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BAOFENG , BAOFENG Table of contents FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES-------------------------- Getting started ----- = BEFORE PROCEEDING INSURE unparting,ang, inspecting Aeeeeye Charging and battery: maintenance Beit clip Earpiece----- Getting to know | your radio-- The main displ Status LED- SOS button - - CO ae “and down ke x raison Ft and Alar) MoNvoL EDiOSRAIOLLZ! Lamp/sean Combination key functions: Resets ihe rid to factory defouits Basic Use Power and volume Turning the unit on Turning the unit off Fuj Nan’an Baofeng eeecsats iid GAOFENG Adjusting the volume atu ‘Adjonting the volurve Making a ca Working the menu system----- Basle ube me ret canning Scanning modes ‘ime operation Carrier operation Search operation Countdown timer Repeaters aael Programming. Computer programming Appendix.A roubleshooting. Appendix.B _ lenu definitions - Appendix.c- e neral ~~ ism paeremianeasigs NESSRRENSS SERRE Ni Ni Tranemitter -————— Receiver- - CICSS Table (50). DCS Table (210)