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Albay solons oppose

Salceda says stopping provincial buses from entering Metro Manila'antipoor, antiprobinsyano'
By Mar S. Arguelles tioh statistics, said there were shifts the burden of inconve-
oz @msarguelleslNQ 2.8 million cars inMetro Manila nience to provincial commuters,
"1 d
)&lrl LEGAZPI C|TY-Lawrnakers in
@ while provincial buses num- particularly students, small,
bered only4,ooo. traders and families with rela-
<d Albay province have opposed the
\z "Who do you think is actu- tives .in Metro Manil4 as they '

s> ,. De\relopment Authority (MMDA)

plan of .the Metopolitan Manila ally causing traffic?" he asked wi.ll now have to pay extra fare.
in Filipiilo. Salceda said the ban was an-
.F= to stop provincial buses from ply- tipoor since most provincial bus
=t ing Edsa and t}le transfer of their
stations to a terminal dt Santa
'Sacrlficial lambs'
Salceda said at least 1,soo
passengers were ttnse who could
only pay fures lower tllan Ptooo.
Rosa City in laguna province. buses from southern lruzon were
Albay Rep. Fernando conza- plying the Meto Manila route, lnconvenience
lez (third district) and Ako Bicol while another 2,5oo were sewic- "This measure is injurious
Rep. Alfredo carbin on Saturday ing northbound passengers. He to poor rural people in terms of
joined Rep. joey Salceda (second MANILA-BOUND The L6gazpi City Grand Terminal in Albay said 236 buses were plying the additional inconvenience, ;d-
district) in opposing the plan. province is busyon Sundpys as passengers return to Metro Manila. Albay-Metro Manila route. ditional minimum fare, addi-
The MMDA said the ban Gonzalez said he had alrcady tional time to destinatidn and
could help ease traffic conges- discussed this matter witi catan- double loading," he said.
tion in Metro Manila- Tfre agen- He called the ban "antipoor tems of New York, Canada and duanes Rep. Cesar Sarmiento, 'Albayano fiaders and com-
cy was planning to close 46 ter- and antiprobinsyano." Japan as examples, chair of the House committee on muters, especially tiose who can-
minals for provincial buses and "If the MMDA thinks that transportatiorl He said the com- not afford more expensive air
other public utility vehicles Solution t}Iis (bus ban) can solve the mittee had passed a resolution tansportatior! are being deprived
(PUVS) on Edsa byJune. Salceda, Go\zalez and Metro Manila traffic problem, . asking the MMDA to defer the of their mobility," he added
Bub operators will be relocat- Garbin, in separate interviews, then they are wrong because the implementation of its order. "While each bus can carry
ed to terminals in the cities of agreed that one ofthe solutions only solution to this is for the "Let us look for other ways 5o, each car carries only five.
Paranaque, Santa Rosa and Valen- to the worsening Metro Manila government to provide an effi. to address the problem without So, theoretically, if you have
zuela where passengers nay traffic situation Was for the cient, effective and affordable making provincial buses and its 3,ooo buses from the
transfer to Metro-bound Plws. government to roll out an "effi- trarsport system," Garbin said. passengers sacrificial lambs," provinces, you are exchanging
Salceda, in an interview, cient, effective and affordatrle" "The reason we have mil. Gonzalez said. them for 15,ooo more cars on
said the banwould cause "great mass transportation system. lions of private vehicles plying "The ban is unacceptable Edsa," he said.
economic disruption, inconve- They recommended that Edsa is because we don't have a and it will be chaotic for Bi- Technically, instead of one
nience, expenses and damages ^
PUVs, such as buses and com- public transport being man- colano bus riders and also provincial bus bringing in 50
to multintdes of commuters to muter trains, be managed and aged and operated by the gov- fthose from the] Visayas and passengers, they fvill now need
and from as far as the Visayas operated by the government, ernment," he said. Mindanao," he added. fourjeepneys to ferry rz people
and the Bicol region." citing the transportation sys- Salceda, citing transporta- According to Salceda, the ban each, Salceda sai{. rNQ

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