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Altitude Enterprise Recording

Intelligent Customer Experience Tracking

for Informed Decisions & Improved Service

Understanding customers and their needs is one of the most important challenges companies face. To meet
this challenge companies have to pay close attention to their customers. One way to do so is to listen to
online communities and run surveys. Another way is to track the communication between your customers
and employees. Altitude Enterprise Recording is the right tool for that as it allows to intelligently record and
analyze the interactions with your customers.

Recording interactions
The first step in better understanding your customers is the capturing of the
communication between agents and customers. Altitude Enterprise Recording is a Voice and screen recording
high-class multimedia recording tool for contact centers. It records the voice and the
screens of agents and saves it together with the associated metadata. The recorder
also synchronizes multiple recordings to accurately recreate an event. At the same Mobile recording
time, it ensures compliance by preventing the archiving of sensitive data and enables
clients to adhere to strict security standards, such as PCI-DSS.
Survey recording
The data from Altitude Enterprise Recording together with the recordings of other
interaction channels, such as email, chat, text messaging, mobile apps, social media
and video give managers an omnichannel view of all interactions between agents and Speech analytics

Analyzing and measuring Compliance recording

The records of interactions allow contact center management to gain valuable insight
into the customer journey. Altitude Enterprise Recording turns vast amounts of Real-time dashboards
structured and unstructured data into actionable intelligence. It evaluates agent
performance, different key performance indicators and business processes.
Additionally, it performs quality assurance, root cause failure and trend analysis. The Advanced monitoring and reporting
interactive dashboards, state indicator widgets and control limit charts provide real- capabilities
time views of the operational performance, allowing management to make informed
decisions. Seamlessly integrated within
Altitude uCI
Improving contact center performance
The recorded interactions are a valuable asset to improve contact center
performance. Management can benefit from it in several ways.

The records are important training tools, as they allows the new agents to learn from
the interactions of their more experienced colleagues. This not only decreases the
training period but also improves the overall knowledge of the agents, leading to
happier employees and an improved overall contact center performance.

The in-depth analysis of the records will show the shortcomings of the running
campaigns and offer actionable data on how to improve results. The analysis will also
allow management to gain insight in new customer trends and use this knowledge to
improve the customer experience and ultimately increase revenues.

 Allows you to record the voice and the screens of agents and to save it together with the associated
 Synchronizes multiple recordings to accurately recreate an event.
 Records across multiple locations using a single unified interface.
Voice & screen  Allows flex seating. ACD or CTI integrations tracks agent location, which is ideal for contact centers
recording with multiple shifts where agents share a single desk.

 Allows to record your mobile workforce. Captures audio interactions and associated metadata from
their Android mobile devices.
 The recorded data is stored together with the recordings of all other types of interactions, such as
email, chat, text messaging, mobile apps, social media and video, offering a complete and holistic view
Mobile recording of all contact center operations.

 Recorded interactions are available for immediate playback.

 Real-time dashboards allow switching between live calls with just one click, guaranteeing a good
visibility of contact center activities and issues as they occur.
 Offers the possibility to evaluate key performance indicators with filters customizable in real-time.
 With customizable docking panes and drag-and-drop controls, the user interface is intuitive, easy to
learn and informative.
 The search feature has dozens of filter options for instant retrieval of archived data and media.
 Reports can be scheduled or retrieved on-demand.
 Allows to grade agents and generate reports for a comprehensive view of agent, team and contact
center performance.
 Offers customizable forms to meet specific grading criteria.
 Supports scoring of agent performance on live or recorded calls, allowing better flexibility for the
Agent Evaluation scorer.

 Automatically analyzes 100% of the recorded interactions.

 Finds specific words or phrases, or finds and rates the sentiment of interactions.
 Allows to identify issues that the organization would not know to look for.

Speech analytics
 Automates customer satisfaction and feedback initiatives and integrates results into Altitude uCI.
 Customer satisfaction data is attached to the call and viewed in the interaction history.

 Advanced API and event triggers prevent archiving of sensitive data and enable clients to adhere to
strict security standards, such as PCI-DSS.
 Communications are encrypted and user actions logged to certify data integrity and track security
Security & compliance

Altitude's award winning solutions empower organizations worldwide to improve communication with customers, ensure
legislation compliance, reduce operating costs and boost customer interaction excellence.

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