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Voltmeter is a tool / tool to measure the electrical voltage in an electrical circuit.

Voltmeter is arranged in
parallel to the location of the measured component in the circuit. It consists of three copper plates
mounted on a bakelite strung together in a glass or plastic tube. The outer plate acts as anode while the
middle as a cathode. Generally the tube is 15 x 10 cm (height x diameter).

There are two types of voltmeter, namely: 1. Voltmeter analog 2. Digital Voltmeter

Differences analog voltmeter and digital voltmeter

Both types of voltmeter have the same function, which distinguishes its appearance, if analog voltmeter
use needle pointer while digital voltmeter use LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Voltmeter is a series of series
with resistor which have high resistance (R). used in school laboratories. The measurement capability is
limited according to the maximum value stated in the gauge. There is a maximum of 5 V, 10 V and 20 V

Parts of voltmeter

Voltmeter consists of several bgian namely: 1. Positive (+) and negative (-) terminals 2. High and low

3. Measurement limit

4. Needle pointer

5. Setup function ()

Prevention and maintenance are common when using a voltmeter: 1. check the correct polarity, the
wrong polarity (inverted) causes the voltmeter to deviate mechanical obstruction and this may damage
the needle.

2. connect the parallel voltmeter to the circuit or component to be measured voltage.

3. when using a double-voltmeter voltmeter, use the highest summary and then lower it until a good
reading is made.
4. always be careful of the loading effect, this effect can be minimized by using the highest possible
summaries (and the highest sesitivitas).

The steps taken at the time of measurement are:

take a voltmeter and observe the scale (maximum scale of the smallest scale / nst). Learn how to read it
especially the maximum 5 volts scale means between zero / zero scale to scale line.

measure the DC voltage of a battery by first adjusting the voltmeter so it has a scale of 0 - 5 volts. Then
measure the battery volttage by connecting the negative pole of the batterai with the positive pole

reading the measured prism on the voltmeter.

After the voltmeter is installed correctly then the measurement results should be how to write the
correct measurement results. To read the results of voltmeter measurements we use

How to calibrate voltmeter

Calibration in a voltmeter has been done by the manufacturer, or we can compare the accuracy of the
measurements with a certain standard. Introduction can be done by turning the setup function
pengenolan pengenolan until the needle right zero.