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Ue ilt PRE-INTERMEDIATE B1 Express baru) iniity Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5 UNIT 4 Heroes and. *~ people (character & appearance) character adjectives; appearance, personal qualities ‘antonyms, adjectives with prepositions Contents Cer ~ Characters Larger than Life (multiple choice) ~ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (rn/c laze) - Literature Comer: Scandal in Bohemia by Conan Doyle (VF) Villains (op. 615) UNIT 2 ~ jobs & places Lifestyles + iesyes (op. 1625) | the cty & country Self-Assessment Module 1 (pp. 26-27) ~ Curricular Cuts 1 (p. 28) ~ (History) Elizabeth's Portraits UNIT 3 + the environment city life/country ie; jobs & job ‘qualities; describing places, parts of a town; commuting ‘antonyms; adjectives with prepositions, ad-n phrases ‘environmental problems & ~ A City Slicker or a Country Lover? (TF) + Signs (multiple choice) ~ Culture Clip: Celebration: dream town USA (mvc cloze) = The Earth in our hands (7) Earth calling | + endangered Solutions, endangered anima & | - No ordinary zoe (mie coz) (p. 30-38) Species protected species 1 Ras Emest Shoceeton Captain's Log {rultipie cho) UNIT 4 + holidays ‘types of holidays, sites & resorts; | - Looking for the ideal getaway? (multiple Travellers’ Tales | + cimotehweather | climate & weather, holiday matching - short texts) (ep. 40-48) | + transport fquipment: means of tarsport | - Literature Comer: Gullver’s Travels by Self-Assessment Module 2 (pp. 50-51) - Curricular Cuts 2(p. 52) - (Geography) The World's Cimates prepositional phrases Jonathan Swift (multiple matching ~ missing sentences) UNITS * shops and ‘types of shops & shopping; = Checking out second-hand city (multiple ‘On Offer shopping products; clothes; describing choice) (pp. 54-63) + dothesleccessories | objects; gifts; homes prepositional | - signs & notices (multiple choice) phirases; ontonyrs + Culture Clip: Styles of Homes (multiple matching) UNIT 6 + celebrations | ‘waditional celebrations & ~ A Traditional ish Wedding (T/A) Happy Days! | + festivals & events (op. 84-73) Self-Assessment Module 3 (pp. 7475) - Curt UNIT7 + places to eat Eating out! * food and drinks (pp. 78-87) customs; festive activites; feelings; greetings cards verbs with prepositions ular Cuts 3(p. 76)~ Maths restaurant-related wards; the supermarket; recipes & cooking methods; tastes, cutlery, crockery &applances, quentitie, menus verbs with prepositions = Culture Clip: Bizarre Annual Events in the UK (muitiple matching) ~ A Taste of Toronto (multiple matching = short texts) ~ Uterature Comer: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (comprehension questions) UNITS + sports Fit for Life + accidents and (pp. 88-97) injuries Self-Assessment Module 4 (pp. 98-99) ~ Curricular Cuts 4 (p.100)- (Sconce) A Balanced Diet types of sports; sport injuries; places & equipment; personal qualities ‘adjectives with prepositions ~ The Last Great Race (7) = messages (multiple choice) = signs (multiple matching) = Literature Comer The Olympic Anthem (reading for specific information) UNITS + entertainment | types of entertainment; cinema & | - Pick of the Week (multiple matching Going out! + the arts films; reviews; books & short texts) (pp. 102-111) | + charity newspapers; 1V jobs! = Graffiti - Ist Amt? (open cloze) programmes; theatre; charity | ~ Culture Comer: Comic Relief (completing a prepositional phrases; regrets summary) UNIT 10 technology ‘Teenagers & technology; gadgets, |- Al About Britai’s Teenagers (multiple Fast Forward | « education education & technology, means | | choice) (pp. 112-121) Self-Assessment Module 5 (pp. 122-123) - Curricular Cuts 5 (p. 124) - (Art & Design) Styles of painting Songsheets 1-5 (op. 125-130) lireguiar Verbs p. 131) Grammar Reference Section (pp. 132-1 Word List (pp. 142-151) ‘of communication; text messages; processes; science; faults prepositional phrases; compound nouns; antonyms 1) ~ Culture Corner: The Education System of the UK & the USA (completing missing information in tables) ‘American Englsh-Britsh English Guide (o.182) present simpler Continuous; stative verbs; adverbs of frequency; question words Phrasal verbs: GET = multiple choice = multiple matching (missing sentences) describing fictional characters; making