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For Goods Offered From Within the Philippines

Name of Bidder: CASAN Construction and Trading. IB NO. 2017-09-12(14).Category V Lot #1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Item Description Country Quantity Unit price EXW Cost of local Total price Unit prices per Sales and other Total Price
of origin per item labor, raw EXW per item item final taxes payable delivered Final
material, and (cols. 4 x 5) destination and per item if Destination
component2 unit price of Contract is (col 8 + 9) x 4
other incidental awarded
Reading RP 2800 238.00 - - - - P666,400.00
Lot 1 glasses
with pre-
graded lens
and clear
plastic case

Total Amount of Bid: Php 666,400.00

Six Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Four Hundred Pesos Only Php 666,400.00
(in Words) (in figures)

Name and Signature of Authorized Representative: ANNA KARINA C. DUARTE

Address: : B 13 L2 PH4 Soldiers Hills IV Molino VI Bacoor, Cavite