumbakam- the feeling of We are all 1 family. What we need is unity -not uniformity. This is possible
when we live with love, sama-bhav and sharing what we have with others. Sharing is caring. Satguru Mata
Ji in a recent vichar said:
“The ocean has many species of the fishes which co-exist together. There is no conflict in their mind on the grounds of
appearance, size or colour of each other. In this way, if the fish can co-exist in one ocean, why do we, the human beings
raise walls and clash with each other on the basis of caste, creed, colour or language? This way, fish are far superior to
humans as they live together at one place in harmony.”
Saints, the fact is that God loves us more than we love God. When thoughts of God enter the
mind, it becomes still, energized, purified, calm, serene and stable. There is clarity in our
thoughts and mind becomes pure. When God’s grace flows on us, our mind becomes free of ego,
prejudice and all weaknesses.
Using computer terminology it is said-God is like software. He enters our life, scans our
problems, edits our tensions, downloads solutions, deletes all our worries and saves us.
We must have right priorities in life. Satguru Mataji in her Pravachan in
Hyderabad said-You had the choice to spend your time in the materialistic world doing
so many other things. Yet, you chose to come to satsang and engage in singing the
glories of Nirankar. To cite an example, diamond and glass look alike. Only a jeweler can
distinguish between them though they look similar. It is the special qualities of diamond
that makes it precious. The glass, on the other hand, gets scattered when it falls to
ground. Similarly all human beings look alike. However a saint stays apart from the
crowd because of his special qualities. We must never forget Almighty Nirankar. We
must always be attached to sewa, simran and satsang. We must encourage others to
attain Brahm Gyan and lead a happy life.

Saints, Satguru has given us a code of conduct to lead a moral and ethical life:

1. Know 1 believe in 1 worship 1

2. Have faith in grace of God
3. Never doubt Him, do not try to gain personal benefit, do not create illusions.
4. Know the reason behind celebrating special days
5. Respect all
6. Do not betray others' trust in you
7. Follow social and moral decorum
8. Do not even mentally desire that which does not belong to you
9. Be good- do good. What you see around you is a reflection of what you are.
10. Nothing comes without effort. If you deserve something you will get it. Work hard
and accept the result, positive or negative, as divine providence.

Kalil Gibraan, - the Prophet explains how we can distinguish between that
which is good, from that which is not good, through an example of
bee & flower..
It is the pleasure of the bee to gather honey from the flower. But it is also the
pleasure of the flower to yield its honey to the bee.
For the bee a flower is a fountain of life.
And to the flower, a bee is a messenger of love
And to both, bee and flower, the act of giving and receiving is a need and an
ecstasy. We must all live like the flower and the bee.
When this becomes the philosophy of our life, there is commendable elevation in our thought
process. Saints, our body needs comfort and our mind seeks happiness. Similarly, Soul desires
bliss. Worldly things give us comfort & happiness. Only Satguru bestows bliss which is the food
for the soul. Till now, we were concerned only about our own wellbeing. Satguru has helped us
rise above selfish me-mine formula. We now see the world not from subjective angle but from
an objective angle, through the eyes of satguru. Money is essential but it is not the be all and
end all of life. What we need is

a caring thought,

a helping hand,

a loving word,

a compassionate touch,

a concerned look,

a tear of forgiveness,

a smile of affection,

and a selfless prayer.

All these elevate our mind. All these are acts of love, our true, basic nature. Pascal, the great
scientist says- kind words do not cost much. But they accomplish much. Man must be sensitive
to small things in life which matter the most. Now today with Satguru’s grace we Nirankaris say
‘you and yours.’ In fact, these unselfish moments are the Golden moments of our life. When we
are natural, we are strong. Thanks to Satguru, We have learnt to unlearn what we have been
programmed to believe since birth.

Saints, Satguru and Brahma Gyan are a pre-requisite for salvation. Satguru always gives even
without our asking. Seeking worldly gains from Satguru is a lower form of devotion. We must
approach True Master for self-realization. Soul’s requirements are fulfilled only through Sewa,
Simran and Satsang. This makes our human life successful. Today we are able to balance our
personal, family, professional and social life. We now give first priority to God in our life,
irrespective of joy or sorrow.

Saints, we must constantly strive to improve our saintly qualities. When a Gursikh moves from
a state of Shikayat to Shukrana((from complaints to thankfulness) he becomes dear to Satguru.
Even after knowing Brahma is Satya Jagat is Midhya, if one treads on the path of falsehood we
will once again be trapped in delusions and illusions. Satguru is benevolent and forgives our
every mistake. However we continue making mistakes. This is the cause of our sorrow. Actually,
material achievements are useful to us only during this lifetime. It is God knowledge, sewa,
simran and satsang that beautify our life here and hereafter.

We get answers to all our doubts, queries and confusion in Satsang. Due to worldly influence,
sometimes our faith weakens. In such a situation we take recourse to Simran which strengthens
our faith in Nirankar, Satguru and Satsang.

Through sewa we are able to see God in all and All in God. Sewa gives us contentment. The
time spent in sewa, simran and satsang is divine and the most valuable. A true Gursikh brings
glory to Satguru. If I am a good saint, then my family members, friends and neighbours too will
come into Satguru’s fold and thus make their lives fruitful.

It is quite difficult to explain what we gain from Satguru and satsang. The sweetness of sugar is
known only when one tastes it. Similarly, the greatness of Satguru, sewa, simran and satsang is
to be experienced firsthand.
If we take one step towards Satguru, Satguru takes hundred steps towards us.
The True master takes care of our ‘Yoga-Kshema’. ‘Yoga’ means Union with Almighty Nirankar
and ‘Kshema’ is crossing the ocean of worldly Maya. We today lead a life of contentment and
peace. Now, we only respond to adverse situations and no longer react. We develop an attitude
of gratitude and a forgiving nature. Instead of blaming people and circumstances, we accept it
as Nirankar’s decision.

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji in her first vichar said- if the first button on our shirt is fixed correctly
all other buttons will be in their right place. Similarly if we follow the five pledges and live in
Gurmat, we live in bliss and share this bliss with others.

Saints, On February 23rd, BHSJi Maharaj’s birthday we are blessed with the golden
opportunity of participating in Safayi Abhiyan and tree plantation drive. Our Slogan is –
pollution both inside us and outside in the environment is harmful. Our SNM is a spiritual
organization with a social commitment. Similarly, we the Nirankaris must live as spiritual
being , with a kind and compassionate heart seeking the welfare of all.
We pray to Satguru Mata Ji to bestow upon us strength and wisdom to follow her words as
Mataji, (Whatever we do) with our Body, Speech, Mind or Sense Organs,
(Whatever we do) using our Intellect, Feelings of Heart or (unconsciously)
through the natural tendencies of our Mind,
Whatever we do, let us do all for others (i.e. without the sense of
attachment to the results),
May we Surrender them all at your Lotus Feet
Saints say with love, Dhan Nirankar Ji!