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IMPORTANT DATA OF THE or departments to represent and

manage it. Contact with the central
UNITED KINGDOM government is increasingly achieved
through nine Government Offices
for the Regions. Day-to-day life in
 Population: 65.64 Millions the community is governed by local
authorities such as district and parish
 Turistic Places: councils.
 Buckingham Palace The principal’s countries that United
 Walls York Kingdom is relacionated are
 Tower Bridge Australia, Barbados, Brunei,
 Tower of London Canada, India and New Zeeland.
 Madame Tussauds
 Economy
 Victoria and Albert Museum
 Cathedral Church of St Paul the The principal economic activities are
Fishing, Forestry, Agriculture,  CAREER: Law and Political Sciences
Manufactury, Finance, Service,
 Ilustrious People Resource and Power.  TEACHER:
 Traditions
 Agatha Christie
 Up-Helly-AA
 Charles Chaplin
 David’s Day  MEMBERS:
 Margaret Thatcher  May Day Cabrera Guevara, Cindy
Cabrera Linares, Rosa
 Diana De Gales  Mid Summer Day
Díaz Pretel, Diego
 Reina Isabel II Díaz Torres, Rodrigo
Dionisio Santos, Karla
 Stephen William Hawking Goretti Roncal,Chiara
Guerra Guerra, Kassandra
 Sports: Football And Cricket
Huaman Larriveri, Raúl
 Political Government: Ramírez Gutiérrez, Gabriel

Unlike Scotland and Wales, England 2017

does not have a separate parliament
- In 1603, the crown of James I (James VI of CULTURE OF THE UNITED
ORIGIN OF THE UNITED KINGDOM Scotland) ended the independence of the KINGDOM
Scottish monarchy.

-The first inhabitants of the island of Great -In 1649, Parliament executed the king and England has long been one of the premier
Britain were Paleolithic hunters, who followed proclaimed Cromwell "Lord Protector," nations on the planet. With a recorded history
herds of wild animals. establishing the Commonwealth Republic. that spans over 2,000 years, the ancient
In the year 44 d.C. The Romans invaded the England was one the earliest known human
-The priorities of the new regime were to
south of the region. cultures. This venerable past is written all over
promote the colonization of North America and
-In the year 90 d.C. Shortly thereafter, Anglo, trade with America, the Far East and the the landscape English, from the Druidic Celts to
Saxon and Judo invaders, of Germanic origin, Mediterranean. the stone walls built by the Roman Invaders.
pushed the Celts to the west coast and seized
-John Locke summed up the revolutionary ideal The many disparate tribes and people that have
the south, where Anglo-Saxon kingdoms were
by claiming that human beings have basic
established. inhabited England have all left their mark in one
natural rights.
way or another. This vibrant mix of ancient and
-During the fifth century, the inhabitants of
-In 1707 the parliaments of Scotland and modern traditions has contributed to the rich
Ireland and Wales adopted Christianity. In the
England were unified and the United Kingdom and unique cultural heritage that England
seventh century, the power of Rome prevailed
of Great Britain was created. enjoys to this day.
over the British church.

-In the 7th and 9th centuries, the Danes England in more modern times has consistently
invaded the eastern region of England. In the been a world leader in many different spheres.
eleventh century, the Normans Its explorers were some of the first to brave the
-In 1707 the parliaments of Scotland and unknown frontiers of the planet, carrying
England were unified and the United Kingdom English culture and trade to the four corners of
of Great Britain was created. the globe. England has produced some of the
finest scholars and scientists in history, and
-The Magna Carta laid the foundations of the
their contributions to scientific knowledge and
British parliamentary system.
technological progress has been a key driving
-The dynastic conflicts, the aspirations of the force in the quest for enlightenment.
British crown to the French throne, the
commercial rivalry of these two nations and the
support given by France to Scotland in its wars
with England, provoking the War of the
Hundred Years.