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Copyright protection and owner authentication have become necessary due to the
circulation of large number of documents, images, audios, and videos through the internet.
Manipulations and duplications in multimedia files and documents are very easy due to
advancement in the signal and image processing algorithms. Therefore, it is very much important
to devise watermarking techniques that are robust against geometrical distortions and collision
attacks. In this paper, we proposed an adaptive digital image watermarking technique through
colour features and Arnold transform in wavelet domain. An attempt has been made to
adaptively transform the watermark image into a set of textures that visually match the colour of
the input host image since colour features are invariant with respect to translation and rotation of
the image.We first separate the three colours R, G, and B of the host and watermark image. Next,
we decomposed the separated images using wavelet transform into sub-bands. Finally, low-
frequency sub-band of the watermark image is embedded into low-frequency sub-band of the
host image using Arnold transform. Experimental results on multiple host images and under
various attacks using PSNR and correlation coefficient, clearly demonstrates that the proposed
algorithm is robust and can be applied in colour image watermarking.