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Corporate Social Responsibility at ONGC Ltd.

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The mission of ONGC stated that the company would have an "abiding commitment to health, safety, and I
environment to enrich quality of community life."And this mission was reflected in its CSR activities. CSR
at ONGC began as a philanthropic activity where the company contributed to several socio-economic T
developmental programs like building schools and hospitals, developing agriculture and cottage industry, R
building infrastructure facilities, etc., around its areas of operation on an ad hoc basis... c
Corporate Level Programs t

ONGC's CSR programs at the corporate level focused

on disaster relief management and water management
projects. When disasters struck India, ONGC provided
relief and helped state and central governments in P
rehabilitating those affected. For example, when a
heavy cyclone hit the eastern state of Orissa in 1999, F
the company provided immediate relief like food, f
drinking water, temporary shelters, medicine, clothing, F
etc. ONGC doctors provided medical treatment round (
the clock. The company also contributed Rs. 80 million f
toward the Prime Minister's relief fund and took steps C
to rehabilitate the cyclone victims...

Work Center Level & Community Development Programs

ONGC was involved in various community development programs like promoting literacy and higher
education by providing grants or scholarships to the economically disadvantaged, donating money for the
construction and renovation of schools, promoting healthcare by organizing medical camps, eye camps,
through mobile dispensaries, etc... »
In 2003, Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam, President of India,
put forth the concept of PURA - 'Providing Urban
Amenities in Rural Areas'. This aimed to bridge the
urban-rural gap through a balanced socio-economic
development program. The main idea was to provide
four major connectivities -physical (transportation and
power), electronic (communication network through
telecom, the Internet, and IT services), knowledge
(institutions and vocational training centers), and
economic empowerment (through overall socio-
economic development) - to rural communities...

ONGC and the Global Compact Program

The concept of 'global compact' was initiated by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in July 2000. The idea
was to form an international corporate citizenship network for the advancement of universal social and
environmental principles (Refer Exhibit IV to learn more about the Global Compact program)... »
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