We all have heard the story of George Washington and the cherry tree.

let me ref resh your memory. The begins a little something like this. The Washington family owned a farm with quite a few acres of land. young George has completed his cho res for that evening. He had been chopping firewood because winter was coming on fast. George was headed back to the main house axe in hand. he eyes this beautiful lit tle cherry tree near the house. Young George strolls over to the cherry tree and suddenly he has chopped it down. he turns in the direction of the house and begins walking. His father opens the cabin door and steps out into the yard and waits on his son to approace him. He says " George what happened to the cherry tree that i planted for your Mother?" Young George with axe still in hand replies " I can not tell a lie", but as he a nswers he moves the axe behind his back. (Signs and symbols for the conscious mi nd) We all know the moral of the story. Now check this Moors i want to bring you out of the Darkness and into the Light. Let's take a trip back in time, now understand we must do this to learn and beco me aware of our surroundings. So that we don't make the same mistakes that our f oreparents made or allow the same atrocious acts to be inficlted upon us as they were infliclted upon our foreparents. I am making it known that i want to make to the promised land Allah (God) willin g. I am going to get there going out like a soldier and not like coward on bende d bloody knees. I just want to send a shout out much love and honour to Moms and Pops and to my brothers and sisters and I can not forget the revolutionaries an d freedom fighters and warriors who came before me and those waiting to step up and do battle.( Remember the battle isn't all physical it's mental too). Sit back and relax as we begin our journey on the continent of Afrika ( we know it as Amexem the true and divine, Name of our foreparents homeland). The motherl and is rich in beauty, knowledge, mineral wealth, ancient Pharaohs and Queens , and home of the first man Adam. Live News flash yes it's true. Beyond a reasonable doubt Afrika ( Amexem) is the garden of Eden. Our foreparents were a people with values, pride, wisdom, compassion, and love i n their hearts for all mankind no matter what race, creed, colour or complexion. Striving and surviving and liv ing their lives under the five highest principles known to man love, truth, peac e, freedom and justice. Our foreparents moved about the coninent of Afrika (Amexem) freely and at will, and most importantly without a trace of fear in their hearts. Can you picture an d feel the peace and tranquility of our foreparents? Now remember the European has been coming to the motherland for some time now an d trading their wares for the gold , silver and native artifacts and kente cloth and other precious minerals freshly grown from Afrika's (Amexem's) rich soil. News flash a special report has just come in the new world has just been found a nd is ready to be populated but something is missing there are not enough farmers , carpenters, metal worker s, skilled craftsmen, most importantly not enough cheap labour to help get the n ew world in order. A plan was put into motion actually a master plan to bring some of our people (f oreparents) to the new world for labour purposes only. I'll say it again slave l abour. Our foreparents were skilled in all sorts of professions yet still highly skilled in the art of war and the settlers of the new world were very much awar e of this. So the founding fathers of the new world used lies, deceit, deception , trickery and guns (weapons of war) a weapon that our foreparents had seen befo re and in doing so they convinced some of our tribal elders that because we had been taking our own people as prisoners of war during tribal conflicts and tradi ng them to other tribes a century old but common practice. The new world traders said that they would buy and trade for as many prisoners of war that the tribal elders could get their hands on, and those chosen few actually was any and ever y tribe that had ever come into contact with the European traders. Mass slave tr ading began.

The leaders of the new world soon came to the realization that our foreparents s pirirt and will could not easily be broken. (All praise and hounour is due to Fa ther God Allah the creator) We all know how the criminal mind works. A unknown man stepped forward to say "I know of a way to break their spirit and it'll last for hundreds of years." They began by destroying (chopping down) the flag of our motherland. Now the pro graming (mental slavery) can begin. A people without a flag are not even conside red a people. The purpose "A people without a country (home) have no birthright and can have n o justice" for that group of people.Marcus Mosiah Garvey said it best " A people without a history is like a tree without roots." Now I'll break down the cherry tree for you like this: the bark of the cherry tr ee is blak our foreparents, under the bark lies the red blood that flows through our veins and the green leaves are the native plains were graceful creatures ro am, the motherland of bounty we, I feel so proud to call home. Remember if you chop the tree (flag) off at the root you will kill that tree (na tion). I can led you to the water but i can't make you drink. We need a little bit of w ater (salvation and the knowledge of self). If we take that first bitter sweet d rink (pride, wisdom, truth) good things will begin to happen. Can you feel me?