choices; socialising; describing people intonation ~ expressing surprise & ~ aletter giving advice Portfolia: description of a hero/ villain; classified ad, exmal to 0 friend comparatives and superlatives; -ing/ infinitive forms, specficigeneral preferences Parasal verbs: PUT present perfect simple/ continuous; clauses of purpose Phrasal verbs: RUN ~ listening for detailed meaning = multiple matching (irissing sentences) = completing missing information = multiple choice introducing oneself, expressing likesfishkes; asking for/qwving directions; talking about jobs; expressing preferences; (role-play) a job interview, describing pictures Intonation ~ stressed sylobles Improving one’s townscity, a short talk from notes, describing pictures, reacting to news; acting out a dialogue; (role-play) at Customs a etter of application Portiolo: arce about where you ve: deserpten of ‘eighbouthood, questions fora que notes Portfolio: poster about the environment; atice about a 200; letter toa fiend presentipast participles, past simplefcontinuots, linkers; the definiter indefinite article; used ‘o/would Phrasal verbs: COME modal verbs; making assumptionsrequests; toolenough; order of adjectives Phrasal verbs: LOOK = multiple matching + listening for specifi information| ~ completing missing information = listening for specific information istening for gst = multiple choice = multiple matching harrating experiences; exoressing feelings; checking in; complaining/ ‘apologising, giving travel information; expressing disapproval; describing pictures intonation = expressing annoyance asking about prices; calming down; describing objects; offeringlaccepting gifts, asking for/ouying things, (ole-play) salespersonicustomer intonation — losing patience a story Portfolio: holiday advertisement; weather forecast; factfile about your country a report assessing good & bad points Portfolio: description of the best place to shap; page fora clothes catalogue; poster of schoolwork rules Tuture forms; future = Tstening for gist ‘a short tak from notes; describing postcard he continuous, question _| - listening for specific | celebrations & customs; making Portfol: article about a tags Information| arrangements; inviting, traditional wedding; greetings intonation Congratulating & thanking cards; email to 0 friend Phrasal verbs: BREAK Intonation in question tags countables/uncountables; | - multiple choice discussing food preferenceshiastes; | - a story quantifiers; indefinite listening for specific | (role-play) eating outiordering a | Portfolio: description of an ‘ate pronouns; past perfect | information meal; comparing table manners; | unusual restaurant; rece for a simple/ continuous = multiple matching | describing pictures, Jocal dish; shopping lst Phrasal verbs: GIVE to take notes Intonation ~ stressed sylables the passive; withiby, ~Tstening for detailed | discussing sports, negotiating, ~ 2 pros and cons essay Conditionals: type 0, 1; | meaning describing pictures; expressing Portfolo: postcord to a fiend, iffunless; inkers (result, | ~ multiple choice ‘opinions; asking abouvdescribing | short communicative message: , addition, contrast, etc) | - multiple matching | health; sympathising - giving sports quiz Phrasal verbs: BRING | | - listening for specific | advice; acting out dialogues sounds intonation ~ hesitating Conditionals: type 2, 3; | - listening for detailed | discussing entertainment; an informal letter reviewing a wishes; relate causes; | meaning suggesting/{disjagreeing; talking film soineither - multiple matching | about a book/TV programmes; Portfolio: review fora school nga Phvasal verbs: TURN = completing missing | (role-play) booking tickets; event; TV guide; interview with a information expressing preferences, describing paintings, ating out cialogues graft artist ‘clauses of concession, a7 ‘most/some/none, reported speech; indirect questions; causative form Parasal verbs: FAKE vot multiple matching = to fillin gaps + listening for detailed meaning ‘discussing technology, short talk from notes; conducting a survey; talking about pros & cons, ‘describing pictures; (role-play) requesting action/giving an account of an event intonation in questions ~ a letter of complaint Portfolio: article about teenagers jn your country, text message to «a friend; questions for a science quiz