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BAOFENG PORTABLE TWO-WAY RADIO. VarFiUHr ULTRA-COMPACT DUAL-BAND TRANSCEIVER WITH WIDE BAND COVERAGE HIGH ILLUMINATION FLASHLIGHT LCD Menu Operations » Dual Band/Dual Watch » WideiNarow Bandwidth + FM Radio Bull-in © Emergency Alam » PC Programming + VOX 98 Channels + CTCSSICOCSS+ Battery Saver FE CE 06780 she CMIIT ID: 2010FP6535 USER'S MANUAL GENERAL DESCRIPTION ‘The vanscover isa micr-minature mulbane FM vanscoiver with extensive receive requency coverage, providing loca-area two-way ‘amateur communications along wih unmached monitoring capability Wie appreciate your purchase of our transceiver, and encourage you to read this manual thoroughly, and leam about many exciing Teatures SAFETY TRAINING INFORMATION ‘our UVaR® rad generates RF secromagnetc energy dng ranemt mode, The rao io designed for and Gasafed 8 “Cosupatonal Use Ony"meening fst be used ony ding By eee Serio nent ate ne fr the ways fo minze Sich hazards rad = NOT ‘rang endo" sb ne ener Poiton nan asad tnerenmert Thi ado as boon ested and comoles wih he FCC RF expos ts forsOccupatonel Use Ony tn aaton your UVR" radio comptes ‘tthe flowing Standarés an Gucelnes vith regard io RF energy end Slecromegnets energy wrels an evaluation of such ves foxpro ‘ohumane H'FCC O€T Buletn 65 Edition 97-01 Supplement C,evaluatng Complance wn FCG Guidelines for human Exposure fo Rede Frequency Eteomegnote Fs. It ArericanNaton Standards Inte(©95 1-190) EEE Stand or Sato Levels wth Respect to ruran Exposure to Rai Frequency Erecttomagrate lds o SUCH It Arefcar Neon Standard stt( 088 3-192) IEEE Recommend Proce fre easement ot Potraly Hazardous Eacromagnete Fei RF and Mtoware It The folowing accessors ore authorized for use wi hs produ Use ofaccestones cer han hse (eed nthe natucionopected ‘may result in RF exposure levels exceeding the FCC requirements for wireless RF exposure To ensure that your expose to RF electromagnetic energy is within the FCC allowable Inits for occupational use altays Zaution. adhere tothe folloting guidelines: DO NOT operate the raco without a proper antenna atached, as this may damaged the radio and may also cause you fo exceed FCC RF ‘exposure mits. proper antenna ls the antenna supplied with this radio by the manufacturer or antenna specifealy authorized by the manufacturer Tor use with this radio 1DO NOT transmits for mare than 50% of otal radio use ime (SO%kouty cycle") Transmiting more than 80%of the time can cause FCC RF exposure compliance requirements to be exceed -The radio Is Iransmiting when the “TX Ingleator lights red . You can eause the radio to ans by pressing the PTT'swtch ALWAYS Koop the antenna atleast 60em away from the body when Bh Gansmiting, “The Information Isted above provides the user wit he information needed {to1make him or her aware of RF exposure, and wat todo to assure that this radio operates with the FCC RF exposure mis of ths radio, lectromagnetic Interference/Compat During transmissions, your UV-3R" radio generates RF energy that can possibly cause interference wth other devices of eystoms To avoid sich Interference, tum of the radio in areas where signs ara pasted todo 20. DO NOT operate the transmitter in areas that are sensitive to slectromagnetic radiation such as hospitals, aire, and blasting sites, Occupational/Controlled Use The rato tansmiter is used In stuations In which persons are exposes as consequence of thelr employment provided those persons are fully aware ofthe potetll for exposure and can exercise control over thelr exposure. ‘Tho maximum duty cycle in VOX mode is 50%, BAOFENG PRECAUTIONS ‘#Refer service to qualified technicians only. ‘Do not disassemble or modify the transceiver for any reason, ‘#Do not expose the transceiver under direct sunlight long or to ‘extremely hot condition. ‘Do not place the transceiver on the unstable surface. ‘#Keep the transceiver out of dust, moisture, water. ‘#Do not operate the transceiver or charge the battery pack under explosive conditions. SAFETY Iris important that the operator is aware of and understands hazards common to the operation of any transceiver. A\warninc Please tur of the transceiver off tthe following locations: Dinexpllve atmosphere (nfermatle gs, st prtles, tale powders, grain powders, etc). Dewi taking on fuel or while parking t gasoline service stations. Near explosives or blasting sites Prin medical institutes or aircrafts changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. a ™-