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Studying for masters needs a certain purpose and strength of character.

Recently, the business

world has become swiftly integrated across the borders that were once restricting, and anyone with
high aspirations in the business world must have an international outlook and be attentive to the
realities of diverse international grounds. I am unique, and fortunate, to have a varied background of
both academics and professional experience.

To have high aims in life has always been my motive; I have always tried to set my goals accordingly
and have successfully achieved the same. I decided to pursue my under-graduation in Journalism
and Mass Communication back in school during a personality development session where we were
casually discussing our career aspirations. Since childhood I have an outgoing personality who has
liked to communicate and put her thoughts forward, hence this session was a great platform to give
a direction to my thoughts for my future. During the curriculum of my bachelor’s degree (Bachelors of
Journalism and Mass Communication), I chased advertising as my specialization because I learnt
that it is a medium through which I could showcase my viewpoint to people and also nurture my
candid personality.

Amid my under-graduation at Amity University, Lucknow, I got several opportunities to enhance my

skills through multiple practical projects which included primary as well as secondary research.
Moreover, I made it through one of the world’s leading advertising agencies, J. Walter Thompson
Advertising Agency in Gurugram, NCR as an intern. I intimately worked with team Ford and assisted
seniors with the ongoing projects. This internship gave me an overall outlook of the industry and
broadened my horizon. Consequently, this lead to an increase in my final academic score.

After the completion of my under-graduation, I gave a deep thought to my career path. Therefore,
decided to drop a year and appear for competitive exams in the field of management because I
wanted to work on managerial posts in the advertising industry and give an angle to my professional
growth. Thus, I got admission in Jaipuria Institute Of Management, Noida to pursue my PGDM (Post
Graduate Diploma in Management- two years full time course) specializing in Marketing as
advertising is a major elective of the same.

My 1st year of PGDM covered the core modules of the subject. Likewise in the 2nd year, along with
the academics I also got an opportunity to intern as my elaborative project. Keeping in mind my
interest for advertising and PR, I applied for an internship at The Oberoi Group, primarily under
Oberoi Hotels and Resorts and got hired as an intern. I was closely associated with the PR and
Corporate Communication Department. My basic roles and responsibilities as an intern there were;
working with the PR agencies allied with the Oberoi Group. Besides, created a Press Dossier for
The Oberoi Al Zorah, UAE and managed internal and external communication through daily mails.
This internship gave me a new perspective of the subject and increased my interest in the subject.
For me, the end of internship was the beginning to the new phase of life; it is when the campus
Placements commenced, the most crucial time for a student. I waited for a long time for the kind of
job role I was looking for i.e. in marketing and advertising to visit to our campus for hiring. I couldn’t
find any such job. With the beginning of, under college pressure and fear of getting debarred from
placements, as a result I had to sit for a placement process in Bandhan Bank who was offering me a
job as their CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) which was the first process I attended. The job
role which involved indulging with the customers; pitching the product and increasing the brand
value by continuous communication. Probably, this is how I related the post with the kind of a job
role I aspired for myself.
I completed my PGDM in April, 2017 with a job in hand with Bandhan Bank as their CRM and have
been working in there since June 2017 till date. Experience of 2 years at Bandhan Bank has been a
bumpy ride with enormous learning and an exposure to the professional and management world.
These two years, I kept questioning myself while I worked at the bank that “is this what I really want
to do or do I see my future in a bank?” and my answer to it was always a big no. Therefore, decided
to move ahead on the path of my ambitions and aspirations.

Shortlisting and deciding the course and country that would help me to make big in the industry was
a task but after a thorough research on country wise universities and courses, I decided to go for
International Masters of Business Administration (Advertising and brand management) from
University of South Australia, Adelaide which is in Worlds top universities and also Equis accredited
that makes it stand out of all the other universities. As though, my basic reason to come down to the
selection of this course is to explore this industry in-depth through practical knowledge, furthermore,
master the subjects and enhance managerial and intrapersonal skills that I have learnt and inherited
during my educational background. Besides, the curriculum of the program grabs my interest and is
exactly what I have always wished to pursue.

I was certain to move to Australia for my masters due to n’ number of reasons. Currently Australia is
the 3rd most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world. Another
major reason to finalize my further studies in Australia is because of its cultural diversity, friendly
natives, and high quality of education. Australian universities have a global recognition which will
have a great hand in shaping my career.

Having completed my masters in Australia I plan to come back to my country India to replicate my
learning from there to the industry here. As the culture and environment is way advanced in Australia
will pick up the best of it and apply it in my daily practice and professional projects