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David M. Cox Elementary School – Dream It! Believe It! Achieve It! NOT LIMITS!

Cox Cub News

Volume 8, Issue 26 April 1-5, 2019
Mrs. Tara Imboden, Principal





Cub Cheers: Congratulations to the 5th Grade Choir they did our
Announcements last week were fabulous! Congratulations to the
following students for outstanding behavior and earned the Cox
Cub of the Week: Leina Besso, Laya Vinay, Rocky Wilson,
Tybalt Holt, Luna Oropeza, Paula LaRotta, Abrielle Burton,
Alina Balgos, Kyleah Merrill, Carson Wisniewski, Jackson Riggs,
Rylee Burkes, Damian Rico, Colton Newberry,
Dylan Arencibia-Herrera, Ryleigh Drews, Anna McCulloch,
Cooper Martin, Hannah Owens, Andy Li, Bella Palmer,
Sylvia Lindgren, Mesan Zahirovic, Lalie Benjamin,
Kenzie Hawkins, Kalista Koehzin, and Logan Griffith.

Did you know??? As of the end of March, we had 347 more

Applecore bookmarks turned in than we won with last year! Keep
getting those last minute bookmarks in Cox Cubs! Friday is it!


I gave a challenge to my 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders that if they made it to a 5 Star Rating, then I would dye all of my hair “Cox
Cub Royal Blue” (they know that hair dye is a big “no, no” for me and thought I would look hilarious). With how hard they
were all trying on their tests, I really think they want to see me with bright blue hair in August!

Parent News: Our monthly SOT meeting will be this Tuesday at 5 pm in the Library and our PTA meeting will be
following at 6 pm in the Library. Students can earn 5 pts. extra credit for having their parents attend the PTA meeting (extra
credit will be put towards their lowest current grade score). Greenspun Junior High School is having their Parent
Orientation Night on April 24th at 6 pm in the Gym, following the presentation will be individual classroom presentations
on programs at GJHS.

DMC Garden Night Coming: Our garden is growing like crazy! We’ve already harvested some of our vegetables and the
students got to sample during lunch recess (vegetables were cleaned of course), chefs are coming next month to cook with our
third graders, and we are hosting a picnic night at Cox on May 1st from 5:30-7:00 pm. This will be a time for you and your
family to bring blankets and dinner, eat outside on our field, view our garden, and we’ll be sampling some of the harvest. It
doesn’t cost, there’s nothing going to be sold, we’re just outside enjoying the garden and picnic dinners with our families!

Congratulations to our Cox Cubs (2nd posting):

 We had our STEM Club students compete at Clark HS on Saturday for the Science Olympiad and finished 8th out of
25 elementary, private, and charter schools! They were awesome and even were interviewed by Channel 8’s Nate
 We also had our Legos Robotics Team compete at the Thomas and Mack tournament on Saturday and finished 6th
against middle and elementary schools out of 18 and brought home a trophy! What a WINNING weekend for our
 Congratulations to Kayla Spencer who is going to state for our PTA Reflections! She won first place in our district
for photography and is now headed to state! Super Job Kayla!
DMC Staffing 2019-2020: Each year, parents are offered the opportunity to request a teacher for the upcoming year for their
student(s). This is only a request and not all requests can be given. Below is a staffing list will and request letters will be
accepted through April to the front office ONLY. No letters of requests will be accepted after April and if staffing changes
are made, a second request will NOT be possible. All classroom assignments for Cox are mailed out at the end of June
along with supply lists. Administration DOES NOT meet with parents or respond to emails because their request was not
granted. ***All grade level teachers can change throughout the summer.
General Classroom Teachers
Kinder First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Mrs. Ernst Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Blohm Mr. Frank Mrs. Niewinski Mr. Fisher
Mrs. Froehlich Mrs. Asmundson Ms. Davis Mrs. Galdi Mrs. Pisano Mr. Orth
Mrs. Gibson Mrs. Brown Ms. Harry Ms. Hannah Mrs. Stackel Mrs. Piccininni
Ms. Swinger Mrs. Grenstiner Ms. Lopez Ms. Peters
Mrs. Shields Ms. Wolfer Mrs. Tanner
Specialists and Special Education Department
Spec. Ed Dept. Pri. Resource Int. Resource ECSE Pri. Autism Int. Autism Pri. SEC Int. SEC
Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Klein Mrs. Ball- TBA Mrs. Bernard Ms. Myers
Clocherty Giannantonio Aguilar
Specialists PE Library Art Music Counselor GATE 4th/5th
Mr. Hale Ms. Connor Mrs. Portalatin Mrs. Papanek Ms. Deihl Mrs. Cole Computer
Reading Teacher
Strategist Mr. Shafran

Congratulations to the following classes: The following classes had the most words read for 3rd quarter in AR!
Congratulations to Mrs. Gibson’s Kindergartners, Ms. Anderson’s first graders, Ms. Wolfer’s second graders, Mr. Frank’s
third graders, Mrs. Pisano’s fourth graders, Mr. Shafran’s fifth graders, and Mrs. Myers’ students!

Look Ahead:
*Dates& times are always subject to change.
Apr 9 SOT 5 pm and PTA 6 pm Library
Order Your Yearbook Today!
Apr 12 Pajama Day
Apr 12 Kindergarten Graduation Pictures
Apr 12 Growth and Development for 5th graders Yearbooks are just about ready to go
Apr 15-21 Spring Break – no school – 1 week only to print! Make sure you get yours
Apr 22 Back to School! today for your student!
Apr 23 Dental Presentations in classes
Apr 24 Administrative Professional’s Day (Secretary’s Day) You can order online at
Apr 25 Take Your Child to Work Day and
Apr 26 Progress Reports come home our order number is 20015.
Apr 26 Choir Festival at DMC
Apr 30 Cookie Dough Delivery Or you can fill out the flyer which
Apr 30 3rd Grade Cooking with Chefs from our Cox Garden
came home last week with a check
May 2 Final Day of MILERS
May 3 Cox Field Day 9-11am made out to David M. Cox PTA.
May 6-10 Teacher Appreciation Week
May 10 First Grade Musical Performance Have questions??? email them to
May 12 Mother’s Day
May 13 Mother’s and Muffins at Cox
May 16 5th Grade vs. Teachers Dodgeball We still need 3rd and 5th grade
May 17 5th Grade Yearbook Signing pictures for the pages.
May 20 Kindergarten Graduation
May 20 5th Grade BBQ
May 21 Honor Roll Assemblies Grades 1-4
May 22 5th Grade Aloha Ceremony
May 23 School-wide Dance off 9:15 am
May 23 Final Day of School – dismissal at 12:40