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Ice cream parlour is one stop ice cream shop. Where you find flavour of your choice in any
season. We provide ice cream by maintaining high standards of quality in a joyful
environment. Ice cream is a popular expression widely known and used throughout all ages
professing their undeniably strong love for ice cream. Who doesn’t love ice cream? Kids,
being kids, love sweet treats from cakes, chocolates, brownies but most popular among all is
ice cream. The cold and sweet combination of this treat makes all child tantrums go away
as our generation today becomes more health conscious, ice cream has been one of the hot
picks for criticisms due to its high calorie and sugar contents. And as these issues have started
to arise, ice cream businesses have strived to fit and suit the needs of the customers along
with their sweet wants. Fat-free and sugar-free ice creams and yogurts have been in the trend
to provide the sweet cravings without endangering the consumer’s health.
Fit Cream is an Ice Cream business that caters to the health specifications of consumers.
Adapting to the market that caters to the concerns of the customers with their health, Fit
cream wishes to provide delicious and healthy ice cream in a very affordable price. This will
help the self-conscious customers to enjoy their sweet cravings and at the same time watch
their health. Parents who are constantly trying to come up with inventive ways of persuading
their children to eat vegetables probably have not tried disguising them in ice cream. Through
this, the kids will be eating healthier and maybe starting these vegetable ice cream products
as a stepping stone to taking the actual vegetable soon. The mix of healthy and sweet will
surely attract the attention of people of all ages.

Background of the project

I, kishan rathore started a project to provide services related to ice cream. Provide ice cream
to customer of all age in variety of seasonal, non-seasonal and others flavors so that people
will able to eat healthy ice cream. Make long-tern relationships and profitable with

 To provide best service to our customer.
 To make our contribution in environmental protection.
 To make feel people relaxed and free from tension.
 Provide healthy ice cream.
 Provide splendid environment.
 Make courteous, loyal, sincere and environment friendly environment image in
customer’s mind.
 To provide ice cream to customer of all age in variety of seasonal, non-seasonal and
others flavors.

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SWOT Analysis

 They are available in reasonable prices.
 Wide variety of unique ice cream flavors.
 High qualities products.
 Location proximity.
 Lack of experienced.
 Poor leadership.
 New brand.
 Product fat-free, allergen free and healthy alternative ice cream products.
 HFC-free freezer that would not emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere
 Healthy influences
 Global Competition
 Weather effect

Market Analysis
First of all let me introduce you to 4p’s of marketing:
 Product
 Place
 Price
 Promotion
It refers to analyzing or properly scanning the market needs and wants. Determining what
customers need to have and which all products or what modifications should be done in the
making of certain product in which we deal. In this case we need to analyze the choice of our
target customers.

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The product is milky ice cream and provide healthy ice cream to customer of all age in
variety of seasonal, non-seasonal and others flavors.
We have opened our shop in city center, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. It is a commercial area
and it is a market area, people use to come there with their families for shopping and sake for
fun. The customer will feel comfortable when they see the hustle and bustle of people.

Pricing objectives of the company is to survive in the market and get maximum profit.

We can promote this on website and also making our own website and on this we can
promote it. We can also put banners so this people are aware of our services.

Technical Analysis

I want to open this Nursery in city center, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. I found this place as
best because most of the apartments are nearby this so we can easily provide the services.
Tools and equipment
 Bar &food Blenders.
 Condiment Dispensers &servers.
 Food Dippers & Dishers.
 Ice Cream Cone Dippers.
 Ice Cream Cone Dispensers &Holders.
 Ice Cream Freezer & Dipping Cabinets.
 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines.
 Spindle Mixers & Accessories.
 Stainless Steel Dipwells.

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Fixed assets
 Land

 Laptop

 Office table

 Chair

 Air conditioner

 2 wheeler
 Boring
Raw material
 Hydrogenated coconut oil, palm kernel oelin.
 Milk powder.
 Ice cream stick.
 Emulsifier and stabilizer.
 Food coloring.
 Glucose.
 Quar gum.
 Chocolate coating.
 Chocolate filling.
 Cocoa powder.

Firstly, I have to open a shop, after the establishment of ice cream shop I will promote and
making aware will my ice cream shop by advertise it on internet, making my own website or
distributing pamphlets. If the customers not able to come in the shop, I will also provide our
ice cream at customer’s home, I charged an amount for that service.

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Technical Analysis
Fixed Assets

Land and Building:

S. no. Particular Total biga Rate rs/biga Total Rs.

1. Land 1 800000 800000
2. Building construction - - 50000
Total 850000

Tools and Equipment: Particulars Quantity Per head Amount

1. Bar &food Blenders 1 12530 12530

2. Condiment 1 980 980

Dispensers &servers
3. Food Dippers & 3 560 1680
4. Ice Cream Cone 1 15000 15000
5. Ice Cream Cone 1 700 700
6. Ice Cream Freezer & 1 46760 46760
Dipping Cabinets
7. Soft Serve Ice 1 400 8000
Cream Machines
8. Spindle Mixers & 1 12530 12530
9. Stainless Steel 1 3850 3850

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Other fixed assets: Particulars Quantity Per head Amount

1. Laptop 1 30000 30000
2. Chairs 3 500 1500
3. Air conditioner 1 35000 35000
4. Office table 1 2000 2000
5. 2 wheeler 1 20000 20000
6. Boring 75000 75000
7. Electricity fitting 20000 20000
Total 183500

Total fixed assets

S. no. Particular Amount
1. Land & building 850000
2. Tools and equipment 102030
3. Other fixed assets 183500
Total 1135530

Total Raw Material: Particular Amt.

1. Hydrogenated coconut oil, palm kernel oelin 170
2. Milk powder 215
3. Ice cream stick 90
4. Emulsifier and stabilizer 450
5. Food coloring 350
6. Glucose 175
7. Quar gum 6430
8. Chocolate coating 40,000
9. Chocolate filling 19000
10. Cocoa powder 450
Total 67330

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Wages and salaries: Particulars Quantity Per head Amount (monthly) Amt. (yearly)

1. Worker 4 5000 20000 240000
2. Promotion 1 2000 2000 24000
Total 264000

Total working capital: Particular Amt.

1. Raw material 445040
2. Wages and salaries 67330
3. Administrative expense 31000
Total 543370

Total cost of the project: Particular Amt.

1. Total fixed assets 1135530
2. Total working capital 543370
Total 1678900

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