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Naples Daily News ~CHARGEOF DiscrmnaTion (Phare Presared Te: Agency) Chrve Note ‘navman aie enc tah fa f° S/0- 2014-0 134d lorida Commission On Human Relations ard EEOC Ea oa rar fs. Heather Comparini a 09/05/1971 eer a P| Naples, Florida 34114 ed sh Empye Lab Opaniaion Capra igen Aerectzan Cone,o Sa Lal Goan RSS Tal Bae ne Aga er (ne han ait dr PAETCULARS bine) City of Marco Island Police Depastment (MIPD) 15+ (239) 389.5080 Fsaaiees a Sow ms Cae 51 Bald Eagle Drive, Mareo Island, FL 34145 TI BASED ON wc aa DoT RECEIVED I ESCRARATEN TORS, Lp fon Licfsor —L_feospre da pygpwsoron — freb.9,2018 Ongoing Lfemuron —[_for |_pessury finer nvoruari (Lpreneear SE0C-MAMTDISTAICT OrFce Lfoenne scnon EERE a Aa TT ‘SUMMARY OF CHARGE 11am employed asa Records Clerk atthe City of Marco Island Police Department (*MIPD"). For ‘most of the lst year as is well known within MIPD, Ihave been discriminated against by my direct supervisor, Chief of Police Al Schettno (“Schettino”), due to my gender (female) and have ‘had to attempt to perform the essential functions of my job inthe resulting very hostile work ‘environment. Details of just some of the discrimination, harassment and hostile work environment (sometimes referred to as “Claims"), are st forth below. Prior to starting with MIPD as a Records Clerk on October 7, 2013, | served for five years as a certified law enforcement officer with the City of Oakwood Police Department in Oakwood, Georgia. My price law enforcement experience has proven invaluable in my current assignment. ‘Asa Records Clerk for MIPD, my primary duties include maintaining all confidential records in a safe and secure manner. I am responsible for advanced technical, clerical and customer service ‘work related tothe intake, maintenance, processing, dissemination and retention of police records. [also perform a variety of police records and information systems workin response to ‘both intemal and external requests. This requires the application of communication skills and a considerable knowledge of departmental operations and procedures, State of Florida Public Records Law and the Federal Privacy Act Page 1 of 14 Naples Daily News Its widely known at MIPD that Schettino is highly resistant to having women under his command or on his staff. By way of example, Sherry Hoyo, an administrative assistant with [MAPD, was transferred out ofthe police department tothe City of Marco Island (“City”) ‘Schettino has also taken action to force women ftom their employment atthe MIPD, Infact, the last remaining female officer, Karie Petit, recently resigned “leaving behind an all-male