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This PROFILE has been based on information as of (DD-MMM- YY)

A. Position for which you are applying

Civil Engineer

B. Summary of Experience
- Pre-screening Qualification
 Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering YES / NO
 A minimum of 5 years of experience in civil or structural engineering execution in oil and YES / NO
gas projects
 Experience of the use of international codes and Vietnam codes YES / NO
 Experience of the use of Auto CAD, Microsoft Excel & Word YES / NO
 Knowledge and Experience of Geotechnical, soil mechanical Engineering YES / NO
 Knowledge of Vietnamese Law, regulation, standards and available materials for Civil work YES / NO
 Good English communication skills YES / NO
 Knowledge of standard international styles for business communication and experience in YES / NO
the preparation of business and technical correspondences
This is the first application to JGC YES / NO

Number of Projects experienced, which was Project Name

more than 1 million dollars EPC plant
construction project in Oil & Gas fields.

C. Personal Data
Mr./Mrs./Miss Last Name Middle Name First Name

Date of birth ID Number

Nationality Passport number (if any)
Marital status Single / Married Number of Children
Home Address
Phone Number Email Address
Availability at minimum lead time

D. Educational background
High School High school Address:

Polytechnic Polytechnic Address:
(if any) Degrees Completion
Bachelor’s University/College: Address:
Degrees: Completion:
Post graduate University/College: Address:
(if any) Degrees: Completion:

E. Professional Qualifications

F. Career history
Years of experience in the position for which you are applying years
Years of experience in engineering, procurement and construction of process plants, years
including offsite and utility facilities, in such fields as oil refining, petrochemicals,
chemicals, and gas processing and treating
Career summary

Company Name From 2999/03 To

Nature of business

Project Name & Location

Position From To
Description of Project::
Duties and responsibilities

Project Name & Location
Position From To
Description of Project
Duties and responsibilities:


Note: Using the above form, list your professional experience, excluding internships, in reverse chronological order.
Fill in the above form, copying and extending it as needed, for each company for which you have worked, and
for each project in such fields as oil refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, gas processing and treating, and
power generation in which you have participated for that company.

G. Familiarity with codes and standards and with software

- Codes and standards:

- Software:

H. Additional Information
- How did you come to know about our recruitment activities?

- Directly from JGC's Web Site Yes / No

- Through a Search Engine Name :

- From a Journals or Magazine Name :

- Through a Recruiting Advertisement Name of Media :

- Through a friend Name, if possible :

- Through another company Name, if possible :

- Others Please specify :

- Why are you applying for this position?

- How can you contribute to JGC?