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Land Research Assistance and Allied Services, Inc.

Daraga Branch
Rizal Street, Sagpon Daraga Albay

Memorandum for Holding an Orientation Program on Accepted Norms on Workplace

TO: Joseph Jose Turiano

FROM: Ms. Mitsui Turiano
DATE: April 1, 2019
SUBJECT: Orientation Program

Joseph Jose Turiano

General Manager
LRAASC Inc. Legazpi
523 Peñaranda Street,
Legazpi City,

Dear Sir:

As you are aware, our branch in Daraga recently hired a batch of eleven additional employees last
September 13, Monday. Regarding this, I’ve noticed that they are not observing the accepted norms of
behavior within the workplace causing us to be unable to communicate as a workgroup as effectively and
harmoniously as we should. They do not to comply with punctual time and company dress code and tend
to bother other working employees with unnecessary conversations during work hours. Simply, it appears
that they are unaware of the company’s set of norms for proper behavior within the office.

This scenario is causing operational malfunctions throughout the workplace. With this, I strongly suggest
the need to conduct an orientation program on the company’s norms on behavior, for the newly hired batch
of employees. That on April 5, Friday, all Daraga company branch operations be temporarily ceased to let
all of its employees; old and new, attend the orientation program, to inform and remind them of the
aforementioned matter.

While I know this seems like a basic solution, I believe it will solve the difficulty and create a more pleasant
work environment for all employees within the company branch.

Your immediate action to this matter will highly be appreciated.


Jenevieve Kim F. Amigo

General Manager