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Trouble Possible Reason Action

Motor doesn’t work and there

The ESC throttle
are no audible tones while Set up the ESC throttle
calibration has been not
servos work properly after calibration.
set up.
powering up ESC.

Poor/loose Connection
Clean connector terminals or
between battery Pack
replace connector.
and ESC.

Replace with a freshly charged

No power
battery pack
Motor doesn’t work and no
Poor soldered Re-solder the cable
audible tone emitted after
connections (dry joints) connections
connecting the battery. Servos
are not working either. Wrong battery cable Check and verify cable
polarity polarity
Check the ESC cable
ESC throttle cable
connected to the ESC to
connected to receiver in
ensure the connectors are in
the reverse polarity
the correct polarity.
Faulty ESC Replace ESC
Swap any two of the three
cable connections between the
Wrong cables polarity ESC and the Motor or access
Motor runs in reverse rotation between the ESC and the Motor Rotation function
the motor. via the ESC programming
mode and change the pre-set
Check proper operation of the
radio equipment. Check the
placement of the ESC and the
Receiver and check the route
of the receiver’s aerial and
Motor stops running in flight. Lost throttle signal
ESC cables to ensure there is
adequate separation to prevent
RF interference .Install a
ferrite ring on the ESC’s
throttle cable.
Trouble Possible Reason Action
Battery Pack voltage
Land the model
has reached the Low
immediately and replace
Voltage Protection
the battery pack.
Motor stops running in flight threshold.
Check and verify the
Possible bad cable
integrity of the cable
The normal operation of
the ESC may be
susceptible to surrounding
RF interference. Restart
Possible RF
the ESC to resume normal
Interference at the
operation on the ground to
flying field.
verify recurrence. If the
problem persists, test the
operation of the ESC at a
Motor restarts abnormally
different flying field.
ESC Overheats
Inadequate Relocate the ESC to allow
Ventilation better ventilation
Use servos that are
Servos drawing too adequately sized for the
much current and over ESC. The maximum BEC
loading the ESC. current drawn should be
within the BEC limits.
Over sized motor or Reduce Prop size or resize
prop the motor