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5th Grade Weekly News

April 8, 2019 – April 12, 2019

Vocabulary Words This Week’s Objectives

Please know the spelling and definitions
of the words below: Reading/Writing: Students will complete a close
read of the book Promises to Keep: How Jackie
1. pastime: game Robinson Changed America, by Sharon Robinson. As
the author (Jackie Robinson’s daughter) states in the
2. injustice: lack of fairness book’s introduction, this photographic biography is
about “a man who was shaped by American history
3. barrier: obstacle that prevents movement or access and who had an impact on American history.” While
reading the book, students will focus on the craft of
4. monologue: uninterrupted speech writing opinion pieces, and specifically, how writers
use evidence and logically ordered reasons to support
5. determination: strength of mind; willpower; purpose their points of view.

6. opinion: point of view; position on an issue Grammar: punctuation review

Math: This week in math we will complete Module 5. In

this module, students work with two- and three-
dimensional figures. Volume is introduced to students
through concrete exploration of cubic units and
culminates with the development of the volume formula
for right rectangular prisms. As always, we are continuing
to work on writing about math and thoroughly explaining
our steps when solving.
Reminders/Upcoming Events
• Mon. 4/8 Be Kind Morning Assembly
Science: The Water Cycle
• Mon. 4/8-4/12 Spirit Week
• Tues. 4/9 End of Mod. 5 Math Test Social Studies: States
• Wed. 4/10 Read-a-Thon ends! Social Studies: American Revolution
• Fri. 4/12 Minimum
Day 12:39pm
o Lunch Under the Trees
• Mon. 4/15 – Fri 4/19 Spring Break Spirit Week
• Mon. 4/22 School Resumes
• Fri/ 4/26 Coffee with the Principal o Mon. 4/8 - Crazy Day
• Sat. 4/27 Woodlake Family Dance @ Hale
o Tues. 4/9 - Sports Day
• Mon. 4/29 – 4/30 : 5th Grade SCIENCE CST o Wed. 4/10 - Neon Day
o Thurs. 4/11 - College Day
o Fri. 4/12 - Pajama Day