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Hello. My name is Regina Sotya Rahagi Praptoko, and you can call me Regina.
I’m part of IAAS LC-UB since 2016 and particularly joined in Exchange Program Department. Behind
all my experiences, actually, I’m a hesitate person at first. I love to grow and making a connection with
others, but sometimes I’m afraid. Until one day, when I finally heard that I became part of IAAS
member, I tried to change my mindset and became a braver and responsible person.

IAAS gave me plenty of experiences and room for me to grow and love agriculture so much. I don’t
know whether IAAS or my major study which led me to love agriculture, but they both so much
contributed for my agriculture-long life-learning journey.
As time goes by, I know I have another responsibility in college, and that was a busy time when I can’t
involve again in IAAS activities. As the time of new IOP joined, I became less and less to have a chance
to do my IAAS activity, and also missed all things although I still monitoring their activities and
answering their call if they need some advice to do Exchange Program’s department program. And so I
called that as my dormant time in IAAS.
And after my dormant time in IAAS, I have followed again their activity. Although I know, I have
missed many things and just contacting with my very close friend in the department, but I couldn’t
forget every step and experiences I have learnt.

And after all, this is the aim of my motivation letter has created.
I want to join again, create more connection and share more ideas in wider IAAS circumstance, which is
IAAS Asia Pacific. I know that this is one thing I can do to contribute to IAAS if I might not be able to
reach out with many missed things before. I’m applying as an Exchange Program Promotional Team as
I have talked with the former Quality Board EXPRO IAAS AP, Windy, and it encourages me that I
want to develop myself and share ideas in my mind. One idea I have is for the development intern's
experience quality. Regarding what famous nowadays, about vlogging. It might be good if all intern
recorded their activity and upload it on YouTube. The aim of this vlog isn’t just to promote the
exchange program of IAAS but also share the knowledge about the differences culture and cultivation
method in the country they intern. The local wisdom of every country also can be introduced to the
global and it will increase the interest of other people.

I know it sounds a little bit different as I don't much know about the policy in IAAS AP, but this
just what's on my mind and sure still need the evaluation.

The second position I want to apply is Div. Human Resources and Event Organizing. Since I
have experienced in Expro, I ally want to break the boundaries of mine. If sometimes I work as a person
who talk to other people in case of exchange program, now I want to try a new experience in HR
division. Understand people in many ways, evaluating the team, and learn to know their state of mind. I
know it will guide me to be a better person.

So far, this is kind of my motivation to join IAAS AP. It could be awesome if I can learn deeper
about QB IAAS AP for better understanding. Thank you so much, have a good day.


Regina Sotya Rahagi Praptoko